Rich & Renee Test Out Big Guns on American Guns TV

American Guns
American Guns

Colorado –-( This week on AMERICAN GUNS, Rich Wyatt wants to prepare himself and his wife Renee for an upcoming vacation to Alaska by testing out guns that might assist them should they encounter dangerous animals.

Renee worries the guns will be too powerful for her, but Rich is confident she can manage the weapons.

“It was a really empowering experience to shoot the BFR for the first time and have no trouble with it at all,” said Renee Wyatt.

“Being well trained and armed as a way of life has made me a fairly confident person in general, but I have to admit, seeing that huge pistol was intimidating. I was pretty sure I could fire it successfully, and shoot pretty well actually, but I did have this nagging feeling in that back of my mind that said, ‘What are you thinking Renee… that gun was definitely built for a man.’ Well, maybe, not so much anymore!”

Another week brings another challenge for the Gunsmoke employees, and Civil War enthusiast Jeff presents them with a big one. Jeff is looking to buy a functional double-barreled Civil War canon. The problem? The canon, throughout history, has never been functional. While still in use during the 19th century, the two barrels would often not fire simultaneously, which meant certain death for everyone around the explosion. Rich tasks his employees with solving the 150-year-old problem and creating the world’s first safe and functional double-barreled canon.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Ann Csincsak – married former contestants of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, respectively – come in looking to buy a pair of revolvers to keep themselves and their growing family safe. Jesse is excited for the purchase, but Ann isn’t sure she’s comfortable with weapons. As a compromise, Ann and Jesse enroll in a Gunsmoke safety and shooting class to help them better understand gun basics. Rich and Renee also promise to customize the Csincsaks’ matching Smith & Wesson .38 pistols so they’re beginner-friendly.

Always looking to foster healthy competition amongst his employees, Rich asks two gunsmiths to each customize one of the Csincsaks’ guns. Whoever crafts the superior gun, to be determined by the entire Wyatt clan, will win a much-desired prize – the Mossberg 930 semiautomatic shotgun.

Tune in for an all-new episode of AMERICAN GUNS this Wednesday at 9:00pm ET/PT.