Wisconsin FORCE Supports and Approves Endorsements of NRA-PVF

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Wisconsin FORCE Supports and Approves Endorsements of NRA-PVF

Wisconsin –-(Ammoland.com)- The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) endorses Scott Walker for Governor in the June 5 Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election.

“Governor Walker has proven his dedication to gun owners and the Second Amendment,” said Chris W. Cox, chairman of NRA-PVF. “Because of his unapologetic support of our rights, Scott Walker has earned an “A+” rating and endorsement from the NRA-PVF.”

For more than a decade, the NRA fought for right-to-carry in Wisconsin, only to have anti-gun and anti-self-defense governors veto the legislation. A bipartisan majority of state legislators passed right-to-carry legislation in 2011, making Wisconsin one of the last states to pass this important self-defense law. Governor Walker kept his campaign promise and signed this hard-fought legislation into law.

Also in 2011, Walker signed into law critical Castle Doctrine legislation, protecting law-abiding citizens who defend themselves and their families from criminal attack. This law establishes the presumption that an individual who forcibly enters one’s home, business, or occupied motor vehicle is there to cause death or great bodily harm, and allows the use of force, including deadly force, against that person. This bill also eliminates any “duty to retreat,” so that law-abiding citizens are no longer required to turn their backs on a criminal and try to run when attacked.

Governor Walker also signed into law the Hunting Heritage Act, which encourages the recruitment and retention of hunters and trappers through many creative initiatives, including a reduction in fees for hunting small game, deer, and wild turkeys. It also offers prizes for experienced hunters and trappers who recruit new hunters to share in Wisconsin’s hunting heritage.

In contrast, Walker’s opponent, Tom Barrett, has a career-long “F” rating from NRA-PVF. Barrett has supported bans on commonly owned firearms, supported exposing hunters to prosecution, and has consistently opposed commonsense self-defense legislation.

“The choice for gun owners in this recall election is clear. Governor Walker will fight to protect our Second Amendment freedoms and hunting heritage. Tom Barrett opposes our rights. We urge all NRA members, gun owners and hunters in Wisconsin to vote Scott Walker for Governor in the June 5 gubernatorial recall election,” concluded Cox.

Chris W. Cox is NRA’s chief lobbyist. He also serves as chairman of NRA-PVF. The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund is responsible for political candidate rankings. These are based on candidate voting records, public statements and responses to NRA-PVF questionnaires.

Additional NRA PVF and Wisconsin FORCE Endorsement
Rebecca Kleefisch (R) for Lieutenant Governor and in the State Senate recalls: District 13 – Scott Fitzgerald (R) Grade: A+ Status: Incumbent over Lori Compas (D) Grade: ? Status: Candidate, District 21 – Van Wanggaard (R) Grade: B+ Status: Incumbent over John Lehman (D) Grade: F Status: Candidate, District 23 – Terry Moulton (R) Grade: A Status: Incumbent over Kristen Dexter (D) Grade: C Status: Candidate, District 29 – Jerry Petrowski (R) Grade: A Status: Incumbent over Donna Seidel (D) Grade: F Status: Candidate.

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