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prairie dog
Prairie Dog Season

Columbus, OH –-( While the spring turkey hunting season has faded from the calendars, some hunters feel as though they are left with nothing to do until fall arrives.

Hunters in the know, however, are turning their attention to pests. From the Carolinas to California, there are many rodent species that offer great hunting opportunities. In some cases, such as Wyoming, you do not even need a license.

When it comes to the Who’s Who of pests, prairie dogs rank as the top species. Dog towns, where grasses are gone and bare ground remains, stretch from New Mexico to northern Montana.

One top spot to hunt grass gobbling prairie dogs could be the 583,000-acre Thunder Basin National Grassland in Wyoming. This type of shooting often requires a long-range rifle, powerful riflescope, and a steady rest or shooting bench. Shooters have been known to buy —and use— ammunition by the case with .22-250 Rem., .223 Rem. and .204 Ruger being the most popular calibers.

If you like high adventure, many ridges of the Rocky Mountains serve as home and lookout posts for marmots. Often times the shady area under huge boulders are the select sites where marmots hide and peer out. In most situations, a spotting scope works best for spotting the critters.

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