SHTF – What Can You Do, For Yourself, Right Now (Part Three)

By Kirby Ferris

Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle
Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle

Washington, DC –-( At this point, there’s really no sense in trying to figure out how America has gotten itself into the dead-end it now faces regarding illegal aliens, a bogus banking system, and thoroughly degraded race relations.

Some folks claim it was all intentional, and some claim it is just what happens when idiots, liars, and thieves are allowed to control our lives.

The train has run away. IT CANNOT BE STOPPED. All we can do now is see when, and at which turn, it hops the tracks.

So, considering the above, I can declare one thing very confidently: “IF YOU DON’T OWN AT LEAST ONE GUN YOU ARE FOOLISH.”

In two previous articles, we examined the desirability of a good, reliable pump shotgun. In the other article, we took a look at the logic and economics of a reliable 9mm semi-automatic “compact” pistol. Both recommendations were intentionally BUDGET ORIENTED solutions for your self-defense and the defense of the innocent.

The shotgun (with ample ammo) and the pistol (with ample ammo) were put on the table for less than $400 each.

Now it’s time to fill in the third leg of your defense “triad“. It’s time to buy a rifle and ample ammo.

But under $400? In the larger calibers? It can’t be done.

Yeah, I know you know a guy who imports ChiComm SKS’s from Venezuela, and you can get a good buy on some surplus North Korean 7.62×39 from a Lithuanian importer.

Please stop. This article is for the average Jane or Joe who can use this information and acquire a gun and ammo in less than a week.

There is only one solid answer: The Ruger 10/22 .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle with a scope and high capacity magazines.

  • THE GUN: $180 on sale at the sporting goods store where you live.
  • THE SCOPE: $50 on sale for a Tasco that will ALSO fit on a higher caliber rifle should need be. Specific scopes for only the lighter recoil .22 rimfire are in the high thirty dollar range. Lots of good economy brand scopes out there.
  • AMMUNITION MAGAZINES (aftermarket): $50 for two of the Ruger factory-made BX-25 25 round magazines for the 10/22. Reviews on this new product are exceptionally positive. You’ve gotta have good ammo magazines! The rifle comes stock with a ten-rounder.
  • AMMUNITION: $15 (on sale) for 525 rounds of bulk loose-packed .22 long rifle. Also, buy a couple of hundred rounds (in 50 round boxes) of the really good “only for emergencies” pricey stuff if you want.

So you’ve put out $280 for the gun and scope. A hundred for two mags. Let’s round that total up to $300 (sales tax and etc.)

Now, and this is the beauty of the .22 caliber, how much ammo did you stockpile for one hundred bucks? Answer: A minimum of 3,000 rounds! I like that number. Do you like that number?

Now here’s the deal with a .22 rifle. It’s fun to shoot. It’s inexpensive to shoot. Compared to a shotgun or a high-caliber pistol, it’s also far quieter and more comfortable to shoot.

Shooting no more than 100 rounds per shooting session (hard to do when you’re having fun!), you’ve got plenty of ammo to PRACTICE with. If you practice correctly (maybe with some first-time instruction) you will be pleasantly surprised at how darn good you can get at hitting pretty small targets at fairly significant ranges (75 to 100 yards).

A pal of mine did Nam. Marine. Very smart. And picky, picky, picky about his firearms. He’s also a “racer“, i.e combat shooting competitions. He declared to me that in an urban or suburban civil unrest shooting situation you will almost certainly not be reaching out more than 100 yards. With practice, keeping ten shots within a six-inch group at 100 yards is not that difficult. And, for every one shot that you’d lay down with a bigger caliber, you’d be double or triple tapping the .22. When he was confronted with the rule that one had to pack the gun and ammo from place to place on one’s back, he said he take his tricked-out Ruger 10/22, along with 1,000 rounds.

Stop! I don’t want to hear it!

Our Jane and Joe that I’m writing this for does not have the bucks for a $4,000 AR-10 .308 with a three thousand dollar Swarovski scope!

So that’s our “Big Three” firearms compilation for the person who has the intelligence to be wisely prepared for the social upheaval that seems inevitable in our future.

I cannot emphasize how important it is to move NOW. At least get the shotgun and its ammo immediately. The first major crisis will empty the gun shops and sporting goods stores of both guns and ammunition. I guarantee this.

And if things get worse? Gun sales and ammo sales may be banned “indefinitely“. You’ve got to know that this would be Obama’s first move with an “executive order”. And you’d be surprised how many weak-kneed “conservative” politicians would go along with it “for the greater good”.

A final note: Every family member over the age of ten should be able to competently shoot each of these firearms. This is simply not “Leave it to Beaver” America anymore. Time to get real, friends.

(Part One article, and also Part Two).

Frequent JPFO contributor and strategist, Kirby Ferris, collaborated intensively with Aaron Zelman over the last two years of Aaron’s life. Ferris is currently the Research Director of JPFO.

See all of Kirby Ferris’ articles.

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Really good recommendation. I cannot believe of all the handguns I've purchased, I never once purchased a rifle, let alone the value price 10/22. I am soon to rectify that. One part of this article made me laugh a bit: A final note: Every family member over the age of ten should be able to competently shoot each of these firearms. This is simply not “Leave it to Beaver” America anymore. Time to get real, friends. The sad truth is, a kid like Beaver, in that time (1950-) probably had more firearms exposure than many kids of that age group… Read more »