Ferguson’s Finland Performance Draws Record Crowds

Largest Attended Performance in Events 20 Year History.

Byron Ferguson in Finland
Byron Ferguson in Finland

Kingsport, TN –-(Ammoland.com)- Internationally acclaimed exhibition archer Byron Ferguson recently performed his longbow archery exhibition for two record setting shows.

This was the 20th year of the International Sportsmen’s Fair in Riihimaki, Finland. And, it was the first time that award winning archer Byron Ferguson has performed there.

On Saturday, June 9th Ferguson’s performance drew 15,000 attendees. This set an all-time record for attendance at a single event in the show’s 20 year history.

Ferguson broke the show’s record again on Sunday with his matinee performance, demonstrating his archery skills before over 12,000 people.

The International Sportsmen’s Fair highlights Fishing, Nature and Outdoor Activities. It is held each year in the Urheilupuisto Park in Riihimaki, Finland, about 40 miles north of Helsinki.

Show promoters Riihimaki Fair Ltd., is extremely pleased with Ferguson’s performance, and his ability to draw a huge crowd. They’ve already booked Ferguson in advance for 2014’s sportsmen’s fair.

Byron Ferguson said “The people in Finland were wonderful. Their hospitality was beyond all expectations.

The Finnish people have a strong interest in bowhunting, especially traditional archery. Legislation is currently before the Finnish Parliament that will allow bowhunting for big game animals. This sparked a lot of interest, and questions from the show’s attendees.

The best advice I could give them was that a person’s shooting ability takes second place to their overall woodsmenship.”