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The Sportsman Channel Showcase is an exclusive behind the scenes look for readers of AmmoLand Shooting Sports News, where we get to know the personalities behind some of the most watched Sportsman Channel programming. This week we talk to Haley Heath- host of Family Traditions.
By Ryan Nolan

Haley Heath- host of Family Traditons.
Haley Heath- host of Family Traditons.

Sportsman Channel Showcase

Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, Wis. –-(Ammoland.com)- How did you get started in the hunting and the TV industry?
G.O. put me into a contest for the ultimate outdoorsman search and ended up being on tv for a year competing against others to be the ultimate outdoorsman!

After the show ended we decided to start Family Traditions with Haley Heath, to try to get more women and children and families in the outdoors together.

What is the biggest mishap that has happened while filming an episode?
The biggest mishap for us has been when my dad shot a huge buck in Pike County, IL and the camera guy forgot to press record!! The buck came into the decoy and postured around it and did everything you would want a big buck to do…or at least that’s the story I hear since we have no footage of it!

Can you tell us about the funniest moment of your hunting Career?
The funniest moment happened this year for us and you will see it in the show! We were hunting with friends in south Texas and they decided to pull a prank on G.O. They told him about this giant buck that had been coming in to this one area everyday and decided to stalk up to the area and glass. Sure enough the buck was there peaking out from the brush 200 yards away! G.O. quickly got into position and shot! Nothing happened!! Shocked and confused he turned to find all of his friends rolling in laughter!! G.O. shot a mounted buck!!! It was great!

What is your most memorable hunt?
My most memorable hunt has got to be when Gunner, our six year old, shot his first deer! All four of us were in the stand with a guide and cameraman! To hear Gunner as he talked US through how he was going to shoot his buck and how far he was away, which dot to put on him and watching him shoot his TenPoint crossbow and make a perfect shot, was AMAZING!!

How do you like to spend your time when you are not hunting?
G.O. and I spend ALL of our time with our kids when we are not hunting! We fish a great deal and ride around the farm in our Bad Boy Buggy and play with the dogs! We spend most of our days outdoors with the kids!

What is something most people do not know about you? (Something people are surprised to find out about you.)
Something people don’t know about G.O. and I is that both of our families owned roller skating rinks growing up! We can both skate better than we can walk!

Haley Heath and Family Alligator Hunt
Haley Heath and Family Alligator Hunt

What are you most proud of, or what is your biggest accomplishment?
We are most proud of where we are today! This is our fourth year on air and it has taken more dedication, sacrifice and hard work than most would ever imagine. In the beginning, G.O. and I owned and operated two restaurants and I was a marketing manager for Bass Pro Shops. We worked day and night and used every day off/vacation day to film Family Traditions. Now four years later, this is our full time job!!!

If you could hunt any place in the world and any species where and what would it be?
If I could hunt anywhere I would hunt Alaska for Moose! It’s my dream hunt!!!!

What is something that viewers would be surprised to learn about filming an episode? Or what was surprising to you when you first started filming?
Viewers may be surprised to know that we see way more animals that we could shoot on most hunts however adding a camera from a different angle and in low light or bad weather we can’t film them, therefore we don’t shoot!!

What one tip can you give your fans to a successful hunt?
DO your homework on the outfitter you are using and the area you are hunting! DO trail cameras and try your best to control your scent!

What is your favorite meal including wild game? Any good recipes?

Venison chili!! It’s so easy to make and delicious!

  • 1 pound of venison
  • 1- 16oz jar of salsa
  • 1- pack of chili powder
  • 1- can of dark kidney bean 1-can of pinto beans

Brown meat, then put it all in a large pot covered on medium heat for 10 plus minutes. Best with shredded cheese and fritos on top!

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G.O. and Haley Heath
G.O. and Haley Heath


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