Is Obama Creating a Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America?

By Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

Dallas, TX – -( A Boy Scouts of America national board member, James Turley, who is also global chairman and CEO of the accounting firm Ernst & Young, recently said he “will work from within to seek a change” to overturn the BSA policy that bans gay Scouts and leaders.

But is Turley working on his own initiative, or has the White House prodded him with perks and favors?

Is it a coincidence that Turley came out swinging against the BSA's century-old policy to ban gays from leadership and that he has such close affiliations with the pro-gay Obama administration?

Is it a coincidence that Turley and his wife, Lynne, were just guests at a state dinner hosted by President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama in honor of British Prime Minister David Cameron at the White House on March 14?

Is it a coincidence that Turley was nominated to President Obama's Export Council in 2010?

Is it a coincidence Turley was granted a seat on an investment advisory panel that met with none other than Vladimir Putin in Moscow in October?

Is it a coincidence that Turley has been a global cheerleader for Obama's economic strategies and an economic ambassador of sorts to other mogul business leaders, as is clearly seen in his Bloomberg interview from the 2011 economic summit in Davos, Switzerland?

Is it a coincidence that Michael Mundaca, who was the assistant secretary of the treasury for tax policy from 2009 to 2011 and advised Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on all matters relating to taxation, recently joined the team of Ernst & Young?Is it a coincidence that, as the White House website explained, “Ernst & Young LLP will honor (the Obama administration's Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship's) youth entrepreneurs at regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award galas across the country, bringing important attention to the next generation of young entrepreneurs”?

Is it a coincidence that a couple of months ago, Obama reversed his position on marriage, extending the union to gay couples, and that Turley just came out of the closet in his position against the BSA's position?

Is it a coincidence that in the same few weeks when Turley turned on the BSA with his pro-gay stance, Obama turned on the U.S. military and sent down a decree that the service branches must celebrate “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month”?

Is it a coincidence that Turley is in tight cahoots with the White House and that he is the only BSA national board member in 100 years to oppose its pro-traditional family stance?

Is it a coincidence that Turley just announced his resignation as CEO of Ernst & Young (effective June 2013) and that he now is offering the White House a parting pro-gay BSA gift in gratitude for all its presidential favors to him and Ernst & Young over the past few years?

These Turley-Obama cords, connections and correlations are only the tip of the iceberg.

Is it a coincidence, too, that on March 3, 2009, Obama became the honorary president of the BSA — a position proudly and publicly held and highlighted by all presidents since President William Howard Taft in 1910 — but that Obama's induction was held behind closed doors in the Oval Office with seven or so Boy Scouts present and absolutely nothing noted in the White House daily briefing or any other official communication?

Is it a coincidence that Obama was unable to attend the 100th anniversary gala of the Boy Scouts of America in his own backyard (Washington, D.C.) Feb. 9, 2010, because he had to hold his first national news conference?

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Is it a coincidence that as the honorary BSA president and a “constitutional lawyer,” Obama hasn't had one minute in his schedule over the past years to defend or say anything about the series of lawsuits that have been levied against the BSA because of its First Amendment rights to stand against atheists, agnostics and homosexuals?

It is a coincidence that Obama will stand up repeatedly for the children of illegal immigrants (and grant them amnesty and taxpayer money) but that he will not once stand up for children in the BSA and the organization's rights and freedoms to hold their own core values and beliefs?

For years, I've signed and sent out hundreds of Eagle Scout recognition letters. And I personally have known a host of Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts and BSA leaders. These individuals epitomize the best of America. Indeed, the BSA is as integral a part of American life and culture as hot dogs, baseball and Grandma's apple pie.

Even President John F. Kennedy proudly proclaimed at the 50th anniversary celebration of the BSA: “For more than 50 years, Scouting has played an important part in the lives of the Boy Scouts of this nation. It has helped to mold character, to form friendships, to provide a worthwhile outlet for the natural energies of growing boys and to train these boys to become good citizens of the future. In a very real sense, the principles learned and practiced as Boy Scouts add to the strength of America and her ideals.”

Hasn't America reached a new low in its history when its president (and the honorary president of the BSA!) distances himself and his administration from the Boy Scouts of America yet invites groups such as the Secular Student Alliance to participate in its faith and college missions?

I'll ask once more: Is it a coincidence that BSA national board member James Turley came out swinging against the BSA's century-old policy to ban gays from leadership and that he has such close affiliations with the pro-gay Obama administration?

How does the adage go?

If two people think so much alike, you can bet that one person isn't thinking. Or maybe a more fitting adage here might be this: You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.

Building up the next generation is not only why I fully support the Boy Scouts of America but also why I started my own nonprofit organization, KickStartKids. My wife, Gena, and I consider it one of the greatest missions of our lives. You can learn more about the Boy Scouts of America by going to and more about KickStartKids by going to

Action hero and Second Amendment activist, Chuck Norris is one of the most enduringly popular actors in the world. He has starred in more than 20 major motion pictures. His television series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” which completed its run in April 2001 after eight full seasons, is the most successful Saturday night series on CBS since “Gunsmoke.”In 2006, he added the title of columnist to his illustrious list of credits with the launch of his popular Internet column. Now Chuck is a regular contributor to AmmoLand, click the following link to See more of Chuck Norris on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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    1. It seems to me that NO parent should want their 11 or 12 year old son being taught how to be a man and an American by some light in the loafers looser. The homo community doesn’t seem to get it that we don’t want that crap in our lives. But as usual, the Liberals think their way is the only way. The day is coming when they’ll learn the hard way. And not soon enough. RANGER ON

    2. There’s been a number of stupid arguements on both sides of the fence in this discussion. For those criticizing Mr. Norris’s fighting or acting ability, you have no idea of what you are talking about.

      Back in the 60’s he was a national fighting champion that few could touch and he’s gotten better with age, and he has a reputation for being an extremely hard worker in general.

      But just because a man is a great fighter and hard working actor, doesn’t guarantee that he can be any less biased or small minded as the next guy. As a professional psychologist, I can validate that research indicates most molestors are practicing heterosexuals, i.e., Sandusky. If it sounds illogical, I don’t know what to tell you…molesting a kid, male or female, is not exactly a logical action.

      As far as ‘teaching’ kids to be gay, it doesn’t work that way. It’s like that preacher that suggested we round the gays up in pens and drop them food from helicopters so they don’t breed and die out…THEY’RE GAY, they’re not going to breed because only in rare circumstances will they have sex with the opposite sex. Gay just pops up (excuse the pun) in even extreme right wing families like the Cheney’s.

      Sure I don’t want my kid’s BSA leaders to be talking about the details of their gay encounters anymore than I want them talking about the details of their straight encounters.

      I am impressed to see the many letters written by Eagle scouts who emphasize they are taught tolerance and have no problem with gays in the BSA. And the point that similar arguements were made against the blacks and other ethnic groups back in the 50’s and 60’s.

      It is unfortunate that Mr. Norris doesn’t recognize how close minded he is…but I will still probably see The Expendables 2 anyhow.

    3. @FIRE, be careful your ignorance is showing. Your complete and utter lack of understanding of the world is clouding your judgement. They are good decent people who work hard, fall in love, and are completely normal. You’re getting scary images of them from people who want you to hate them. The “Gay agenda” is to be treated the same as everyone else.
      The only people here not acting decent are the ones who claim a person shouldn’t be treated as a person based on a genetic difference between them and the majority.
      I’d rather have my child under the supervision of a homosexual than a ignorant bigot.

    4. Skeptical Cicada nailed it.

      They are the dying breed.

      Going out fighting, but still…

      tick tock…

      tick…. tock….

      ‘Sh! Y’reckon?’

      ‘Yup, they’re gone.’


    5. I’m a former Cub and Boy Scout and am now a father of son I hope one day will be a Scout. And I’d love to help out with his pack, den or troop. But I’m also gay and my son has 2 fathers, so I’m really hoping BSA changes their policies to come in line with both the Girl Scouts and US Military.

      Gay does not equal pedophile. Gary Sandusky was not gay — he was a monster who is now a convicted criminal. He never had a relationship with another man, he preyed on children. But he was married to a woman and a football coach so they let him hang out with (and rape) kids for 30 years. Men who are openly gay pose no threat to anyone’s kids. Or to Chuck Norris.

    6. @ FIRE
      Because they’re very likely a decent person. I wouldn’t trust my child to just any person, straight, gay, LGBT, or whomever unless I know them and trust them. I trust many homosexuals I know more than most red-necks I know, especially around my children.

    7. First of all, I think Mr. Norris has put his article on the wrong website. That being said, I not only think he has every right to his opinion (as do those who disagree), I agree with him. Therefore, I’m pretty sure that the majority here will disregard my remarks as intolerant (as are most of the remarks of those who disagree). The point is that the BSA is a Christian-base organization. Regardless of what some want to believe, the Bible clearly says that homosexuality is wrong. That being the case, it doesn’t seem that homosexuals (at least, “practicing” homosexuals) should be leaders in the organization. If and when it becomes illegal for our federal government to support activities that discriminate against homosexuals, then government funding should probably be removed. Personally, I hope we don’t get to that point; just as I hope we never protect pedophilia, beastiality, rape, etc.

    8. To: James Bauer … you wrote:
      “Why in Gods name would any striaght parent want there 14 year old son under the control of a homosexal?”
      Sorry … had to comment. This was just too stupid (not to mention that there are FOUR typos in one sentence which gives me some idea as to your intelligence). Sandusky was not gay. You don’t have to worry about gay men. They are NOT interested in young boy scouts. It’s the straight perverts you need to worry about, not gay men. Please go to college and become educated.

    9. Mr. Norris: I am an Eagle Scout and have more Scouting awards as a youth and adult than you can imagine. I am also a avid gun owner, democrat, and a proud gay man. Get off your high horse and don’t dare think that you speak for me or millions like me. You don’t have your facts. You don’t know what you are talking about. You just offer a meaningless diatribe.

    10. It amuses me that Mr. Norris (for whom I, previously, had a great deal of respect) uses a womanizer (i.e., Kennedy) to try to demonstrate his point about building good citizens and people of moral character. And where does it say, in Mr. Kennedy’s statement, that you are not able to “mold character, to form friendships, to provide a worthwhile outlet for the natural energies of growing boys and to train these boys to become good citizens of the future” if you, as a den leader, or a scout member, happen to be gay?

    11. OMG! Please return to the rock you crawled out from under … you have serious problems. I was so afraid that all the comments would be just as crazy as you are … but there are so many intelligent people writing about how nuts this article is, I already feel better. Trust me … I will NEVER watch anything (and there’s not much to begin with) you appear in.

    12. Hasbeen actors need to stop talk as if anyone cares, and why is an article about like this on a gun websight?

    13. Well Chuck, Homophobic are we? You are truly pathetic. By the way, change your photo. You haven’t looked like that since Moby Dick was a sardine.

    14. By the way,

      Sorry you should have to deal with these filthy xxxxx Mr Norris, but these days they are all over the place.

      Maybe another flood is overdue.

      Again, thanks for standing firm on The Word of God and thanks for your loyalty in these times of treason were so many turn their backs on God and join the ranks of Satan.

      Thank you Mr Norris, I really apreciate it.


    15. Chuck..thank you. I respect and agree with your position. It is unfortunate that our society wants everyone to accept a liberal lifestyle and reject a conservative one. What is it with our fellow Americans that they want everyone to be like they are. Where is our individual freedom….are we to be allowed to choose only from those options selected by the liberal aspects of our society?
      Homosexual or straight, be what you want to be but don’t try to create a society of clones. Perhaps homosexuals should have their specific division in the BSA…would that make them happy? I doubt it. Chuck, I have one objection to your article. I object to your use of the word “gay” to describe a homosexual lifestyle. Of the homosexuals that I know, none appear gay.

    16. I am behind you Mr. Norris and the Bible 100%. Also, you need to send a big thank you to AOL for blasting you. I was excellent advertisement for this wed sight. I would not hav known about this one if it hadn’t been for them. Keep up the good work!!!

    17. Damn, Chuck. I guess Tolerance is limited to your black law enforcement partner Jimmy Trivette.

    18. I agree with Chuck 100%! Nobama in 2012.

      Chuck Norris is so bad that skidmarks in men’s drawers turn white from fear when he is around!

      Chuck Norris recently diagnosed with homophobia.
      The star of actions films such as The President’s Man, The President’s Man 2 and Good Guys Wear Black is said to be resting comfortably in his bunker compound in the desert.
      Homophobia is a debilitating affliction, which causes Silent Rage and often causes the brain to go Missing in Action.
      Norris, who appeared in the controversial information videos; Chuck Norris Full Contact and Hollywood on Fire, recently denounced a BSA board member for not being in agreement with the BSA policy of banning homosexuals from it’s organization. Chuck went on to talk about how he has met with Eagle Scouts whom he says “epitomize” the best of America.
      Norris has epitomized American masculinity since 1973 when he appeared in a film called the Student Teachers. A sexploitation film from Roger Corman’s New World films, where three buxom student teachers use alternative methods to instruct their handsome young students.
      While the film which did not receive critical acclaim it did develop a cult following within the pedophilia community. That same year he also starred in Yellow Faced Tiger, in which an Asian police officer seeks to rid San Fransisco of the evil Chuck Norris.
      Sources from Chuck’s camp won’t go on the record but at least one claims to have overheard Chuck saying that he will not allow the homophobia diagnosis to impact his lifestyle and will continue to be the same old Chuck that we know and love.
      Many in Hollywood and across America believe that Chuck should take a Code of Silence.

    20. Chuck Norris’ semen cures cancer. Too bad he has AIDS.

      Chuck Norris does not sleep. He lies awake in regret.

      If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can’t see Chuck Norris, you may not realize how much he’s actually aged.

      Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting implies the chance of success. Chuck Norris wanders around aimlessly with a gun.

    21. PS God said nothing about homosexuality, it was Leviticus who also said other nonsense.
      Some of our greatest writers, preachers and intertainers are gay. I think those who are obsessed about gay people are subconsciously interested.
      The bible was written from the Egypian Book Of the Dead. I have a Greek drawing of Isaiah who was depicted as black as the ace of spades.

    22. Yeah, it needs to be addressed, since so many don’t get it. Two consenting adults should be allowed to have sex. An adult should not be allowed to have sex with a corpse, an animal, and a juvenile because they can not properly consent, or do not appreciate consequences, that is why gay marriage will not equal marriage to dogs.
      Now on to homosexuality being unnatural… If that were true, only humans with their increased intellect should be homosexual, instead we find it right across the mammal kingdom, and we find same sex “partnerships” in animals where sex is not required.

    23. above sentence should read “Not only educate yourself but those that respond to your homophobic rhetoric”.

      Couldn’t find an editing feature.

    24. By the way Mr Norris.

      Many of the fXXXXXX commenting here are disrespectful to you.

      I hope you find them, and then beat the living crap out of them.

    25. Chuck you need to educate yourself on the difference between a homosexual and a pedophile.

      The concern should be about pedophiles…already one of the posters is equating Jerry Sandusky, a convicted pedophile, with a person who is homosexual.

      Not educate yourself but those that respond to your homophobic rhetoric.

    26. Chuck Norris is a washed up old actor who hasn’t had a gig in years. He writes this stuff from his retirement home in the trailer park. Idiot.

    27. “This is great stuff. Why is homosexuality celebrated, and not necrophilia or beastiality? Necrophiliacs apparently get genuinely aroused sexually, so aren’t they born that way? Why is a homosexual’s affliction somehow “better” than theirs? LGBT activists are all hypocrites, because they don’t take the time to defend the rights of those whose sexual preferences may make them squeamish, yet they won’t tolerate it if THEIR sexual habits make YOU squeamish. Ridiculous”

      It’s sort of embarrassing to have to respond to this, but you may be ignorant enough that you really don’t understand. So let’s keep it simple.

      A dead person or an animal can’t give consent, unlike two adults of the same sex.

      Plenty of LGBT activists defend the right of others to do what may make them squeamish. Do you think lesbian women are aroused by the thought of two men having sex? That doesn’t make any sense. They like women, you like women. You don’t get turned on by two men having sex, so why would they? Similarly, I’m sure there are plenty of gay men who find the idea of living as a transgendered person just as foreign to their lifestyle as you.

      And for what it’s worth, I’m sure there are plenty of gay and lesbian people who are a bit put off by heterosexual sex, but I don’t see them out campaigning against it.

      So…yea…stop talking.

    28. You’re right Rich, I can answer my own questions, the point was to try to get you to think about your responses before you post them. No, it does not make sense your dislike towards the homosexual community, if you allowed them the freedom to marry and be equal in society they would be no more in your face than the emo, or the jock, they may even be the emo or the jock. As for Christianity not forcing itself on others, that’s completely untrue. From pushing prayers in public schools, to pushing for creationism to be taught in science class, to denying homosexuals the right to wed, Christian idealism is pushed upon those who do not want it, and in public. If you want to practise your religion in private, you’re more than free to do it, but to say the rest of society must follow those rules too when a great number disagree with it is the exact opposite of freedom.
      You called my post a worthless tirade, I’m glad you feel that way about the freedoms you enjoy every day. You’re the kind of person to lay down in the street, then complain when a car comes along saying they’re infringing on your right to lie down in the street. Your rights are worth no more than mine, and no less. No more than any individual homosexual’s and no less. Please forgive my forwardness about this, but it is you who is ignorant of anyone besides yourself, and those you could mistake for yourself. Chuck Norris is an honorable man doing something disgusting, tantamount to child abuse with the way he dismisses LGBT children as unworthy of equality. The Christian Religion has its good and its bad, but the face it’s showing by opposing anything gay is ugly, and cancerous.
      You do more damage to your cause by opening your proverbial mouth than a thousand gay protesters with signs.

    29. Why do the right wing America white men always lie about Obama’s intention on gun control?Obama allows guns in public parks which I think is dangerous because America is a violent country when it comes to guns.
      One must remember that this country was founded on genocide and slavery.
      I am a gun owner and a liberal Democrat. My boy friend who bought me my gun is a Mormon, Republican, and voted for McCain.
      People who hate Obama forget he is half white.
      And, they are insecure about themselves- knowing that they are not superior to anybody.

    30. I wouldn’t want my son being lead by some homo guys, open or closet. Look what Sandusky has done. Who cares for homos think. Stop shoving that unnatural unholy crap down everyones throats. It’s sin just like all the other sins. Why do we need rights to uphold sinfulness?

    31. Is it a coincidence that on June 26, 2012, the same day Chuck Norris posted an intolerant rant against Homosexuals and all non-Christians, that Chuck Norris jokes began to change, became funny, showing Norris as a retarded, incompetent loser buffoon?

    32. Ha, 2 more minutes of research. Here are some of Turley’s political donations:

      2004: $2000 to Bush
      2004: $25,000 to the RNC
      2008: $230 to Mitt Romney
      2007: $2000 to Tommy Thompson
      2008: $2300 to Rudy Giuliani

      (He has given $35 to a democratic cause in Massachusetts and $2000 to friend of Chuck Schumer.)

      So Obama started forcing this Turley character to start giving $25,000 to Republicans in 2004, knowing that years later, he would need him to put gays into the Boy Scouts, and he wanted a solid cover.

      Right Chuck?

    33. Is it a coincidence that the picture of Chuck looks like he is ready fir some broke back mountain action himself.

    34. Is it a coincidence, Mr. Norris, that you fail to bring ONE valid argument why gay boys should not join the Boy Scouts? What you say about the Boy Scouts per se maybe very true – even more reason to give also gay boys the opportunity to share this obviously uplifting experience.
      It escapes me though, what makes you, a former martial artist and hero of many a shoot’em down B-movie, an authority in the question of how a president should form his staff and what stand he should take on questions of civil rights. It may have escaped YOU that Kennedy, in the passage you quoted, did not end with “But they got to be straight”. Saying that “These individuals epitomize the best of America.” and instilling that gay boys are not or cannot be among the best of America is hateful and derogatory. Some of your country’s greatest artitsts, writers, scientists and, not to forget, ACTORS, are or were gay. Did they not belong to “America’s Best”?

      I found some of your films quite entertaining and I admire you for your excellence in martial arts in former years, but this article, Mr. Norris, is a shame.


      Markus Dorst

    35. By the way, there is nothing to keep the faXXXXX from forming their own faXXXX-scouts.

      But do not let them in to the regular scouts. Simple as that.

    36. This is great stuff. Why is homosexuality celebrated, and not necrophilia or beastiality? Necrophiliacs apparently get genuinely aroused sexually, so aren’t they born that way? Why is a homosexual’s affliction somehow “better” than theirs? LGBT activists are all hypocrites, because they don’t take the time to defend the rights of those whose sexual preferences may make them squeamish, yet they won’t tolerate it if THEIR sexual habits make YOU squeamish. Ridiculous

    37. Is it a coincidence that James Turley worked for Rudolph Giuliani’s Presidential campaign?

      No, it isn’t? That doesn’t require some weird illogical leap, just 2 minutes of research? And it’s just easier to somehow tie him to Obama and blame the President for gays in the Boy Scouts? Ok, fair enough. Carry on…

    38. Yeah, the first commenter here pretty much shows the character of Norris and his followers, deriding the so-called “faggot agenda.” No, you’re not bigots at all, right? LOL!!

      Well, folks, you can spew whatever spite and idiocy makes you feel like real men; it’s all irrelevant. This faggot and his faggot spouse of 17 years (an eagle scout) will continue living our faggot lives just as before. We really could not care less what you think, say, or do.

      Your insecurity about your own masculinity–and for some of you, your own closeted faggoted acts and feelings–will be just as pathetic as before. Psychological help is available.

      And your anti-faggot opinions will still be dying out and doomed to disappear, just as before. Public opinion shows the younger generations don’t agree with you and find you absurd.

      Since it has apparently become de rigeur among comments here to quote professional credentials and salaries, know that this faggot and his faggot spouse of 17 years both have advanced degrees, professional careers, and a household income of $450K.

      Oh, and keep trying to find where in the Gospels Jesus ever called anybody a faggot–or uttered a peep about gays, for that matter.

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