Gunwalker Documentary Producer Introduces Project to National Radio Audience

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Gunwalker Documentary Producer Introduces Project to National Radio Audience

USA –-( Emmy-winning producer Mike McNulty joined Armed American Radio host Mark Walters and this correspondent Sunday evening to bring the nationally-syndicated program’s audience news of his proposed “Blood on their Hands” documentary about the government’s “Fast and Furious” gunwalking cover-up. Introduced to Gun Rights Examiner readers in an April 25 report, McNulty is trying to raise almost $400,000 to fund the project via the Kickstarter “funding platform for creative projects.”

“The other side has no problem getting press, the other side has no problem getting financing,” this correspondent stated when asked to set up the conversation to follow. “As we all know, the administration, the media, they’re not really interested in having this Fast and Furious story basically just out there for everyone.”

McNulty revealed how he has been able to capitalize on advances in technology and other factors to “dramatically reduce” the budget for this current venture to a fraction of what was required to produce “Waco: The Rules of Engagement” and “Waco: A New Revelation,” and to create his footage in high definition.

“This whole process,” he explained, “we’re talking about the funding being put up by you.”

“This to me is the perfect way for all of us… to actually do something about it,” this correspondent added. “I know a lot of people are outraged, I know a lot of people leave comments on my columns and on my blog expressing this, and I receive emails all the time. It’s time to step up to the plate and do a bit more than that and to become involved, because Mike wants to bring us something, and he can only bring us something if the people who tell me that they’re outraged about this and want to see true justice done actually get involved and do something about it.”

“There’s one other thing that I need to beg you please to do,” this correspondent continued, “that is to spread the word on this. If we’re sitting around waiting for NBC to do a report on this, it’s not going to happen. Those people have no interest in making it happen.”

“This is more than about guns,” Walters weighed in “this is about the honesty and integrity of our government.”

“This is the muster call,” this correspondent replied. “Think of this as Lexington and Concord, those men, when they heard the call, they went to the green, they answered the call, they were the patriots and we need new people to answer the call.”

A degree of hyperbole is admitted in retrospect, as no one is asking anyone to put their lives on the line. No one is even asking for any great sacrifice, or even anything that can’t be easily and freely given. Still, funds pledged at this writing stand at just over $16,000, and need to pick up dramatically if the goal is to be reached with just 22 days left to raise them. Of note, there are currently 152 project backers yet over 800 Facebook “likes.” Sticking with the analogy for a moment, imagine Captain Parker and only a handful of men turning to see “supporters,” vitally needed if any kind of stand were to be made, but unwilling to do more than look out their windows at them and give them a “thumbs up.” Imagine yet more unwilling to do even that, and instead drawing shut the curtains.

By way of full disclosure, while McNulty told Walters that I would be an associate producer on this project, we have never entered into an agreement for any kind of financial or material compensation, and my participation has been and is based on a verbal commitment to help as I can with no requirement for remuneration.

Interested readers can click here to listen to the “Blood on their Hands” interview. Hours One and Two of the program feature Walters’ dissection of a supposedly “straight news” story making prejudicial use of the word “killer” to describe George Zimmerman, as well as conversations with Armed American Radio producer Sean Young and this correspondent.

Will you join us on the green? Click here to help with this important project.

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