NJ Assembly Committee to Consider Prison Sentences for BB Gun Possession

By Scott Bach

NJ Assembly Committee to Consider Prison Sentences for BB Gun Possession

Trenton, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- Possession of all BB guns and air guns would carry 7-10 year prison sentences with no possibility of leniency.

Parents picking up their children at school after hunting or target shooting would also be at risk.

Victim disarmament zones would be ensured.

On Thursday, June 7 at 2:00 p.m., the New Jersey Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee is scheduled to consider A1216, legislation that would increase the penalty for possession of a “firearm” on the grounds of an educational institution, raising it from a third to second-degree crime. Second-degree crimes carry a presumptive 7-10 year prison sentence and a fine of up to $150,000, with no opportunity for New Jersey’s “pre-trial intervention leniency program, and very limited sentencing discretion by the judge.

New Jersey’s definition of “firearm” includes all BB guns and air guns, even though they are commonly regarded as toys in much of the country.

Someone who mistakenly possesses a BB gun or air gun on school grounds – even a broken one – would be subject to the lengthy and unforgiving prison sentence that A1216 imposes, with no possibility of leniency, and a presumption in favor of imprisonment.

Also, parents picking up their children at school after hunting or target shooting, or to go hunting or target shooting, would also be at risk of A1216’s draconian punishment if they enter on school grounds with a firearm unloaded and properly stored in their vehicle, even though they are not involved in criminal activity.

This thoughtless legislation also virtually ensures that New Jersey schools would become victim disarmament zones – even teachers licensed with gun permits would be subject to lengthy incarceration, chilling their right of self-defense to protect themselves and school children from attack.

Ironically, A1216 is a “solution” to a problem that has already been solved. Firearms possession for an unlawful purpose is already a second-degree crime in New Jersey, so this legislation adds nothing except cruel and unusual punishment for innocent mistakes.



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Edward and Bonnie Ka

Prison sentence for BB gun possesion is tyranny at best! You get what you tolerate! No more governmental control over our basic rights!

Paul Mason

So how do all of you like how the "vote" is working ? Obviously, we enjoy being subjects. Well, we already obey them, try to amend them, have not succeeded, so what is left ? Yes, transgress. But no ! We can not do that either.

Well then, suffer.


I say GOOD for them! A little exaggeration about the BB gun don't you think? Our wonderful enforcers would never unjustly imprison someone in this police state. I say good for them because any one dumb enough to send their kid to a public indoctrination center gets what they deserve. You think the pussies at the NRA will stand up and actualy organize a fight? Hell no! I say keep banning guns everywhere and keep taking away libertys. Then We the People may actualy stand up for somthing other then plundering other countries. By David Thoreau Unjust laws exist: shall… Read more »

Rob Pierce

You have enough trouble trying to convict actual criminals. Now you are trying to arrest young adults for toys. go figure!

Pete Gerasia

We're sending people to jail for toys now?

You go right ahead and do that. I'm OK with having 49 states.