Open Carry Becomes Law in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Legislature Forbids "Red Flag" Laws, or Enforcement of Same, iStock-884218046
Open Carry Becomes Law in Oklahoma, iStock-884218046

Charlotte, NC –-( Governor Mary Fallin signed into law the Open Carry/Omnibus gun bill, Senate Bill 1733.  Senate Bill 1733 is an omnibus firearm bill containing significant improvements to Oklahoma gun laws, including allowing concealed carry permit holders the choice of open carrying.

Other important provisions include language prohibiting persons, property owners and companies from banning ammunition in locked vehicles; changing the “immediate notification” requirement when a permit holder is stopped by a law enforcement officer to notification at “first opportunity” while also greatly reducing the associated fine for non-compliance; a provision allowing people to carry firearms openly without a permit on their private property; and revisions to the current Oklahoma statute striking the word “concealed” from Oklahoma firearm permit citations and applying the lawful open carrying of firearms to Oklahoma’s firearms preemption law. Additionally, this legislation will allow Sooner State military personnel stationed outside Oklahoma to obtain an Oklahoma permit. This new law becomes effective November 1, 2012.

Your NRA-ILA continues our work to assist the passage of additional legislation to expand firearm freedoms, such as Senate Bill 1743, the “Landowner’s Hunting Freedom Act” and Senate Bill 1420, legalizing the use of laser scoping devices for hunters with various physical handicaps.

Senate Bill 1743, also known as the “Landowner’s Hunting Freedom Act”, has passed out of conference committees in both the Senate and the House, and the final steps now are floor votes in each chamber before being sent to the Governor. SB 1743, authored by state Senator Steve Russell (R-45) and State Representative Leslie Osborn (R-47), would allow Oklahoma landowners and their guests to use lawfully-possessed suppressors (also referred to as silencers) on firearms for hunting. This legislation is particularly important as noise complaints are being used more frequently as an excuse to close shooting ranges, informal shooting areas, and hunting lands throughout the country.  Increased use of suppressors will help eliminate many of these complaints and protect hunting and shooting areas well into the future.  Most importantly, it will help protect hunters’ hearing. For more information on firearms and suppressors, click here.

Senate Bill 1420 received broad support in both chambers but has been sent to a conference committee to reconcile amendment language. Legalizing the use of laser scoping devices in specific circumstances, this legislation would expand hunting opportunities for the blind and those who have lost the use of their limbs, such as disabled veterans. SB 1420 is authored by state Senator Ralph Shortey (R-44) and State Representative John Bennett (R-2).

Also, the Emergency Powers Act, Senate Bill 1760, has not yet been signed into law. Senate Bill 1760, authored by state Senator Anthony Sykes (R-24) and state Representative T.W. Shannon (R-62), passed with overwhelming, bipartisan support in both chambers. As previously reported, this “Emergency Powers” bill is necessary to fill the current gap in the language of the state riot control statute to prevent the banning of ownership, possession, or transportation of firearms and ammunition during declared states of emergency.  NRA-ILA thanks Senator Sykes and Representative Shannon for their work to guarantee that the rights of lawful Oklahomans to defend themselves and their loved ones will not be suspended in times of emergency.

Your NRA will continue to keep you informed of these pro-firearm freedom bills as the Oklahoma Legislature’s session comes to a close.


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