NY Representative Schimel Continues to Shovel the Manure

NY Representative Schimel Continues to Shovel the Manure

ALBANY, NY –-(Ammoland.com)- Led by Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel, gun control fanatics continue to spread the manure around in hopes that something beautiful will grow.

Faced with a complete lack of public support and opposition by elected law enforcement officials, Schimel continues to press ahead with her firearms microstamping bill A-1157B pinning all her hopes for passage on the biased reports coming out of dinosaur media outlets in an attempt to hoodwink her colleagues into voting in favor of her bill.

A-1157B is explicitly written in such a way as to require a total redesign of all pistols manufactured over the past 100+ years, assuming that is even possible as the act of imprinting onto a spent cartridge would impede the ability of the firearm to cycle the action and function properly. As that is highly unlikely, her bill amounts to a de-facto prohibition on the sale and transfer of all new pistols regardless of manufacturer.

Proponents of the bill know this but do not have the courage of their convictions to honestly state their intentions to their colleagues in the legislature knowing it would cost them votes.

This level of shameless dishonesty reflects badly upon all members of the state legislature. It is well past time for the legislative leadership to put an end to it by not pandering to fringe elements and their unpopular agendas.

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association

New York State Rifle and Pistol Association