Pro Trainer Ronnie Smith Endorses Real Bird Bumper

Real Bird Bumper - Scott Linden's Retrieving Training Tool
Real Bird Bumper - Scott Linden's Retrieving Training Tool

Bend, OR – -( Scott Linden’s retrieving training tool, the Real Bird Bumper has been endorsed by well-known dog trainer and seminar leader Ronnie Smith.

Known for the “Silent Command System” of training seminars and DVDs developed with his cousin Rick, Ronnie said: “Realistic training aids help all dogs to be better prepared and more successful in the field. Because of the realistic feel and nature of the Real Bird Bumper, we incorporate it into our training program at Ronnie Smith Kennels.”

Linden, host and creator of the television series Wingshooting USA, developed the Real Bird Bumper to solve his own training problems but soon found himself making and giving copies to friends. It is manufactured in Bend, Ore. of all U.S.-sourced, non-toxic materials. Available in pheasant and quail sizes, it is the same weight, shape, and size as a real bird.

The body is limp and floppy like a shot bird with a loose “skin” to simulate a bird’s. It has an articulated wing to familiarize dogs with the challenges of navigation while “blindfolded,” has no extraneous hard plastic parts to poke a dog’s eye or encourage head grabbing, and it floats.

Smith’s endorsement joins that of pro trainer/author George Hickox and hundreds of satisfied pro and amateur trainers nationwide. Linden’s entire “Signature Series” of bumpers, leads and collars is available at

The Smith family has been training fine bird dogs for over 60 years. Ronnie and Rick Smith’s training videos, seminar schedule and other information is available at