Obama Memorials Bury Fast And Furious Law Enforcement Deaths

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USA –-(Ammoland.com)- President Obama, as keynote speaker in yesterday’s 31st Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service held by the Fraternal Order of Police on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol, elected not to address law enforcement lives lost in the Fast and Furious “gunwalking” scandal.

While the name of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who died in December, 2010, would not have appeared on the 2011 roll call of the fallen being honored, the name of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata, slain in Mexico with a Fast and Furious weapon, was included on the roster. The President made no acknowledgment of that, or of the untold numbers of walked guns still in the wild, allowed by the government to fall into the hands of Mexican cartel criminals who continue to endanger law enforcement and the general population on both sides of the border.

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  • 10 thoughts on “Obama Memorials Bury Fast And Furious Law Enforcement Deaths

    1. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1fc_1323464837
      This is what I am talking about. Now you tell me how destroying the Mexican State creating conditions for a full blown civil war is going to prevent a Los Zetas coup. What it was is the LE have been telling everyone that it will come to an end the cartel war and they wanted to give it a helping hand. Which goes back to my earlier posts, it was pressure to get a result they had assured their boss would happen.

      And it was never going to work because the alternate transnational supply of logistics into North American and the over supply of product into Mexico, it means the Mexican state would collapse. Don't get me started on Plan Colombia where does the over supply come from Mars or South America?

      Now given that both the Mexicans and the US were siding and backing one cartel over another. Then the state that was supporting them collapses, they are going to lose and you get your Los Zetas coup.

      So instead it means that the state would collapse and we would have to send troops. All this is going on while we were still in Iraq and in the Stan. Admiral Mullen said no third front.

      Which was why the Iranians 'Simply Jack' were trying to get the Loz Zetas to blow up the Saudi Ambassador in the US. Why would a Mexican cartel want to kill a Saudi Ambassador. He would have been collateral damage one of many corpses, the restaurant would have had Senators, Congress members present. And it would have been tied back to the cartels and it would have been seen as a such.

      So just as Iraq winds down they draw us into a new second front in Mexico. The Iranians like to keep us on two fronts so they are less likely to be attack.

      Your all lucky things are as they are.

      We have the plans ready to invade you are just taking modules out of it like the blocking movements. You give us the boots and the money and the order and we will go down there and kill em all, like Iraq and Afghanistan. You want us to kill Mexicans we will kill Mexicans, we will kill whoever you want.

    2. The rurmours start comparing it to Iran Contra and the CIA was behind it the fast and the furious. See if it was us you could not have tied it back because we would have used a front taken monies from the black budget swapped for dirty bills and the weapons would have come from the black market, Belarus, Ukraine, DPRK etc.

      Like I said administrative discipline it was a controlled buy that went wrong, the perception of siding with one cartel over the other by both sides of LE in Mexico and the US was policing discretion, which is a lack of resources you can't target everyone at the same time.

      I am telling you there is no way that even if it was the intention that you can prove a criminal conspiracy. The two elements guilty act and guilty mind cannot be proven. Either way it was a stupid thing to do and it could end in disaster.

      Then we had to clean it up, we had limited time before Congress would shut down funding to Mexico, so we bought the School of Americas in, Congress works slow. Otherwise Mexico would have turned into a full blown civil war and it would have come over the border, so El Lobo had to be pushed back from the door. H1N1 Swine Flu that's us, not fast and the furious.

    3. I use to just take orders, you want a contingency for a war in Mexico I will give you one. But who do we hand over to in 10 to 15 years and those security arrangement would have to stay in place. Unlike say Iraq or Afghanistan Mexico and the blocking movements and FOB already have indigenous security forces created. So we must not confuse regaining stability with the war on drugs.If those measures are removed it reverts back to pre war conditions re supply under a LE model. Which can once again led to a civil war and the need to redeploy.

      The key to target the logistics which is to limit supply is to reduce the violence. So what would happen after I cannot tell you. The US may have to occupy the buffer zones inside Mexico and Guatemala forever, the provinces would have to still be subject to those measures. Or we may have to go and do the whole thing all over again, as it was the LE model that failed and led to the current conditions and we are not now talking about a war on drugs but about insurgency and narcotics are just logistics, funding, weapons etc.

      So I see little option in the very end other than to use vaccination, use the vaccine to addiction (if is classified as NBC, the population can be forcible vaccinated against narcotics) or legalization.

    4. The base agreement wanted for Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, they are blocking movements. Supply of logistics. Colombia as a base to go after the Coca Leaf in the region. People don't understand they say close the US border well with NAFTA we cant do that.

      What we can do is slow it down. You need a buffer zone inside Mexico with checkpoints, the Mexico/US border checkpoints and then a buffer zone inside the US with checkpoints. You have three lots of checkpoints. Then you need further checkpoints as you leave the US border states into the rest of the US. The buffer zones on both sides need to be patrolled by the military, bases have to be set up, with additional fortifications, fences etc. And you have to do the same on the Mexico/Guatemala border.

      In Mexico the provinces have to be isolated from each other into separate AO's similar to the borders and internally into quadrants, with more fortifications and checkpoints into each quadrant. Then you need troops maybe you could get away with 160,000 to 180,000, that is not counting those need for the blocking movements. Then you have to do a similar thing in Africa to such down the transnational supply link from Africa to the EU to the US east coast. Canada would have do the same thing on their border. Then you need much expanded coast guard activity including the US Navy basically a naval blockade from the US all the way down to south America Pacific, Caribbean, gulf for Mexico and Atlantic, plus off Africa.

      And you have to keep all that in place long enough so that these guys start to run at a loss which could be 10 to 15 years. You could seize 75 percent and these guys still make a profit. It is going to cost a lot of lives and a lot of money to do it. You are looking at getting it down to 10 to 8 percent for 10 years. That would make it unprofitable.

      The on top of all of that you run CIA drones, JSOC, CIA SAD, on high value targets.

      That is why they stay on their side of the border in my humble opinion.

    5. It is not like drive by shootings,in which civilians are collateral damage. It is more like sectarian killings of civilians you would see in the Middle East. It is like narco sectarianism at the provincial level of civilians. The official line is that all of the 50,000 or so are directly connected to the trade and that is simply not true. So that leads to the above posts and is done to undermine the state and start a sectarian civil war, with the narcotics war being a separate entity.

    6. 1st we do that to the enemy to scare them, specifically their elite special forces to scare the conscripts, pikes same reason, 3rd one to insult them and make them angry to fight us. 4th to start a sectarian war, 5th one to undermine the state and start a civil war making them incapable of countering. In Latin America in the past it have been used to justify coups, to keep dictators in power, to remove political opponents, to counter those against infrastructure projects or commercial enterprises. In relation to narcotics. That is why we are hated in Latin America and been working very hard to rebuild ties.

      That is what I means 6 months if the order was given Mexico would be a failed state.

    7. Why are Mexico's drug cartels chopping up their victims' bodies?

      Well why do we cut peoples balls off the enemy and slit their throats and stick them in there. Why do we decapitate the enemy and stick their heads on pikes. Why do we dig graves put the enemy facing away from Mecca and set the corpses on fire. while using a blow horn to send insults and play heavy metal.

      Why do we dress up as one sectarian faction and go an massacre another sectarian faction of civilians, why do we use death squads to do the same thing to kill public officials and civilians.

      They are just doing what we trained them to do.

    8. It is not illegal to conduct controlled buys, or to use police discretion which may favor one cartel over the other. If you only have so much resources then you use discretion to target one group, which leave another with less pressure. It maybe negligent and result in administrative reprimands. What people are alleging is a criminal conspiracy inside the DOJ and the agencies involved. Most of the gunwalker arms were going to Sinaloa. So perhaps the Zetas were making appoint about arming the opposition and the use of discretion. Unnamed US FBI I think officials had said we will let them shoot it out and one cartel will come out on top and the civil war would end. And the discretion and the fast and the furious was designed to allow a cartel that the US would be happy with.

      Someone has to come out on top if you want the civil war to stop and to keep it that way and only the baddest and most ruthless crew can maintain the stability to prevent another civil war. We are not talking about drug trafficking or even law enforcement, that comes after the civil war is over. Which was what the unnamed official mentioned and is their strategy.

      Regardless of all that the Zetas are ex SF are trained in subversion (school of Americas) they keep Mexico on the brink of becoming a failed state. I have no doubt if they gave the other in 6 months it would occur and that is regardless to the narco civil war.

      So even if they tactic had worked and the Sinaloa and Gulf cartels came out on top, that is unlikely to save the state. They know that the US is going to run blocking movements in other countries below Mexico and they are already there conducting subversion in those countries very well trained and tactical thinkers.

      Most drug war come to an end because people have to get back to earning money so you will get a truce or as time goes on one faction is weakened. If the money dries up the cops don't get a drink in Mexico, if a gang is weakened it can no longer fight. There is an over supply of product, enough foot soldiers, weapons and money to pay corrupt police that it just goes on.

      So I can see where the FBI was coming from, but Mexico is different.

      1. How do you end the war and return it back to a traditional law enforcement matter.

      2. How do you stop the collapse of the state.

      3. They are countering the blocking movements which means that the supply of product will not affect the situation in Mexico and you are draw into new AO's.

      4. Alright we get it back to a traditional law enforcement matter, the key elements that led to the war are present. So you would expect to see death squads running around for a long time nipping it in the bud by which ever cartel wins out. And don't confuse that with civil war.

      If you look at the people we deal with in Afghanistan drug warlords, human rights abusers our allies, that is who we should deal with in Mexico. It is the same. You deal with the most ruthless, if you are going to pick a side pick the devil.

    9. Obama and Holder will deny and stall and hide records and keep Congress and the American public in the dark and they will never admit their failed effort with Fast and Furious, was their main purpose and end goal was to ban guns and ending 2nd Amentment Rights. They have no shame and will never admit it is their fault, for the death of that agent Zapata, because of their Un-American crooked mess and illegal efforts………

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