World’s Most Extensive Firearms Guide 3rd Edition

The Firearms Guide 3rd Edition
The Firearms Guide 3rd Edition
Impressum Media, Inc
Impressum Media, Inc

Los Angeles, CA –-( The 3rd edition of the Firearms Guide presents over 55,000 firearms and ammunition from 500 manufacturers around the world.

The guide is a stunning and highly-detailed firearm source and much more! The Firearm Guide contains 3,000 printable schematics, parts lists, full specifications and much more on everything from single shot handguns to machine guns.

The simplicity and ease of use is significant. Simply insert the DVD into your computer and it starts automatically with no other fiddling around or special hoops to jump through. And because it is all on a DVD you can zoom in on what you want and even print it out.

But that's not all; the DVD contains 62,000 FFL gun dealers with contacts and 500 printable targets. Now you can pick your favorite target and print it out (both color and black and white) on your computer for that day's shooting fun.

Additionally the Guide has a handy U.S. to European caliber and European to U.S. caliber conversion section.

Thanks to the massive amount of detailed information and ease of use you can locate a firearm, the schematic, parts list and information on the gun in mere seconds and it is in high-resolution color.

The Firearms Guide will save you huge amounts of time. For example if you Google search: pistol, 9mm Luger, made in the U.S. you will bring up about 53,000 websites. The same search in the guide will bring up 373 relevant pistols.

This may be one of the best firearm deals in the firearms market anywhere. Obviously the guide will prove ideal for hobbyists, shooters, gun industry folks and of course firearms media types. And in mid-May the company will do their first release for Mac users.

Price: $39.95 including free shipping worldwide. For more information directly contact the firearms guide at

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