Gould Brothers Exhibition Team Joins the Winchester Repeating Arms Pro Staff

Gould Brothers Exhibition Team
Gould Brothers Exhibition Team (GBX) Joins the Winchester Repeating Arms Pro Staff
Winchester Repeating Arms
Winchester Repeating Arms

East Alton, IL – -(Ammoland.com)- Winchester Repeating Arms is proud to announce a new member to their Pro Staff Shooting Team; the Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting team.

Aaron and Steve Gould are one of the most exciting exhibition shooting teams in the industry.

GBX travel the country wowing crowds with incredible shooting demonstrations using the Winchester Super X3 and Super X Pump.

“We are very excited to have the Gould Brothers as part of the Winchester Repeating Arms Pro Staff,” says Scott Grange, Manager of Shooting Promotions. “Not only are they great shooters, they are tremendous ambassadors for the shooting sports.”

Along with displaying their amazing shooting talents at live exhibition shows, the Gould Brothers promote hunting & shooting sports, conservation, gun safety, freedom and living with a purpose.

“Many kids are growing up without the opportunities to hunt or shoot and therefore they never become interested and slowly our heritage dies,” said Steve Gould. “One of our goals is to spark that interest in kids and adults to help ensure that the heritage continues.”

To watch the Gould Brothers shooting skills in action click on the GBX YouTube Video.

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Johnny D
Johnny D
5 years ago

My bro and I want to head down to Texas for a week to help whoever can offer a guaranteed free trip. We would have the ammo, 2 A.R. 15 and gas to get there and back home supplied. If we had extra cash laying around we would be down there by now. We also have no problem following any rules or laws that are given to us. Love hunting so we want to have the opportunity to lay down as many hogs as we can. Appreciate anyone who offers us the chance. Thank you