Survivalcave Inc. Announces Survival Cave Freeze Dried Food For The Public

Providing the Best – Lowest Price Freeze Dried Foods Available.

Survivalcave Hearty Potato Soup
Survivalcave Hearty Potato Soup
Survival Cave Foods
Survival Cave Foods

Chesapeake, VA –-( Today Survivalcave Inc. announced immediate availability of the brand of freeze dried food, enabling select distributors to retail one of the best tasting and lowest cost freeze dried food storage foods available.

Survivalcave Inc. also announced that these foods can ship within 72 hours to anyone in the US main land. These foods can greatly ease the cost of food storage for those families who wish to prepare for emergencies. The availability of the Survivalcavefood brand has taken the US by storm since its launch a few months ago. The demand for these gourmet freeze dried foods appears to be growing at an unprecedented rate and 2012 is sure to be the largest sales market in history for freeze dried food storage units.

“Survivalcavefood is experiencing unprecedented demand and is a huge success,” said J.R. Fisher, President of Survivalcave Inc. “It has already surpassed our wildest dreams with its sales rate. With the availability of Survivalcavefood, we expect more customers to make the move to food storage programs due to the great flavor and low cost.”

Record Rate of Customer Sales
Many customers have already benefited from Survivalcavefood, Bill W., a self proclaimed “prepper” and food storage expert said that Survivalcavefood was, “the best tasting food”, he had ever eaten and expected members of his groups to buy in masses due to the reasonable pricing. Survivalcavefood will enable the average person to start and maintain a food storage program due to the low cost and compact and easily storable buckets.

“It’s fantastic that this is finally available,” said Mark T., a longtime survival expert, “and it actually tastes great….”

Survivalcavefood Availability
Survivalcave Inc. has partnered with several distributors nationwide to retail their products and it can now be found at a select number of websites on the internet.

Founded in 2009, Survivalcave Inc. is a nationwide leader in survival products and food storage and freeze dried foods. The company offers a wide range of survival, emergency and long term food storage items that help families prepare for disasters and emergencies.

Survival Cave Freeze Dried Foods
Survival Cave Freeze Dried Foods

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