Hiding Communist China in Plain Sight

F'en Commies
Communists are selling this t-shirt design at “occupy” rallies and political meetings. If you think we beat the commies, think again.

PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- The lamestream media told you:

Chinese activist Chen arrives in NY.

The Washington Post has reported that Chinese dissident Chen has arrived in New York with his wife and two children. How he managed to escape from China, after seven years of house arrest is unclear, but Chinese and American diplomats worked behind the scenes to get him admitted to the U.S., and thus defuse a potentially difficult diplomatic situation.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Not a single word in the lengthy Washington Compost story mentioned why Chen was under arrest in communist China. The communist Chinese dictatorship remains a tyrannical regime with virtually no recognition of human rights.

Chen had campaigned, among other things, against forced abortions under the communist dictatorship’s family-size-management policies. A self-taught lawyer, he was banned from practicing law.

Detractors of America’s greatness, which includes the communist Chinese and all too often the Washington Compost itself, failed to mention why the U.S. is the last best hope for people escaping from tyranny and oppression because, with all our faults, we remain the linchpin of freedom for the entire planet.

His flight here was paid for by incredibly generous U.S. taxpayers, without their knowledge, through the U.S. State Dept. The check for his other expenses, like housing, food, clothing, and college tuition (he plans to study law at NYU), are likely to be picked up by the same people, us. You voted for that, didn’t you?

Commies are a bad thing..Duh
In an unrelated story not mentioned by the Compost, a new t-shirt being marketed by the communist front organization, the “occupy” private property combine, features the friendly expression, “You say ‘commie’ like it’s a bad thing.” Various branches of the active communist parties in the U.S. brazenly set up tables at “occupy” insurgencies nationwide, giving out literature and soliciting converts.

Chen expressed concern that he still has relatives held by the Chicoms, and the commie reds chained one of his relatives to a chair for three days, according to the Compost, in an effort to find out how he escaped from house arrest. His “escape” was actually a matter of getting into the highly fortified U.S. Embassy in red China. His crimes basically amounted to campaigning for increases in freedom and disrupting traffic, according to official sources.

Why Chen did not make a break for the embassies of Niger, Nigeria, Zambia, Congo, Syria, Russia, Norway or 187 other countries remained unclear at press time. The “news” media could not be reached for comment.

The massive lamestream media’s current trend of treating the communist dictatorship in China as just another government (the NY Times calls it simply “a one-party system”) confound observers, who note that the lamestream does tend to lean well to the left themselves (where communism represents the extreme in that direction).

Americans who thought we defeated communism with the fall of the U.S.S.R. and the Berlin wall, were disappointed to learn that communist Cuba, communist China, communist North Korea, four nations in South America, Laos and Vietnam, scores of others with avowed communist rulers or communism/socialism embedded in their very constitutions, and communists or Marxists within our own government are working hard to establish communism as the globally dominant force on Earth for the betterment of humanity and the children.

And here you thought republican/democrat bickering and the muslims posed the great challenges to freedom…

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this article is so incredibly stupid i laughed. This is why people dont take gun-loving rightists serious…