Is Obama Creating a Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America?

By Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

Dallas, TX – -( A Boy Scouts of America national board member, James Turley, who is also global chairman and CEO of the accounting firm Ernst & Young, recently said he “will work from within to seek a change” to overturn the BSA policy that bans gay Scouts and leaders.

But is Turley working on his own initiative, or has the White House prodded him with perks and favors?

Is it a coincidence that Turley came out swinging against the BSA's century-old policy to ban gays from leadership and that he has such close affiliations with the pro-gay Obama administration?

Is it a coincidence that Turley and his wife, Lynne, were just guests at a state dinner hosted by President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama in honor of British Prime Minister David Cameron at the White House on March 14?

Is it a coincidence that Turley was nominated to President Obama's Export Council in 2010?

Is it a coincidence Turley was granted a seat on an investment advisory panel that met with none other than Vladimir Putin in Moscow in October?

Is it a coincidence that Turley has been a global cheerleader for Obama's economic strategies and an economic ambassador of sorts to other mogul business leaders, as is clearly seen in his Bloomberg interview from the 2011 economic summit in Davos, Switzerland?

Is it a coincidence that Michael Mundaca, who was the assistant secretary of the treasury for tax policy from 2009 to 2011 and advised Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on all matters relating to taxation, recently joined the team of Ernst & Young?Is it a coincidence that, as the White House website explained, “Ernst & Young LLP will honor (the Obama administration's Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship's) youth entrepreneurs at regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award galas across the country, bringing important attention to the next generation of young entrepreneurs”?

Is it a coincidence that a couple of months ago, Obama reversed his position on marriage, extending the union to gay couples, and that Turley just came out of the closet in his position against the BSA's position?

Is it a coincidence that in the same few weeks when Turley turned on the BSA with his pro-gay stance, Obama turned on the U.S. military and sent down a decree that the service branches must celebrate “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month”?

Is it a coincidence that Turley is in tight cahoots with the White House and that he is the only BSA national board member in 100 years to oppose its pro-traditional family stance?

Is it a coincidence that Turley just announced his resignation as CEO of Ernst & Young (effective June 2013) and that he now is offering the White House a parting pro-gay BSA gift in gratitude for all its presidential favors to him and Ernst & Young over the past few years?

These Turley-Obama cords, connections and correlations are only the tip of the iceberg.

Is it a coincidence, too, that on March 3, 2009, Obama became the honorary president of the BSA — a position proudly and publicly held and highlighted by all presidents since President William Howard Taft in 1910 — but that Obama's induction was held behind closed doors in the Oval Office with seven or so Boy Scouts present and absolutely nothing noted in the White House daily briefing or any other official communication?

Is it a coincidence that Obama was unable to attend the 100th anniversary gala of the Boy Scouts of America in his own backyard (Washington, D.C.) Feb. 9, 2010, because he had to hold his first national news conference?

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Is it a coincidence that as the honorary BSA president and a “constitutional lawyer,” Obama hasn't had one minute in his schedule over the past years to defend or say anything about the series of lawsuits that have been levied against the BSA because of its First Amendment rights to stand against atheists, agnostics and homosexuals?

It is a coincidence that Obama will stand up repeatedly for the children of illegal immigrants (and grant them amnesty and taxpayer money) but that he will not once stand up for children in the BSA and the organization's rights and freedoms to hold their own core values and beliefs?

For years, I've signed and sent out hundreds of Eagle Scout recognition letters. And I personally have known a host of Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts and BSA leaders. These individuals epitomize the best of America. Indeed, the BSA is as integral a part of American life and culture as hot dogs, baseball and Grandma's apple pie.

Even President John F. Kennedy proudly proclaimed at the 50th anniversary celebration of the BSA: “For more than 50 years, Scouting has played an important part in the lives of the Boy Scouts of this nation. It has helped to mold character, to form friendships, to provide a worthwhile outlet for the natural energies of growing boys and to train these boys to become good citizens of the future. In a very real sense, the principles learned and practiced as Boy Scouts add to the strength of America and her ideals.”

Hasn't America reached a new low in its history when its president (and the honorary president of the BSA!) distances himself and his administration from the Boy Scouts of America yet invites groups such as the Secular Student Alliance to participate in its faith and college missions?

I'll ask once more: Is it a coincidence that BSA national board member James Turley came out swinging against the BSA's century-old policy to ban gays from leadership and that he has such close affiliations with the pro-gay Obama administration?

How does the adage go?

If two people think so much alike, you can bet that one person isn't thinking. Or maybe a more fitting adage here might be this: You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.

Building up the next generation is not only why I fully support the Boy Scouts of America but also why I started my own nonprofit organization, KickStartKids. My wife, Gena, and I consider it one of the greatest missions of our lives. You can learn more about the Boy Scouts of America by going to and more about KickStartKids by going to

Action hero and Second Amendment activist, Chuck Norris is one of the most enduringly popular actors in the world. He has starred in more than 20 major motion pictures. His television series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” which completed its run in April 2001 after eight full seasons, is the most successful Saturday night series on CBS since “Gunsmoke.”In 2006, he added the title of columnist to his illustrious list of credits with the launch of his popular Internet column. Now Chuck is a regular contributor to AmmoLand, click the following link to See more of Chuck Norris on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

  • 212 thoughts on “Is Obama Creating a Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America?

    1. Well, it could be some kind of bizarre coincidence, but it seems more likely that Turley’s just doing what’s right for the BSA.

    2. Where in Kennedy’s statement does it preclude gay men from being in the BSA? Unless you’re implying that it’s not possible for a gay American to be a good American.

    3. It’s a shame that that awesome beard of yours hasn’t prevented you from being a complete and total buffoon.

      Also, people in tight, denim houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    4. Is it a coincidence that Chuck Norris hasn’t made a decent film or TV show in his life, while all these left wingers in Hollywood are in the pocket of the White House? Hey Chuck if you want to keep Gays out of the boyscouts you better cancel all of their “camping” trips with some old guys in hotpants and a scarf watching over little boys.

    5. You know, I’ve always been a fan of Chuck Norris’, but this is the last draw. He is a complete and utter idiot. In all his ranting he didn’t make one educated point. I was a scout for 3 years. Also, in recent times, it’s the Married, right-wing, anti-gay people that I’d be scared of. Child molestation is done by these people, not real gays.

    6. And you ‘Eff_Chuck_Norris’ you are probably gay or one of those gay lovers, so I just couldn’t care less about your opinion.
      Now you can back to your closet.

    7. LOL…No, I’m an educated straight man. Can’t say the same about you. College degree(UT), wife, 3 kids, and my own business. If you couldn’t care less about my opinion, why respond? Dumbass. I’ll go back in my closet when you come out of yours.

    8. Chuck has always been my role model…since I was a young boy I have always dreamt about being a terrible has-been actor boy scout that couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. Jimmy if you need me to help troll these gay lovers I will be in the closet with Chuck…wait Jimmy what are you doing in here?

    9. ‘Eff_Chuck_Norris’, oh yeah, your username shows perfectly how much educated you are.
      “College degree(UT), wife, 3 kids, and my own business” cool dreams living in mom’s basement. Keep on dreaming, troll.

    10. Again Jimmy, like this topic, you are commenting on things you don’t know. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m probably worth more than your whole family. I have 2 houses, one of which I moved my mom into. Don’t need to dream it, I live it, Loser. I troll cause I can. Now go read a few books and educate yourself. Then maybe you can come back with a better response.

    11. Seems to me that Chuck and this ‘Jimmy’ are just idiots. Plain and simple. ‘Eff_Chuck_Norris’, I don’t think a few books would help educate Jimmy or Chuck. The hatred they spew will come back to them someday in some form.

    12. First off, “Educated” Jimmy makes fun of Eff Chuck Norris for not being educated, and then writes, “your username shows perfectly how much educated you are.” Hey Jimmy, you’re an idiot because you can’t even use proper grammar.
      Oh, and Chuck Norris is an even bigger idiot for being bigoted and inspiring fools like Jimmy.

    13. “Building up the next generation is not only why I fully support the Boy Scouts of America but also why I started my own nonprofit organization, KickStartKids. My wife, Gena, and I consider it one of the greatest missions of our lives.”

      More likely indoctrinating the next generation on discrimination and hatred by exposing them to a person that holds the beliefs of Mr. Chuck Norris.

    14. Mr. Norris,

      James Turley may indeed be a lackey by association of our current President. An essay full of “Is it a coincidence…” questions can be manipulated to make any number of people appear tied to philosophies and agenda’s in a conspiratorial fashon. Multiple for-profit business & non-profit philanthropic leaders can be painted as Lackey’s by Association for previous Presidents (or even vice versa) throughout the United States’ history.

      As an Eagle Scout myself, I can confirm that ideals the BSA nurtures within its members “as integral a part of American life and culture as hot dogs, baseball and Grandma’s apple pie” include Tolerance. Intolerance is a disease that’s passed through generations as a reflection of a peoples’ willful ignorance. A refusal to make an effort to understand those that are different. Even the BSA has had a long history of difficulty integrating black boys and white boys in the same troops ( ).

      You quoted John F Kennedy’s lauding (rightfully so) of the Boy Scouts of America’s influence on the lives of young men and on American culture. While you’re at it, I urge you to read JFK’s Civil Rights Address to see how he, had he been alive today, may view the BSA’s current position on gay members and leaders:

      If it were 1963, I wouldn’t be surprised to see editorials in newspapers across America from people with viewpoints just like yours, looking to tie Civil Rights pioneers to JFK in some conspiracy of Evil, an effort to unjustly dilute the pristine Aryan Gene Pool.

      I’m saddened by your words here, Mr. Norris. But more so, I’m saddened by the reach of the name “Chuck Norris” has in media with this particular message. You’re just an actor, Sir. A good one, granted. I’ll never forget how you awesome you were when, at 12 I saw you EXPLODE Richard Lynch (RIP) in a Office Skyscraper Hallway Bazooka Shootout at the end of “Invasion U.S.A.” on HBO. I’ll always respect those stimulating intellectual conversations you probably had with Christie Brinkley on the set of the Total Gym infomercials. Hell, you were once a phenomenal martial artist, lucky enough to train on occasion with Bruce Lee himself. You have my respect for your accomplishments, but you do not have my respect for sharing this opinion.

      If you’re looking to write a letter addressing a Real problem in this organization, Mr. Norris, please urge the BSA to publicly open its “perversion files” for Law Enforcement investigation. Why worry so much about the Potential influence of gays on Boy Scouts when there are so many unsolved molestation cases ruining the lives of young men in the BSA so far?,0,207035.htmlstory

    15. While we are at it we might as well take all blacks out of the boyscouts they only stopped the segregation of black troops into “colored groups” in the late 40’s

    16. Damn I used to like Chuck Norris. Sad. Seriously has he not left the house since the 80’s?

    17. For a choice to be Constitutionally protected does not make it right or admirable. The Constitution ensures the right of Neo-nazis to march, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t douchebags. Likewise, scouts’ decision that some people arent as good as others makes them douchebags, regardless of their legal right to do so.

    18. Would everyone calm down! Chuck has a very well thought out and valid argument. President Obama does all these favors for a board member of the Scouts so he and his administration can distance themselves from the Scouts and create a new low point in America! Also, Obama not taking the position of “Honorary Scout President” seriously is ridiculous! Who doesn’t remember where they were when other presidents were sworn into office?!?!? It’s not like Obama had anything better to do!! Knot tying is as American as hot dogs!!!

    19. “the BSA’s century-old policy to ban gays”

      yea since there was no official stance to this other than bigoted practice until 2004

    20. I knew Chuck Norris was something of a humorless tool, but I didn’t know he was also an ignorant bigot. I’m fascinated to know what link Chuck Norris sees between homophobia and the second amendment.

    21. As A former Eagle Scout I do not condone all the beliefs set forth in accordance to Homosexuals being banned. While I have several scout friends who have turned out to be gay I have always thought that Pedophiles are the real concern not Homosexuals. However I can also agree that one could say more temptation could come of allowing an openly gay scout to sleep next to another boy, or shower in the same facilities as them. Lets face it Gay or straight your attracted to people depending on your lifestyle male to female, male to male. That said boys cannot join girl scouts, this may help people understand why BSA still has a ban. Again as an eagle scout I dont condone this policy but I also wont bad mouth BSA for sticking to their morals. And before everyone starts bad mouthing scouts think of how many service men, first responders (like myself) and world leaders were influenced at some point by scouts.

      What happens to a Scout? For every 100 boys who join Scouting, records indicate that:

      RARELY will one be brought before the juvenile court system
      2 will become Eagle Scouts
      17 will become future Scout volunteers
      12 will have their first contact with a church
      1 will enter the clergy
      5 will earn their church award
      18 will develop a hobby that will last through their adult life
      8 will enter a vocation that was learned through the merit badge system
      1 will use his Scouting skills to save his own life
      1 will use his Scouting skills to save the life of another person

      Scouting’s alumni record is equally impressive. A recent nation- wide survey of high schools revealed the following information:

      85% of student council presidents were Scouts
      89% of senior class presidents were Scouts
      80% of junior class presidents were Scouts
      75% of school publication editors were Scouts
      71% of football captains were Scouts

      Scouts also account for:

      64% of Air Force Academy graduates
      68% of West Point graduates
      70% of Annapolis graduates
      72% of Rhodes Scholars
      85% of F.B.I. agents
      26 of the first 29 astronauts

    22. Mark, an Eagle Scout, posted the most educated post here. The problem isn’t gays, it is pedophiles. Your point as to the reason BSA still has the ban I can understand. BSA is a christian based/founded and they have the right to set their own rules. But as pointed out earlier-“an organization that is not a church should be allowed to receive government aid and support while practicing discrimination.” I do agree with that also.

    23. CHUCK NORRIS FACT: Chuck Norris’ weakness is gay people. He clearly fears them, and their “agenda.” They have cooties and they might GET him.

      Sorry, stupid, backward, homophobic, anti-equal-rights, anti-Constitutional moron.

      By the way, if anyone knows the gay “agenda,” will you tell me what it is? I guess I’m not invited to the secret meetings, or whatever.

    24. Once again, Mr. Norris proves he has taken one too many roundhouse kicks to the head. Chuck, you just need to shut up and keep your innane, homophobic diatribe to yourself and stop being a hate monger. You’re an embarrassment to yourself and to your family. You know the old adage, “better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.” Are there not more pressing issues facing the world today more deserving the attention of your obvious superior intellect? Like…what pantone color you should dye your beard? And shame on AmmoLand for even publishing hateful crap like this. Some people really need to get an education, learn tolerance and stop passing judgment on others and spreading hatred. If you really want to know what is wrong with America, look in the mirror. You people are a disgrace to this country and to the human race.

    25. I would think it would be a cause for celebration when a Boy Scout rises to the level where he is a trusted adviser of the President of the United States. In the same way we would cheer a Boy Scout who aspired to that high office.

      I don’t understand the “coincidence” line of reporting at all, most of these things seem like clear public events where the connections and intent is perfectly clear.

      Tradition is important, but so is careful consideration of specific changes to address intolerance. The Scouts represent a strong force in our youth, let them show their strength by questioning the wisdom of this particular restriction.

    26. Agree or disagree if you all want to, but you might want to check your Constitutional Amendments. He has the freedom to voice his opinion, and he is NOT making threats, calling names, or bashing anyone – well except the President and Mr. Turley. He is not being rude, or disrespectful.
      He has a right to his opinion as do you. Nothing will get resolve with the same ‘stupid’ comments. Maybe Chuck is wrong, but you cannot change a persons mind through mudslinging and name calling. You want to change a persons mind, and make a positive change, then you do it through education and communication.
      Name calling and threats only set the ‘agenda’ back 50 year. So, get over it and deal with it.

    27. Um, discrimination is against the law/constitution. Chuck is against the Fouding Fathers? What the hell…

    28. I am an Eagle Scout (I once described myself as a former Eagle Scout and was reminded that an Eagle Scout is an Eagle Scout for life). I am now a college professor. I earned my religious knot (similar to a merit badge). The members of my troop elected me to the Order of the Arrow. I am still active in my church (serving on committees, singing in the choir), work with other volunteer organizations, and am a hard working American citizen. I think many of these traits are skills I learned from Scouting. I also learned from my troop (Troop 252) that everyone deserves a fair and equal chance at life to see what they can make of it. My learning disabilities and clumsiness weren’t mocked. I was judged on what I could do, not those things I could not change. I wish my troop’s attitude was echoed all the way up the chain of command. If it were, I could support BSA, and volunteer with a local troop. However, as someone who is married to someone of the same sex, I am barred from doing that. I respect BSA’s right to set their own rules about membership. (However if those rules prevent them from receiving certain grants –like free or discounted space — then they miss out on those opportunities and shouldn’t whine about it.) I wish their membership rules were more closely aligned with the messages they teach. It is our actions that our children remember far more than our words. Someday, I hope BSA uses their right to set their admission criteria in such a way that all kids can benefit from the program.

    29. Dear Mr. Norris,
      Please stop abusing us! We know you think you are being clever, but you’re really not.

      coincidence and Question mark.

    30. Can someone help me find my owner? He’s the horrendous actor who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag without camera tricks and stunt doubles. Fake macho men sure do like to act tough behind a camera, keyboard or microphone. Strangely, I didn’t see any of them on the field of action when it actually mattered. Semper Fi.

    31. On the leader application there is not a single question about sexual preference. The only way Scouting management will know that a leader is a Homosexual is if that leader is talking about their sexual choices. Scouting is for young impressionable boys between 6 and 18 years of age. If you have ever been around these young boys you will notice that the boys ask lots of questions. So now we have a Homosexual leader talking about sex and a young boy asking questions. Again by definition we have a leader we know to be gay because they talked about being gay. This would be the same arguement as if a school teacher in class talked about their sexual escapades of the previous weekend, then fielded questions from the class. Just to throw gas on the fire, this ban includes Felons and the criminally insane. Get over it. As a parent I do not want another adult explaining to my son how to have homosexual sex. This is what the whole arguement came down to. And would someone please explain to me how much funding the BSA gets from the US Government? Thank you Mr. Norris for having an intelligent thought while having an acting career. That is what makes you Great.

    32. I will look for the good in all people and make them feel worthwhile.
      If I have nothing good to say about a person, I will say nothing.
      I will maintain an attitude of open-mindedness.
      I will maintain respect for those in authority and demonstrate this respect at all times.

      These are 4 of the 10 “rules to live by” created by Chuck for Chun Kuk Do, which he founded. I find it highly disconcerting and disheartening he does not follow his own code of conduct.

    33. “Indeed, the BSA is as integral a part of American life and culture as hot dogs, baseball and Grandma’s apple pie.”

      With all due respect Mr. Norris, your experience of American life does not describe what everyone else’s American life is about.

      I can equally say, “Fasting in the month of Ramadan is as integral a part of American life and culture as hot dogs, attending the Friday prayer at the mosque, and Grandma’s grape leaves stuffed with rice”, because that is my experience.

      You get the point. I don’t think that we should generalize the important things in our lives as the official American experience, as if other lifestyles are not a valid version of American life.

      Thank you.

    34. i dont understand why chuck norris is not allowed to express his opinion.the gay community is allowed to call people that dont agree with them, names.i agree with him so that makes me intolerant too? thankyou chuck for expressing what so many people feel but are bullied into keeping quiet.

    35. I always find it so ironic when people complain that they’re being “bullied” (i.e. spoken to unkindly) for their anti-gay opinions. But that led me to a realization – they really don’t get it.

      Let’s say I go over to my neighbor and say, “Bob, I’ve heard you’re a [liberal/conservative/atheist/priest/party clown] and I’ve heard some stories about what people kind of like you might do to kids. You’re like those child molesters, Bob, and I think you probably do what you do so you can get to my child. I hope you understand that these are just my feelings and I still love you as my neighbor, but I need to make sure everyone knows.”

      There, I’ve stated my opinion and been very nice to Bob, haven’t I? No, in fact I’ve been unfair and judgmental to him. Further, I’ve insulted him, slandered him, and threatened his reputation. Bob’s probably going to be pretty angry, but because Bob’s another human being, not because of some [liberal/conservative/atheist/priest/party clown] agenda.

    36. “Coincidence… You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” ~ Inigo Montoya (sorta)

      Chuck Norris is certainly allowed to express his opinions, but when the opinion hurts the chances of change for the better, that it potentially hurts kids who are scared to come out or tell their parents, kids who are bullied and need an ally, it’s wrong. An upstanding gay role model would be fantastic for these kids. For them to know someone who isn’t ashamed, who can be happy and give back to the community and be gay, someone they can look up too, that can make a huge difference in their lives. A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

      Hate and intolerance takes that away and it’s a shame! It not only takes it away from kids who are gay/bisexual but it takes chances away from straight kids that can to learn there is nothing wrong or abnormal about being gay and that working together and making friends, real ones, is rewarding no matter what the sexual preference is. People fear what the don’t know or understand, especially children who have yet to form their opinions on their own but are influenced by negativity and hate easily so they themselves won’t become the bullied.

      Keep spouting hate and coincidence/conspiracy theories, in the meantime more kids will hurt themselves, run away, hide in the shadows or worse kill themselves over this harmful way of thinking.

      As far as the argument of, “I don’t want a gay man teaching my kid about homosexual sex.” What makes you think that said gay volunteer would do that? And if asked about his preference, most men have the ability to form an intelligent answer to such a question. You’re right, kids are curious and have questions, but as adults we know what we should answer and what to leave up to the parents to explain, much like teachers or anyone we trust with our children. A gay leader DOES NOT need to explain the mechanics of homosexual sex for him to be there and be supportive of others, to show that it’s not wrong to be gay, to say that a gay leader would start spouting off about sex is ignorant and jumping to extremes. In most cases I’m sure it wouldn’t come up!

      And by the way, a gay leader or volunteer has as much of a chance to screw up as a straight one because he is HUMAN, not because he is gay. Being gay is not they same as being a child molester, a criminal or a rapist, it is also not they “gateway” for such behavior. Likening it to such is insulting and absurd! And as always, these mean will go thru background checks and a full interview, same as any other man would.

      As a role model for boys I’m so disappointed that Chuck Norris is taking this stance, he could have done so much good, but instead decides to hurt others chances, when they do nothing to hurt him. It’s mind boggling to me, how people can say something, talk about something that doesn’t directly effect them negatively, but what they say directly effects others negatively, and it will effect, because he is Chuck Norris and he has a bigger reach. I would be ashamed of myself, to hurt people for no good reason, and this is NOT a good reason.

      As a former leader for a Girl Scout Troop and a Girl Scout myself for 5 years, I fully support the change to allow gay men to lead and volunteer for Boy Scouts of America and I hope this makes It’s way over into Girl Scouts as well.

      Chuck Norris, you say you care about kids, and that is why you started KickStartKids, but it’s a shame you don’t support all kids, just ones YOU deem “American” enough.

    37. Is the sex life of the members of BSA normally an issue? Are they having sex at their camps? Is sex important in BSA? If not, I don’t see why a member’s sexual orientation should be an issue at all…?

    38. @ LoneWolfMcGayed

      I can’t for a moment think why you wouldn’t think homophobia wasn’t synonymous with gun ownership. For one thing, the worst homophobics are closet homosexuals. They hate what they are and display extreme prejudice to cover-up their inner-most yearnings.
      They can’t actually blow their cover by having sex with men, so they do the next best thing and buy themselves a weapon which they can lovingly caress each day. Multiple times a day. Stroking and oiling the shaft with the tender touch of a 12 year old boy scout.
      People who love guns wish they were touching cocks.

    39. What a sad day, someone l have loved and respected for years l am now seeing in a very different light. I thought Chuck Norris was for ALL children not just those he perceives as the “right” American.

      Does he really think that some of the great children he may have known, now adults that have come out of the BSA have not been gay!!! Grow up and allow EVERYONE to enjoy the life they wish to lead not what YOU think they should.

      I may not be gay but l know some amazing people who are and this world would be at a big loss without them.

      I would like to know what his reaction would be if there was a gay parent or child/teenager in his KickStartKids program.

    40. I for one hope chuck sits and takes the time to read all these comments. So that he might even begin to grasp that his fame has only lasted this long because he is a meme a joke of the internet and has not been a celeb of any standing or note in near 30 years. Way to be a bigot Chuck. Guess I wont be seeing Expendables 2 this summer.

    41. CHUCK is 100% correct: that is why anti-chuck insecure people are obsessed to rant their foolishness, and feel compulsive to write deceptive and unfreindly comments here. It would be greatly appreciated if gay and pro-gay individuals NOT try to force their gay viewpoints on anyone. The BSA and the rest of us don’t need or certainly don’t want anything to do with “GAY ATTITUDES.”

    42. Lori, Thank you for reading my previous comment. There are two important points that I failed to make. The first is the only way Scout management will know a leader is Gay would be that the leader is talking about it. A leader can and should be removed from Scouting if they talk about Sex, using illegal drugs, robbing banks, consuming alcohol and other inappropriate topics. If you are a homosexual and you do not let anyone know the all is well. If you are heterosexual and you do not talk about sex with your spouse all is well. Change either of the two scenerios and you should be removed from the scouts. This would hold true for Teachers, the Girl Scouts and Church youth groups. To start a new Boy Scout Unit in a community it costs thousands of dollars. Then there is an initial investment of hundreds of work hours. Each unit receives membership by asking the boys to join. Parents in general make an investment of time and money to their scout unit. Yes it is true that single parents and those that are financially impaired can still participate, but the slack in the line is picked up by other parents. If a unit is not a good fit for a scout he is incouraged to try another unit. When a leader acts inappropriately the parents pull their children out of the unit. Some of the children go to another unit but most of them drop out of the program. A bad leader who drives recruits away is called a unit killer. Units without scouts disappear. Lori, I gave hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to my son’s Boy Scout Unit. I was lucky enough that I could give. I worked hard so that they could have equipment and go on great adventures. A bad leader driving boys away from that unit would have killed the unit and all my effort would have been lost. As a leader of that unit I helped 22 boys earn the rank of Eagle Scout. As for the other point that you missed, I believe that Mr. Norris used the word “coincidence” in a sarcastic manner. Thanks for reading my comments.

    43. CHUCK IS 100% CORRECT. Isn’t it interesting and only a coincidence to see that the “PRO-GAY” individuals are THE ONES, spewing up ALL the animosity and hostile comments here! Is it just a coincidence; because the “PRO-GAY” individuals, have to throw childish tantrums, when other people won’t accept their UNDESIRED and UNWELCOMED “PRO-GAY viewpoints.

    44. Way to go Chuck, now you have done it. All the liberal, gay and pro gay happy little people are mad at you. If they’re gay, good for them. I don’t want or need to know, go back in the closet and turn out the lights. Only good thing about gays, they can’t reproduce. They can say what they want and I’m sure they will, but GOD has determined they cannot reproduce naturally.

    45. What an ignorant man. to think that allowing gays into the Boy Scouts would be its demise is proposterus. Do you have any idea how many closeted gays are already in the BSA? Why are we not paying more attention to not allowing pedophiles (a grown man in khaki shorts hanging around young boys) in the BSA? i think they are more damaging. There is nothing worse than ignorance!!!!

    46. OK quick question for all those who despise BSA: would you consider it ok for an adult male to be a scoutmaster to a group of young teen girl scouts? (Generally those without kids are going to answer politically, but honestly – considering that MEN are the huge majority of sex predators, who wouldn’t realistically be uncomfortable with some random dude having regular access to and a position of authority over a bunch of young girls?)

      Banning gay scoutmasters isn’t about their being gay, it’s about prohibiting people with a sexual attraction toward a gender having access toward juveniles of that gender.

      I understand it’s much easier to just bash BSA as “a bunch of homophobes”, but if you assert that the BSA is “anti-gay”, I’d be curious to see the policy where the Scouts bans gay scouts? As far as I’ve seen, it’s ONLY about Scout LEADERS (ie adults).

    47. CHUCK IS 100% CORRECT. those of us trying to live a good CHRISTIAN life, and raise our children to live a good CHRISTIAN LIFE, find “PRO-GAY” viewpoints to be a totally incongruous,inconsistent, unmixable, and extraneous to living a good CHRISTIAN LIFE. It would greatly be appreciated if “PRO-GAY” individuals don’t find the need to force ‘GAYNESS’ on us individuals that don”t agree with GAY viewpoints. We christians can embrace individuals living a CHRISTIAN LIFE, THANKS. Please RESPECT our viewpoints and let us alone to live our CHRISTIAN LIVES. Please don’t try to show CHISTIANITY as being other than adhering to healthy sound principles, within our acceptable viewpoints, and not what others want to force on us. THANKS. HAVE A PEACEFUL DAY.

    48. The most outspoken anti-gay activists, are almost always closeted gays themselves. It’s not hard to see where the soft spoken and perfect-bearded Mr Norris is coming from.

      It’s OK Chuck, you’re gay, we get it.

      Rich Taylor, go on and defend your bigotry by quoting the bible if you want to, but the bible, yes the new testament , also endorses slavery. Surely you aren’t pro-slavery too?

      Chuck Norris is.

    49. Alan Turing was gay and he invented computers (and help defeat the Nazis too). So get your hate speeches off of our gayboxes.

    50. It seems to me that a lot of people who say they are outraged about someone speaking their mind against people who think different than them have no problem bashing that person for thinking different than they do. How is your bashing of a different thinking person OK, but that person is an idiot or worse for not thinking your way? What I see here are a lot of people who arn’t tolerant of anyone who isn’t “Politically Correct” in their thinking.

    51. CHUCK IS 100% CORRECT. The HEALTHY PRINCIPLES of the CHRISTIAN RELIGION and way of life is for man to be united with woman to produce and nurture children. Thus, it is this marriage of a man and a woman, ONLY, that only can produce this acceptable form of a child for living fundamental CHRISTIANS. Please, don’t adulterate, or call a joining of “GAYS”, any more than what it is “A JOINING”, NOT a “MARRIAGE’. The word “MARRIAGE” already has it’s meaning, and that meaning is only for the coexistence of a man and a woman, in “HOLY MATRIMONY”. Anything else should and needs to be named something else. Analogy given; of “THE SUN”,and “THE MOON”, thanks. Have a PEACEFUL DAY.


    53. Hey Chuckles. You want to keep them gays? Want to stop all this bullshit litigation against that poor Boy Scouts?

      Then lobby for them to drop their charity organization tax status. If they’re not a charity they don’t have to comply with federal law. No private organization does. 😀 They just need to pay taxes like the rest of us.

      If you want to keep that tax-free status, then comply by the non-discrimination laws set forth all over the place by the federal government by both sides. See, a charity has to legally comply with non-discrimination to avoid paying taxes.

      So there’s your solution. That’s also why your poor Boy Scouts are getting attacked. Because they’re breaking federal laws (plural). No need for the countless -and oft unrelated- open ended questions. Since when was Putin in favor of gays? Have you never read Russian policy? Anyway, it’s still nice to see you’re as batshit insane as ever.

    54. Angela Randazzo, You are a real piece of work and I can tell by your ranting not highly educated, anti white and anti human. Obama as you say is nothing but a racist in himself that has virtually destroyed this country and put us back 2 hundred years. Bigot is that person you see in the mirror if you can stand to look at her. mr. norris is correct in his statement and you poor thing that has accomplished nothing in your personal life, so sad.

    55. News just in:
      Chuck Norris has stated that it isn’t gay if you get your cock sucked by a man, it’s just a mouth. But if you suck a man’s cock, that’s gay. Same thing with anal since women have butts, too.

      Therefore Chuck Norris is not gay.
      Damn haters.

    56. I have a lot of fond memories of the Boy Scouts. My Eagle Court of Honor was more than a decade ago, but it is still a deep and meaningful memory. My memory of my Scoutmaster’s bigoted, off-hand remarks on the trial at Philmont Ranch are also rather meaningful. Those throw-away statements made me realize that this wonderful father-figure who was guiding my development as a human being would hate me if he knew who I really was. I carried that in silence for a long time, through my summers as a BSA summer camp rifle and archery instructor and into my adult life. I suppose my point is we are all around you, and probably closer than you realize. What’s more, you keep creating us, so we’re not going away.

      Also, is it really true that CBS hasn’t had a successful show on Saturday night in ELEVEN years?

    57. You would think that the gays on this site are really interested in what Chuck has to say and agree with him and his stance. Go back in the closet you ranters and get your act together and blame your parents for making you gay. The protection of the youths of this country is first and foremost beyond your needs. To look at their welfare by having a gay in control of the BSA for the better by whose standards. You gays are sure doing your best to turn people against gays. Keep up the good work and this country will go back to physical altercations against gays, stop shoving. I don’t agree with the lifestyle thats my right and your pushing wont change that.

    58. In his article, he was certainly not “gay-bashing”. He stated his opinion that BSA should not allow gay leaders. You can agree with that or not, that is your prerogative. Mr. Norris is a Christian. With that being said, simply being a Christian does not give a person the right to “dicriminate” but it does give a person a right to their Christian beliefs. One of which is the belief that homosexuality is a sin against God. Being an American also gives one the right to state their beliefs (supposedly) without fear of persecution.

    59. Okay, so much idiocy in here it hurts.
      1st: Rich Taylor, a man and woman are the only way to produce an acceptable child, so we should not allow anyone to get married who can not produce children? Will we have to have fertility tests before marriage now? What about after a woman has menopause, should she just not be allowed to marry again, or should we go the extra step of voiding her marriage since she can no longer produce an “acceptable Child”? Also, the term marriage is not owned by Christians.
      2nd: Rich, you’re upset with having Gayness forced upon you, well perhaps homosexuals are upset with having your Christian values forced upon them. People have been killed for simply being homosexual since the dark ages, they have lived in fear, and it still happens today (a teenage lesbian couple were shot in the head last week in southern Texas). You have your opinions and rights, and you are entitled to them, but your rights do not allow you to deny rights to another human being. You can teach your children how you like, but just because it’s “in your face” and “being shoved down your throat” does not give you the right to deny them their freedom of speech, their equality as a human and American, or their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
      3rd: As far as coincidences in the actual article… no, they’re not coincidences, you will find people who share opinions and beliefs will tend to congregate together. They will share jobs, or spend time outside of work together, they will give each other recommendations, and advice. Not a thing in the article is illegal, and simply because old chuck does not agree with what they are trying to do does not mean them trying to do it is wrong. It seems Chuck is doing the kicking and screaming as the BSA are pulled into the 21st century.
      4th: I grew up in the Boy scouts. Loved the camping, the camps, learning. I was taught humility, respect, and how to think for myself. Gay people are no threat to the Boy Scouts, because they just want to be included, and do the things Boy Scouts do. They are no threat to you or me, they are not morally deficient, in fact many of them have a more highly developed and introspective morality code than we straight people. Finally, for Rich, they are no threat to the sanctity of marriage, since no culture owns marriage, and a human-human marriage out of love is much more valuable than a marriage of convenience, even if it is a man and a woman.

      Lastly, Chuck Norris doesn’t have a chin underneath his beard, he has another fist, but he’s afraid of it because it’s Gay.

    60. Lori- I think you are nice, but misguided through the “Political Correctiveness” I mentioned earlier. I am a heteral man. I don’t think being gay is wrong or sick, but I’m pretty sure it’s not “normal” either. Someone can be born without arms and they can be as smart, beautiful, productive and needed as much as anyone else; but being born without arms is not normal. As I see it, a gay man with boys is the same as a heteral man with girls- you might not touch, but you may be looking with lust. Just a parting thought- I think Manker is a hostle person no matter what their sexual preference is.

    61. The principles of the BSA as well as ethical and WOSM are clear, particularly I do not consider homosexuality a genre, rather dis-genre. And the BSA does not exclude anyone on who creates (but must believe) or what your gender (male or female), which are what God created, since it is an organization that believes in God.

    62. How about this: We let gay men be girl scout leaders. They wouldn’t be attracted to the girls and they can still be scouts. Does this make sense? No joke intended here.

    63. Ray, do you think that man without arms should be excluded for his disability? Just because someone is gay does not mean they are a pedophile.

    64. Chuck is pretty gay. Watch any one of his early, horrible movies and you can hear his lisp while sporting a village people mustache. Ironically, he lost the lisp the same time he underwent electrolysis to remove all that hair from his smokin’ informercial, actor, cowboy, body.

    65. Mike, they should only be excluded if their situation called for the need of arms. I’m not a pedophile, but if you put me in charge of a bunch of teenage girls who were undressing around me I might have some impure thoughts running through my head. Therefore, I wouldn’t put myself in that position. Bye the way…I don’t think EVERY gay man might have these thoughts, but the chance is surely there.

    66. Well Ray, should we take all female leaders out of the scouts for those same reasons? Should we make sure no men are around for their daughters bath time? Should we make it mandatory that gay men be the only ones present for Girl Scouts, you never know about lesbians or straight fathers…
      Finally what do you think about BSA losing their tax free status, making them private, that way they wouldn’t have to obey the anti-discrimination laws?

    67. I am embarrased that my fellow Americans have remained in the dark. I just finished reading 3 national news sites and every crime (especially the crimes against children was committed by a “straight” person. There were women, men, straight and of different ethnicities but not one was gay. Instead of the BS worry about sending your sons to college to play sports. That seems to be were the perverts are.

    68. Undressing around the adult supervision? What kind of youth organizations are being run in the US these days? Even at camp we showered separately from the adults and nine times out of ten we did so in our swimming trunks.

    69. Ray, do the Boy Scouts have any situations where the call for sexuality is needed? Are Boy Scouts getting undressed in front of their leaders? I don’t think so. Thoughts are one thing, actions are another. There are many situations where coaches or leaders are in charge of groups of kids of the opposite sex. Would you put a priest in charge?

    70. Mr Norris.

      Thank you for speaking out and standing firm against the faggot agenda.

      Your resistance, character and loyalty to The Word of God is duly noted in these times of betrayal when so many turn their backs on The Lord and join the ranks of Satan.

      Thank you Mr Norris.

    71. What about the many gay Eagle Scouts like my nephew who have excelled as scouts? Now unqualified to lead?

    72. When a person, with such a huge influence on generations of folks. Takes their position to support exculsion of innocent children, from learning basic survival skills, and all the values the BSA! Then touts his own Org. helping kids! It seems like he has a double standard. Unless he doesn’t allow gays in his Org. either? I can’t wait til their Jesus comes back, and starts gathering all the prositutes, gays, transexuals, and he flips the California howdy finger, to the right wing evangelical driven nazi globalists!

    73. TO ossy, You’re the one who brought idocy in here, so you must be hurting even more now than you were before. You can answer your own questions, try using logic, intelligence, and honesty. As for your other deceptive ranting; THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION DOESN’T FORCE ANYONE TO LIVE BEYOND THEIR OWN MINDFUL VOLITIONS AND CONVICTIONS. As it is said, next time you read the written word give a more earnest and honest attitude towards comprehending the meanings of the words and phrases, and your reply will be more logical, intelligent, and worthy of others respecting you. Remember if you take the truth and twist it all around with your deceptive, irrational, and self-satisfying rhetoric, you only show us all the agenda you prefer and espouse is ignoble and unpoplar. Also, remember, it’s your own ignorant remarks that really brings disgrace and dishonor to your cause. CHUCK NORRIS and THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION are HONORABLE causes and your feeble attempt to belittle and disparage either, is once again your attempt to display a worthless tirade that is devoid of any true value. Please consider being more understanding of our society’s virtues. May the proper spirit BE WITHIN YOU, to help you live a prosperous, satisfying and HAPPY LIFE. HAVE A PEACEFUL DAY. p.s. Let others know you by your good deeds.

    74. Amazing how many liberals comment on a conservative forum, just to bash someone using their First Amendment Rights. I understand if you support the gay and lesbian way of life how you might be offended by what Chuck said. On the other hand, would you be equally upset if someone came out bashing you for your opinion? If you are a parent of a young boy as I am that may join scouts, how would you feel about the idea of your son being possibly sodomized by a scout master that may just happen to be a gay man? I have spent time in the BSA, I have been a Marine, I will protect my family and country with my life if necessary. I can understand the BSA’s stance and I agree with Chuck in supporting the BSA’s stance. I am an American citizen and I am allowed to voice my opinion, however name calling and bashing someone isn’t a First Amendment Right, it’s just childish.

    75. I would like to propose that AMERICA is not about boy scouts, hot dogs, baseball, and apple pie. Nor is it about Christianity. Or homophobia. America is about freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing was ever promised about being able to control other people, what they believe, or who they are. We are not a Christian nation, we are a nation of people who are free to worship however we see fit, or not at all. The Boy Scouts are finally doing the right thing as Americans, treating all people equally and with respect.

    76. And I suppose, FIRE, to avoid supporting this “faggot agenda” that has you shaking in your boots you’ll be voting Republican? Make sure to look the other way when your moral crusaders kneel down to lick the boots of the Middle Eastern oil barons. Otherwise your world might grow too large and too complex to endure.

    77. Terry, we are not bashing his rights we a bashing the reason why you people feel the right to block other’s rights.

    78. Dear Mr. Norris:

      Regarding your conspiracy theory that the President is going to give BSA teh gay:


      What’s really worrisome is that you know martial arts and own, in all likelihood, a staggering number of weapons. Not that those two things are wrong in and of themselves. It’s that someone with your level of irrational paranoia engages in them.

    79. Also Terry, we are exercising our first amendment rights yet you seem to have a problem with it now. Do you see the hypocrisy?

    80. Yeah, the first commenter here pretty much shows the character of Norris and his followers, deriding the so-called “faggot agenda.” No, you’re not bigots at all, right? LOL!!

      Well, folks, you can spew whatever spite and idiocy makes you feel like real men; it’s all irrelevant. This faggot and his faggot spouse of 17 years (an eagle scout) will continue living our faggot lives just as before. We really could not care less what you think, say, or do.

      Your insecurity about your own masculinity–and for some of you, your own closeted faggoted acts and feelings–will be just as pathetic as before. Psychological help is available.

      And your anti-faggot opinions will still be dying out and doomed to disappear, just as before. Public opinion shows the younger generations don’t agree with you and find you absurd.

      Since it has apparently become de rigeur among comments here to quote professional credentials and salaries, know that this faggot and his faggot spouse of 17 years both have advanced degrees, professional careers, and a household income of $450K.

      Oh, and keep trying to find where in the Gospels Jesus ever called anybody a faggot–or uttered a peep about gays, for that matter.

    81. Is it a coincidence that James Turley worked for Rudolph Giuliani’s Presidential campaign?

      No, it isn’t? That doesn’t require some weird illogical leap, just 2 minutes of research? And it’s just easier to somehow tie him to Obama and blame the President for gays in the Boy Scouts? Ok, fair enough. Carry on…

    82. This is great stuff. Why is homosexuality celebrated, and not necrophilia or beastiality? Necrophiliacs apparently get genuinely aroused sexually, so aren’t they born that way? Why is a homosexual’s affliction somehow “better” than theirs? LGBT activists are all hypocrites, because they don’t take the time to defend the rights of those whose sexual preferences may make them squeamish, yet they won’t tolerate it if THEIR sexual habits make YOU squeamish. Ridiculous

    83. By the way, there is nothing to keep the faXXXXX from forming their own faXXXX-scouts.

      But do not let them in to the regular scouts. Simple as that.

    84. Is it a coincidence, Mr. Norris, that you fail to bring ONE valid argument why gay boys should not join the Boy Scouts? What you say about the Boy Scouts per se maybe very true – even more reason to give also gay boys the opportunity to share this obviously uplifting experience.
      It escapes me though, what makes you, a former martial artist and hero of many a shoot’em down B-movie, an authority in the question of how a president should form his staff and what stand he should take on questions of civil rights. It may have escaped YOU that Kennedy, in the passage you quoted, did not end with “But they got to be straight”. Saying that “These individuals epitomize the best of America.” and instilling that gay boys are not or cannot be among the best of America is hateful and derogatory. Some of your country’s greatest artitsts, writers, scientists and, not to forget, ACTORS, are or were gay. Did they not belong to “America’s Best”?

      I found some of your films quite entertaining and I admire you for your excellence in martial arts in former years, but this article, Mr. Norris, is a shame.


      Markus Dorst

    85. Is it a coincidence that the picture of Chuck looks like he is ready fir some broke back mountain action himself.

    86. Ha, 2 more minutes of research. Here are some of Turley’s political donations:

      2004: $2000 to Bush
      2004: $25,000 to the RNC
      2008: $230 to Mitt Romney
      2007: $2000 to Tommy Thompson
      2008: $2300 to Rudy Giuliani

      (He has given $35 to a democratic cause in Massachusetts and $2000 to friend of Chuck Schumer.)

      So Obama started forcing this Turley character to start giving $25,000 to Republicans in 2004, knowing that years later, he would need him to put gays into the Boy Scouts, and he wanted a solid cover.

      Right Chuck?

    87. Is it a coincidence that on June 26, 2012, the same day Chuck Norris posted an intolerant rant against Homosexuals and all non-Christians, that Chuck Norris jokes began to change, became funny, showing Norris as a retarded, incompetent loser buffoon?

    88. I wouldn’t want my son being lead by some homo guys, open or closet. Look what Sandusky has done. Who cares for homos think. Stop shoving that unnatural unholy crap down everyones throats. It’s sin just like all the other sins. Why do we need rights to uphold sinfulness?

    89. Why do the right wing America white men always lie about Obama’s intention on gun control?Obama allows guns in public parks which I think is dangerous because America is a violent country when it comes to guns.
      One must remember that this country was founded on genocide and slavery.
      I am a gun owner and a liberal Democrat. My boy friend who bought me my gun is a Mormon, Republican, and voted for McCain.
      People who hate Obama forget he is half white.
      And, they are insecure about themselves- knowing that they are not superior to anybody.

    90. You’re right Rich, I can answer my own questions, the point was to try to get you to think about your responses before you post them. No, it does not make sense your dislike towards the homosexual community, if you allowed them the freedom to marry and be equal in society they would be no more in your face than the emo, or the jock, they may even be the emo or the jock. As for Christianity not forcing itself on others, that’s completely untrue. From pushing prayers in public schools, to pushing for creationism to be taught in science class, to denying homosexuals the right to wed, Christian idealism is pushed upon those who do not want it, and in public. If you want to practise your religion in private, you’re more than free to do it, but to say the rest of society must follow those rules too when a great number disagree with it is the exact opposite of freedom.
      You called my post a worthless tirade, I’m glad you feel that way about the freedoms you enjoy every day. You’re the kind of person to lay down in the street, then complain when a car comes along saying they’re infringing on your right to lie down in the street. Your rights are worth no more than mine, and no less. No more than any individual homosexual’s and no less. Please forgive my forwardness about this, but it is you who is ignorant of anyone besides yourself, and those you could mistake for yourself. Chuck Norris is an honorable man doing something disgusting, tantamount to child abuse with the way he dismisses LGBT children as unworthy of equality. The Christian Religion has its good and its bad, but the face it’s showing by opposing anything gay is ugly, and cancerous.
      You do more damage to your cause by opening your proverbial mouth than a thousand gay protesters with signs.

    91. “This is great stuff. Why is homosexuality celebrated, and not necrophilia or beastiality? Necrophiliacs apparently get genuinely aroused sexually, so aren’t they born that way? Why is a homosexual’s affliction somehow “better” than theirs? LGBT activists are all hypocrites, because they don’t take the time to defend the rights of those whose sexual preferences may make them squeamish, yet they won’t tolerate it if THEIR sexual habits make YOU squeamish. Ridiculous”

      It’s sort of embarrassing to have to respond to this, but you may be ignorant enough that you really don’t understand. So let’s keep it simple.

      A dead person or an animal can’t give consent, unlike two adults of the same sex.

      Plenty of LGBT activists defend the right of others to do what may make them squeamish. Do you think lesbian women are aroused by the thought of two men having sex? That doesn’t make any sense. They like women, you like women. You don’t get turned on by two men having sex, so why would they? Similarly, I’m sure there are plenty of gay men who find the idea of living as a transgendered person just as foreign to their lifestyle as you.

      And for what it’s worth, I’m sure there are plenty of gay and lesbian people who are a bit put off by heterosexual sex, but I don’t see them out campaigning against it.

      So…yea…stop talking.

    92. Chuck Norris is a washed up old actor who hasn’t had a gig in years. He writes this stuff from his retirement home in the trailer park. Idiot.

    93. Chuck you need to educate yourself on the difference between a homosexual and a pedophile.

      The concern should be about pedophiles…already one of the posters is equating Jerry Sandusky, a convicted pedophile, with a person who is homosexual.

      Not educate yourself but those that respond to your homophobic rhetoric.

    94. By the way Mr Norris.

      Many of the fXXXXXX commenting here are disrespectful to you.

      I hope you find them, and then beat the living crap out of them.

    95. above sentence should read “Not only educate yourself but those that respond to your homophobic rhetoric”.

      Couldn’t find an editing feature.

    96. Yeah, it needs to be addressed, since so many don’t get it. Two consenting adults should be allowed to have sex. An adult should not be allowed to have sex with a corpse, an animal, and a juvenile because they can not properly consent, or do not appreciate consequences, that is why gay marriage will not equal marriage to dogs.
      Now on to homosexuality being unnatural… If that were true, only humans with their increased intellect should be homosexual, instead we find it right across the mammal kingdom, and we find same sex “partnerships” in animals where sex is not required.

    97. PS God said nothing about homosexuality, it was Leviticus who also said other nonsense.
      Some of our greatest writers, preachers and intertainers are gay. I think those who are obsessed about gay people are subconsciously interested.
      The bible was written from the Egypian Book Of the Dead. I have a Greek drawing of Isaiah who was depicted as black as the ace of spades.

    98. Chuck Norris’ semen cures cancer. Too bad he has AIDS.

      Chuck Norris does not sleep. He lies awake in regret.

      If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can’t see Chuck Norris, you may not realize how much he’s actually aged.

      Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting implies the chance of success. Chuck Norris wanders around aimlessly with a gun.

      Chuck Norris recently diagnosed with homophobia.
      The star of actions films such as The President’s Man, The President’s Man 2 and Good Guys Wear Black is said to be resting comfortably in his bunker compound in the desert.
      Homophobia is a debilitating affliction, which causes Silent Rage and often causes the brain to go Missing in Action.
      Norris, who appeared in the controversial information videos; Chuck Norris Full Contact and Hollywood on Fire, recently denounced a BSA board member for not being in agreement with the BSA policy of banning homosexuals from it’s organization. Chuck went on to talk about how he has met with Eagle Scouts whom he says “epitomize” the best of America.
      Norris has epitomized American masculinity since 1973 when he appeared in a film called the Student Teachers. A sexploitation film from Roger Corman’s New World films, where three buxom student teachers use alternative methods to instruct their handsome young students.
      While the film which did not receive critical acclaim it did develop a cult following within the pedophilia community. That same year he also starred in Yellow Faced Tiger, in which an Asian police officer seeks to rid San Fransisco of the evil Chuck Norris.
      Sources from Chuck’s camp won’t go on the record but at least one claims to have overheard Chuck saying that he will not allow the homophobia diagnosis to impact his lifestyle and will continue to be the same old Chuck that we know and love.
      Many in Hollywood and across America believe that Chuck should take a Code of Silence.

    100. I agree with Chuck 100%! Nobama in 2012.

      Chuck Norris is so bad that skidmarks in men’s drawers turn white from fear when he is around!

    101. Damn, Chuck. I guess Tolerance is limited to your black law enforcement partner Jimmy Trivette.

    102. I am behind you Mr. Norris and the Bible 100%. Also, you need to send a big thank you to AOL for blasting you. I was excellent advertisement for this wed sight. I would not hav known about this one if it hadn’t been for them. Keep up the good work!!!

    103. Chuck..thank you. I respect and agree with your position. It is unfortunate that our society wants everyone to accept a liberal lifestyle and reject a conservative one. What is it with our fellow Americans that they want everyone to be like they are. Where is our individual freedom….are we to be allowed to choose only from those options selected by the liberal aspects of our society?
      Homosexual or straight, be what you want to be but don’t try to create a society of clones. Perhaps homosexuals should have their specific division in the BSA…would that make them happy? I doubt it. Chuck, I have one objection to your article. I object to your use of the word “gay” to describe a homosexual lifestyle. Of the homosexuals that I know, none appear gay.

    104. By the way,

      Sorry you should have to deal with these filthy xxxxx Mr Norris, but these days they are all over the place.

      Maybe another flood is overdue.

      Again, thanks for standing firm on The Word of God and thanks for your loyalty in these times of treason were so many turn their backs on God and join the ranks of Satan.

      Thank you Mr Norris, I really apreciate it.


    105. Well Chuck, Homophobic are we? You are truly pathetic. By the way, change your photo. You haven’t looked like that since Moby Dick was a sardine.

    106. Hasbeen actors need to stop talk as if anyone cares, and why is an article about like this on a gun websight?

    107. OMG! Please return to the rock you crawled out from under … you have serious problems. I was so afraid that all the comments would be just as crazy as you are … but there are so many intelligent people writing about how nuts this article is, I already feel better. Trust me … I will NEVER watch anything (and there’s not much to begin with) you appear in.

    108. It amuses me that Mr. Norris (for whom I, previously, had a great deal of respect) uses a womanizer (i.e., Kennedy) to try to demonstrate his point about building good citizens and people of moral character. And where does it say, in Mr. Kennedy’s statement, that you are not able to “mold character, to form friendships, to provide a worthwhile outlet for the natural energies of growing boys and to train these boys to become good citizens of the future” if you, as a den leader, or a scout member, happen to be gay?

    109. Mr. Norris: I am an Eagle Scout and have more Scouting awards as a youth and adult than you can imagine. I am also a avid gun owner, democrat, and a proud gay man. Get off your high horse and don’t dare think that you speak for me or millions like me. You don’t have your facts. You don’t know what you are talking about. You just offer a meaningless diatribe.

    110. To: James Bauer … you wrote:
      “Why in Gods name would any striaght parent want there 14 year old son under the control of a homosexal?”
      Sorry … had to comment. This was just too stupid (not to mention that there are FOUR typos in one sentence which gives me some idea as to your intelligence). Sandusky was not gay. You don’t have to worry about gay men. They are NOT interested in young boy scouts. It’s the straight perverts you need to worry about, not gay men. Please go to college and become educated.

    111. First of all, I think Mr. Norris has put his article on the wrong website. That being said, I not only think he has every right to his opinion (as do those who disagree), I agree with him. Therefore, I’m pretty sure that the majority here will disregard my remarks as intolerant (as are most of the remarks of those who disagree). The point is that the BSA is a Christian-base organization. Regardless of what some want to believe, the Bible clearly says that homosexuality is wrong. That being the case, it doesn’t seem that homosexuals (at least, “practicing” homosexuals) should be leaders in the organization. If and when it becomes illegal for our federal government to support activities that discriminate against homosexuals, then government funding should probably be removed. Personally, I hope we don’t get to that point; just as I hope we never protect pedophilia, beastiality, rape, etc.

    112. @ E. Taylor:

      Why don`t you answer Mr Bauers question?

      Why in Gods name would any parent want their 14 year old son under the control of a fa@#@?

    113. @ E. Taylor:

      Why don`t you answer Mr Bauers question?

      Why in Gods name would any parent want their 14 year old son under the control of a [email protected]?

    114. @ FIRE
      Because they’re very likely a decent person. I wouldn’t trust my child to just any person, straight, gay, LGBT, or whomever unless I know them and trust them. I trust many homosexuals I know more than most red-necks I know, especially around my children.

    115. I’m a former Cub and Boy Scout and am now a father of son I hope one day will be a Scout. And I’d love to help out with his pack, den or troop. But I’m also gay and my son has 2 fathers, so I’m really hoping BSA changes their policies to come in line with both the Girl Scouts and US Military.

      Gay does not equal pedophile. Gary Sandusky was not gay — he was a monster who is now a convicted criminal. He never had a relationship with another man, he preyed on children. But he was married to a woman and a football coach so they let him hang out with (and rape) kids for 30 years. Men who are openly gay pose no threat to anyone’s kids. Or to Chuck Norris.

    116. Skeptical Cicada nailed it.

      They are the dying breed.

      Going out fighting, but still…

      tick tock…

      tick…. tock….

      ‘Sh! Y’reckon?’

      ‘Yup, they’re gone.’


    117. @ Ossy:

      No they are not “decent”.
      [email protected] do sodomy on other males, and that is as far from decent as you could possibly get, so again I ask:

      Why would any parent want their 14 year old son under the control of a [email protected]?

    118. @FIRE, be careful your ignorance is showing. Your complete and utter lack of understanding of the world is clouding your judgement. They are good decent people who work hard, fall in love, and are completely normal. You’re getting scary images of them from people who want you to hate them. The “Gay agenda” is to be treated the same as everyone else.
      The only people here not acting decent are the ones who claim a person shouldn’t be treated as a person based on a genetic difference between them and the majority.
      I’d rather have my child under the supervision of a homosexual than a ignorant bigot.

    119. @ Ossy:


      No sane parent would have their 14 year old son under the control of a [email protected]

      End of story.
      Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels.

      And if you disagree, then just donate your son to the [email protected] association of america, to be their mascot.

    120. There’s been a number of stupid arguements on both sides of the fence in this discussion. For those criticizing Mr. Norris’s fighting or acting ability, you have no idea of what you are talking about.

      Back in the 60’s he was a national fighting champion that few could touch and he’s gotten better with age, and he has a reputation for being an extremely hard worker in general.

      But just because a man is a great fighter and hard working actor, doesn’t guarantee that he can be any less biased or small minded as the next guy. As a professional psychologist, I can validate that research indicates most molestors are practicing heterosexuals, i.e., Sandusky. If it sounds illogical, I don’t know what to tell you…molesting a kid, male or female, is not exactly a logical action.

      As far as ‘teaching’ kids to be gay, it doesn’t work that way. It’s like that preacher that suggested we round the gays up in pens and drop them food from helicopters so they don’t breed and die out…THEY’RE GAY, they’re not going to breed because only in rare circumstances will they have sex with the opposite sex. Gay just pops up (excuse the pun) in even extreme right wing families like the Cheney’s.

      Sure I don’t want my kid’s BSA leaders to be talking about the details of their gay encounters anymore than I want them talking about the details of their straight encounters.

      I am impressed to see the many letters written by Eagle scouts who emphasize they are taught tolerance and have no problem with gays in the BSA. And the point that similar arguements were made against the blacks and other ethnic groups back in the 50’s and 60’s.

      It is unfortunate that Mr. Norris doesn’t recognize how close minded he is…but I will still probably see The Expendables 2 anyhow.

    121. It seems to me that NO parent should want their 11 or 12 year old son being taught how to be a man and an American by some light in the loafers looser. The homo community doesn’t seem to get it that we don’t want that crap in our lives. But as usual, the Liberals think their way is the only way. The day is coming when they’ll learn the hard way. And not soon enough. RANGER ON

    122. @ sensaumer:


      If you molest a boy you are a [email protected], and if you molest both genders you are a “bi-sexual.”

    123. FIRE, I know it gives you a tingly feeling to use hateful speech online. That’s good. I’m happy for you that you could find some joy in this very confusing world you find yourself in. Because we all know that your kind is dying out and the world is a better place for it. You’re going to be an angry old man dying alone, your kids and grandkids having grown tired of your 18th century way of thinking, but at least as you take your last breath you can think “I sure showed ’em in that Chuck Norris comments section!”

    124. I fully support the Boy Scouts and I fully support the Boy scouts removing anti-gay rules as well as rules related to belief in a deity. The Boy Scouts have done an amazing job since their mid-80’s problems with Pedophiles but that battle is fought in any organization that has children for those freaks to target and infiltrate. In my opinion all the bible thumpers here should do a better job focusing on getting pedophiles out of their church’s which seems to be a problem even today.

    125. I think it basicly comes down to parents not wanting someone that is attracted to the sex of children being supervised in secluded locations, it would the same as a man leading a girl scout troop. No parent would want their daughter in the woods with other young girls and a man there with them.

      Unless of course it was Chuck Norris, but then they could be impregnated just by looking at his beard.

    126. You go Chuck! The left’s servicing of 1% to 2% of the world’s population at the expense of the other 98% is insane. Our children do not need to be exposed to the abnormal among us. And we do not as a society owe them any exposure….NONE! Go live your lives and STOP introducing, referring, and defining yourselves by your sexual deviancies!

    127. @ Bob13:

      No Bob.

      It is not my kind who is dying out, it is the other way around. It is your kind who is dying out because you are [email protected]

    128. Put up or shut up!

      That is what Chuck is saying.

      Politics should not be allowed to pollute the Scouts, yet it has been allowed to do so, over the last few decades.

      Get on the Board of your local Scouts and fire the Executive. Get on the Board of the BSA and FIRE the current crop of political sycophants.

      Get out there and serve in the Scouting leadership in your community.

      Just an aside: The best basketball coach I ever was homosexual. However, he kept his personal life private and throughout his thirty-five years of coaching, his conduct as a coach was above reproach.

      While I support Chuck’s conclusion that we should all get involved with our Scout programs, I still believe that each man, and each woman, must be judged by their individual conduct. Just as my coach kept his private life private, and focused entirely on coaching basketball when he was with the players, a Scoutmaster can be effective as a leader and an example for youth (whether Boy or Girl Scouts) without having their personal lives becoming an issue.

      Parental involvement is the key. When my girls were little, I arrived at a Girl Scout meeting a little early, and discovered that the Scout leaders had been replaced by a pair of lesbians who were teaching the girls songs about why they should never trust guys. That was my girls’ last meeting with the lesbian Girl Scout leaders. That happened in Bonita California at the Episcopal Church.

      The same goes for sports teams. Girl’s Softball is full of lesbian coaches, who actively recruit girls into lesbian behavior.

      However, with close parental monitoring, Scoutmasters and other adult volunteers can be properly monitored. If someone is pushing values that you disagree with, get that Scoutmaster replaced and make sure that your local Scout executive gets fired if local Scoutmasters are not promoting good values.

      Let us all be clear on this issue. Being homosexual, does not mean that person is a likely child molester. Data shows that pedophiles are no more common in the homosexual population, as the hetero population (less than 1%) You are more likely to be struck by lightening, than to be a victim of a pedophile, in spite of the hysteria on TV.

      Local communities should be able to set standards of conduct for their coaches, scout leaders and anyone who has contact with the developing minds of children.

      The only way you can ensure high standards are kept is by getting a position on the local, regional and national Board for the BSA, and the GSA. As for coaches, teachers, etc. Private schools offer you more control of who the faculty will be.

      The Scout Laws are the litmus test for hiring and recruiting Scout leaders. If they are: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient (to God), Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, CLEAN, and Reverent, then they will likely be good members of the leadership team.

      James Turley must be replaced and kicked out of Scouting, along with any others who are placing politics above creating sound programs for our Boy Scouts.

      Put down that TV remote, get outside and get involved in your local BSA.

    129. Chuck is as gay as anyone in Hollywood. If he would only accept himself, he wouldn’t need to write such drivel as this.
      Also, what is this diatribe doing in this forum? This is about guns and gun rights, not gays and gay rights.
      I’d say if you aren’t trying to weasel my gun out from under me, live and let live.

    130. The nerve of these people.

      As if any guy would demand the right to be the leader of a platoon full of girl-scouts on the grounds that it would be “discriminating” not to let him.

      You [email protected] must be out of your fxxxing minds to think any parents are going to hand their sons over to you.

      No one is going to hand their daughters over to some dude to go camping in the woods.

      And no one is going to hand their sons over to some [email protected] to go camping in the woods.

      And if you don`t think people see through your [email protected] agenda of supplying yourselves with wall-to-wall boy-scouts, then think again.

      It is as simple as that.

    131. Yes, Chuck, it is a coincidence. I’d suggest wearing headgear when you’re sparring from now on.

    132. @Fire
      You are sick. What do you know about anything?
      Most of your comments are hate filled, trailer trash nonsense.
      Repeat after me…..Homosexual does not equal pedophile.
      I would be more concerned with exposing my child to you, (you hillbilly homophobic racist); than a homosexual.
      You uneducated fool, you let a dumbass like Chuck Norris lead you around by the nose.
      The guy is a lousy actor, who sells overpriced exercise equipment to lazy hillbilly women.
      Talk about morality? While married to his first wife, Norris had an affair with another woman who had his baby. He did not acknowledge his daughter until she was 26 years old; even though he knew about her for at least 10 years prior.
      This is the guy you listen to? The good Christian? My ass. He’s a scumbag.
      Furthermore, his column proves nothing, it’s all idle speculation. Disparate events tied together so that it appears to have some coherency. But it does not stand up to scrutiny. One guy expresses his opinion about a Boy Scout policy and Norris turns it into a national left wing conspiracy? Hah! This is Chuckie trying to get his name in the news at the same time that a movie that he is in is about to be released.

      And you, you idiot bit it, hook, line and sinker.

      If the Boy Scouts don’t want to allow gay members into their ranks, that is their business; however, if that policy is based upon the notion that a gay man is going to be excited by being around young boys, then it is ludicrous. Naturally, women are attracted to men, but no one gets too worried if a heterosexual women sees a boys penis. Yet if a homosexual man is around, it is immediately assumed that he is going to become aroused? Lunacy.
      In parting, I would like to say that it has always been my opinion that those who are the most vocal about their anti gay beliefs are the ones who are working hardest to suppress their homosexuality.
      I hope you enjoyed this message; paid for by a guy who thinks you are a jackass………….

      PS: I hope that all of your children move to California and marry homosexuals and adopt tons of children from around the world.
      Have a nice day bigot!

    133. What do anti-gay people want? Never have associations with any gay people? Good luck going to work, shopping at any clothing store, getting your hair cut, etc. It’s also super a Christian attitude — the Golden Rule it is not.

      I understand not wanting your child to be gay or feeling that it’s anti-Biblical, but you’re living in a fantasy land if you think gay people shouldn’t exist or shouldn’t have the same rights. It all smacks of hypocrisy. Give me my rights, but screw yours. Way to go.

      Lastly, update the profile pick already. That was 30 years ago, ya old geezer.

    134. First of all the Bible DOES state homosexuality is an abomination..not only in the Old Testament but in the New Testament. Second of all, I dont hate homosexuals but why is it that the gay community are such haters of those that disagree with their lifestyle? Who are the real haters here?? Chuck is basing his beliefs on Biblical standards. Why cant he? Just as others push their views, he should be allowed to have his views based on his religious and political freedoms. But to be HATERS just because others dont agree with your lifestyles and beliefs is being INTOLERANT…nothing short of that…

    135. I see all the poo pushers from the Huffington Post are having their say now. Fact is that gay pedophiles have infiltrated the catholic church molesting hundreds of boys, and they have done the same to the BSA. The ban is meant to protect children from these monsters.

    136. What is wrong is right,
      What is right is wrong…
      Gay Choice
      Lesbian Choice
      Transgender Choice
      BiSexual Choice
      Pedophile Choice
      Bestiality Choice…

    137. As a long time Scouter, I applaud this move work toward ending anti-gay discrimination in the BSA. Over the years as I thought about my participation in Scouting, and whether or not I should continue, I balanced the undoubted good that arises from scouting with the bad of belonging to an organization with such an ignorant, mean spirited viewpoint.

      Participation always won, because I did not want to deprive the boys of a leader because of some stupid and outdated policy made at Headquarters. But it was always a close call. I hope that one day it will not be a struggle to try to reconcile two opposing beliefs.

    138. I think Chuckie is afraid of his OWN sexuality. He’s angry because if he has to keep it a secret, then everyone should be forced to keep it a secret. Come on Chuckie….
      Come out of the closet so you won’t be such a bi*** to everyone.
      Republicans like you have ruined the Party’s credibility. You sound more like Hitler going after the Jews, than an American that believes in the Constitution.

    139. Is it just a coincidence, or did all the people saying “I agree with Chuck completely” miss the only worthwhile thing in this whole screed:

      How does the adage go?
      If two people think so much alike, you can bet that one person isn’t thinking.

    140. Rich Taylor, please be aware that Scouting is not a Christian organization. One does not have to be a Christian to belong. A “belief in God” is not the same as a fundamentalist belief in the Bible. True, many churches sponsor troops and packs, and the members tend to be more rather then less church going as a demographic, but your rant about “Christian values” has nothing to do with the BSA. The BSA is not a “Christian Organization”.

      Go to a World Jamboree next time and see the diversity of religious representation. I respect your views, and you have every right to advocate for your views to be adopted by the BSA. But you miss the mark when you insist on a “Christian” policy in the BSA. The BSA is not Democrat or Republican, and not Catholic, or Mormon, or Hindu, or any one party or religion.

    141. Chuck,
      Is it a coincidence that you start so many of your sentences with “Is it a coincidence”?
      You were a superb martial artist, even when your first name was still Carlos.
      I really don’t think that these gay people will hurt you. You can come out from under the bed, now.
      You know, it’s quite sad that you’ve embarrassed yourself in this way.
      I wish you had maintained your dignity, and were still a role model for young people. I wish you weren’t playing the role of a redneck homophobe.

    142. FIRE, if that’s really your belief, I would suggest you seeking a mental evaluation, you’re deeply paranoid. You seem to have a deep seeded belief in the evils of normal people. You really know nothing about them other than what you’ve been told by other hate filled people who know nothing about them.

      Cadet Kelly, I’m not sure what you’re getting at there, but most of those things people don’t have a choice about how they feel. For paedophilia, and Bestiality, the only two which hurt others, the people definitely need to seek mental help. LGBT is not harmful to others, and it’s really up to the individual as to how they want to deal with it, bottle it up inside, deny it, or come out with it and embrace it. They’re not hurting anyone by being Gay, Lesbian, or Transgendered, so it’s not up to anyone to stop them.

    143. Amazing all the low-class hate on this board… from BOTH sides! I love how the pro-gay side is spewing some of the most vile insults I’ve ever read while simulatenously decrying the insults hurled by the anti-gay side. The hypocracy is amazing. Newsflash – You’re both no better than the other! Call the other guy a bigot, a homophobe, backwards – whatever – it just proves you’re no more “enlightened” than you claim the other side to be. End of the day Chuck Norris and anybody else has a right to their opinion. You don’t like it, fine – but don’t expect to be winning over any fans when you go online and hurl vile insults and accusations around like candy. And the term homophobe is also getting real old – from what I can tell, nobody, including Chuck Norris, is afraid of homosexuality. They are merely against it for their own moral or ethical reasons. That doesn’t make them “scared” – it just means they have principles they won’t compromise. And trying to brow beat them by accusing them of being scared (or as I have seen on SO many posts here) by accusing them of being closeted homosexuals themselves, isn’t going to change anything either. You can’t force someone to accept you – no one can force anyone else to accept or even like them. And flipping out and calling people names certainly isn’t going to help you do that. I can’t wait to read all the oh so mature “he started it” or “they hurled the insults first” wah wah wah – it doesn’t matter. Grow up and defend your position like an ADULT already or don’t expect change any time soon.

    144. Terry wrote: “I am an American citizen and I am allowed to voice my opinion, however name calling and bashing someone isn’t a First Amendment Right, it’s just childish.”

      Name calling and bashing may not be “friendly” “courteous” or “kind, but it IS, in fact, a First Amendment right.

      Whether one should invoke it is an entirely different matter.

    145. Apparently America is WELL past dialog with this Same-sex Sandusky syndrome… i.e. SODOMY and the SODOMITES! When I read the vile content of the hetero-haters I cannot help myself from imagining ‘if only Hitler was allowed to conquer’… not a very pleasant thought is it you homos?
      But you leave little else to the imagination.
      You are a diseased group, your so-called lifestyle claims you dying freaks at unpresented young ages and numbers and you ARE PROVEN NOT safe to be allowed around vulnerable children!
      You leave normal society little choice; exile or civil war. ‘We’ the normal will tolerate your homo-terrorism for only so much longer!

    146. Norris created the martial art Chun Kuk Do, which is based primarily on Tang Soo Do and includes elements from every combat style he knows. Like many other martial arts, Chun Kuk Do includes a code of honor and rules to live by. These rules are from Chuck Norris’s personal code. They are:

      1) I will develop myself to the maximum of my potential in all ways.
      2) I will forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements.
      3) I will continually work at developing love, happiness and loyalty in my family.
      4) I will look for the good in all people and make them feel worthwhile.
      5) If I have nothing good to say about a person, I will say nothing.
      6) I will always be as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.
      7) I will maintain an attitude of open-mindedness.
      8) I will maintain respect for those in
      authority and demonstrate this respect at all
      9) I will always remain loyal to my God, my country, family and my friends.
      10) I will remain highly goal-oriented throughout my life because that positive attitude helps my family, my country and myself.

      Chuck needs to work on Numbers 4, 5, 7, & 8 it seems.

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