Congressman Steve Stockman Gave the House Leadership Fits

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Congressman Steve Stockman Gave the House Leadership Fits

Washington, DC –-( Dear Second Amendment Supporter: You did it. I asked you to help Steve Stockman in his primary race in May, and you did. Steve survived the Republican primary and is now headed to a July 31 runoff election.

We are one step closer to gaining a true friend of the Second Amendment in Congress.

But we can’t let up now. Steve has less than two months to spread his pro-gun, pro-freedom message to hundreds of thousands of voters in his district.

He needs our help to do that. And that’s why I’m asking gun owners throughout the state of Texas and across the nation to get involved.

Let’s infuse this race with the funds necessary to bring Steve over the finish line.

Many of you know Steve, so I don’t have to explain why this race is so important. If you don’t know Congressman Stockman, here’s a little background.

Steve Stockman shook up the political world in 1994.

Not many people gave him a chance to defeat the longest-serving House member at the time, 42-year incumbent Jack Brooks. But GOA supported Steve because he was just what Washington needed.

Bill Clinton had recently signed into law the Brady Act and the so-called “assault weapons” ban. Clinton’s gun control agenda was rejected by voters and Republicans took over control of Congress for the first time in decades. Steve was part of that wave.

Since Clinton himself acknowledged that gun control cost his party control of Congress, you would think the first order of business would be to repeal the Clinton gun ban. That didn’t happen.

Instead, the new congressional leadership set up a Second Amendment “commission,” which turned into a place where pro-gun ideas went to die.

When they finally got around to drafting legislation to repeal the gun ban, it was part of a larger bill that would have massively increased federal police power. Gun owners could not support the bill.

Enter Steve Stockman. Standing up to the leadership, he introduced his own repeal bill – a “clean” bill to simply reverse the ban.

Steve went further, introducing “The Second Amendment Restoration Act” that would have eliminated background checks, waiting periods, and registration requirements for firearms.

In addition, Congressman Stockman opposed every single attempt to restrict your gun rights, earning a perfect rating from GOA.

In the U.S. House, it was no contest – there was no better friend of the Second Amendment than Steve Stockman.

And that’s why this is a seat gun owners MUST win.

Washington is full of compromises. But like GOA, Steve Stockman does not believe in compromise when it comes to defending your inalienable right to keep and bear arms.

So I urge you to stand with Steve Stockman today with your contribution.

The maximum amount an individual can contribute is $2,500. If you can afford to give the max, please make your contribution right away.

Even if you can’t afford to give the max amount, it’s vital that every gun owner get involved in this race in some way.

If we each do our part, if we all get involved, we can ensure that Steve has the resources he needs to contact every freedom-loving voter in his district and WIN this race.

Thank you for standing with Steve Stockman.


Tim Macy
Vice Chairman

PS – I asked you to help Steve in his primary election, and you did. He made it over that hurdle and now Steve’s in a runoff election on July 31. That means this Second Amendment champion has less than two months to spread his pro-gun message to hundreds of thousands of voters.

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