Orion Entertainment’s Goin’ Country on Pursuit Channel

Kristy Lee Cook of  Goin’ Country
Kristy Lee Cook of Goin’ Country
Orion Entertainment
Orion Entertainment

LUVERNE, AL –-(Ammoland.com)- Orion Entertainment has announced the Pursuit Channel as its exclusive network distribution partner for original episodes of its preeminent Goin’ Country with Kristy Lee Cook television series.

The hunting and lifestyle-based television show achieves 8:30 p.m. Tuesday primetime positioning, anchoring a deep Q3-4 2012 lineup of quality hunting and shooting programming on Pursuit Channel, the most widely distributed outdoors network in the United States.

“As an American Idol finalist, Ms. Cook personifies outdoors television firepower,” said Dennis Presley, Vice President of MOOSE Media, which exclusively directs both endemic time buy and marketing initiatives for the Pursuit Channel. “Contemporary country music, hunting big whitetails, Kristy Lee Cook – and not necessarily in that order – make Goin’ Country very desirable television.”

“Orion Entertainment’s body of work is unmatched,” said Rusty Faulk, President and CEO of Pursuit Channel. “While Goin’ Country is not the first Orion television property to grace Pursuit Channel bandwidth it is the network’s first Orion original with us. In point of fact, we are working towards bringing our viewers even more first-run greats from the Orion studios in early 2013.”

Emmy-winning Orion Entertainment (www.orionentertainment.com) is the most successful independent outdoors television producer in history, creating many highly rated programs on networks like NBC Sports, History Channel, Discovery’s Velocity, Discovery’s Destination America, National Geographic, Outdoor Channel and Pursuit Channel.

“The Pursuit Channel distribution strategy and audience make it a solid fit for exciting and authentic series like Goin’ Country,” said Chris Dorsey, President and CEO of Orion Entertainment. “The network demographic, the audited viewership and the improved content make it a viable option for today’s outdoors television producer.”

”Pursuit is becoming irresistible to successful brands like Orion Entertainment and its Goin’ Country with Kristy Lee Cook,” Faulk concluded. “What an honor it is to see top producers and manufacturers recognize and benefit from the emergence and evolution of Pursuit Channel, the best value, the most important buy, in outdoors television.”

Delivered free in 40+ million homes, Pursuit Channel is the only audited outdoors network seen in every DIRECTV (channel 608 PRST) and DISH Network (channel 240 PRST) home. Pursuit Channel is owned and operated by long-time outdoors participants and outdoors television pioneers who are dedicated to the promotion of hunting, fishing and shooting. Visit www.pursuitchannel.com, www.moosemedia.tv, or call MOOSE Media (662)492.4000 for more information.

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