Arizona IDA Grassland Project Update

Arizona IDA Grassland Project
Arizona IDA Grassland Project

Arizona –-( 69 Hard-working volunteers showed up to this project in May.

It started out Friday pretty windy but the wind slowed enough to let us get some work done. Our mission this weekend was to cut small juniper, pinyon, and jack pine trees with hand tools.

Over 50,000 acres have been designated for mechanical thinning. Our crews were hand-cutting the small trees and the agra axe would come through later and take out the large trees.

By the AES thinning the small trees it would save many hours and let the machines spend their time on the larger ones. At times it costs up to $250 an acre because of the density of the small trees. The crews worked hard and in the end cleared well over 250 acres.

Many thanks go out to all the hard-working volunteers. On hand for the project was Troop 14 of the Boy Scouts. A few of the kids had never been in the woods but that didn’t stop them and the rest of the troop from doing a great job helping out. Also, we had the wrestling team from Dysart High School.

These strapping young men did a phenomenal job cutting trees and boy could they eat.

Next time we need to make sure we have extra food if they come back. Thanks again to all the volunteers. You guys did a great job.

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