Round Out Your Arsenal with Cross Crossbow Accessories

Cross Archery
Cross Archery

USA –-( To complement the Cross horizontal bow line-up, Cross archery has also introduced a complete section of top-tier crossbow accessories. From scopes to slings, Cross Archery has everything the discriminate hunter needs for success in the field.

Cross Illuminated Scopes
Cross Illuminated Scopes are ideal for most hunting situations. Low light or bad weather won’t be enough to take you off target. This 3×32 Illuminated Reticle Scope is built tough and is designed for the toughest conditions. It features multiple reticles for variable yardage and dependable placement when you need it most.

Cross Crossbow Quiver
The Cross Crossbow Quiver is a three-arrow quiver featuring parallel or perpendicular mounting capabilities. Available in either black or Realtree APG™, it provides a secure attachment to your crossbow and silences arrows in a full-containment system. It also ships with hip attachment for archers who don’t want the added weight on their bow.

Cross Rope Cocking Device
The Cross Rope Cocking Device with Multi-tool’s innovative design is easily adjustable to any crossbow on the market. Featuring comfortable, soft-touch handles, it allows for near effortless cocking of your crossbow while providing a solid connection to the string for maximum safety. It also contains 4 Allen keys (5/16, 3/16, 3 mm and 6 mm) for use on all Cross and Barnett models and most competitor products. Utilizing the Rope Cocking Device you will increase accuracy, while decreasing the draw weight by 50%.

Crossbow Sling
Every hunter soldier knows that when in the field, you’re only as good as your equipment, and when the moment of truth arrives, you may only have one shot. For this reason, your crossbow needs to be in top working order at all times. Your trip to and from your hunting location can damage and dirty your bow, preventing it from performing at its peak. Cross provides premium crossbow protection with an assortment of cases, and when the trek is long and your body is weary, Cross’s sling helps shoulder the burden.

Cross Crossbow Case
Available in either black or Realtree APG™, The Cross Premium Case blends both hard and soft case technology, allowing for maximum versatility and protection. This case protects your crossbow in a cushion of the same dense, pliable foam found in Crocs™ Shoes. A hard outer shell with a “living” foam insert protects your scope, while a molded corner protects the cams.

Cross Crossbow Soft Case
The standard soft-sided Crossbow Case not only protects your bow, but also provides for easy access to your hunting and shooting accessories. Designed for user comfort and convenience, this case features additional roomy compartments perfect for your quiver, accessory case and more. The attention to detail is evident in its features, such as the padded, removable shoulder strap.

In even less than perfect conditions, the Cross Crossbow Sling offers extreme grip while remaining pliable and supple to the touch. Made to fit any brand of crossbow, the Cross Crossbow Sling adjusts from 32″ to 40″ and has quick-release clips for ease of use and storage.

Cross Soft Grip
Last but not least, the new Cross Soft Grip adds that perfect feel and look to your Crossbow. The grip is specifically designed to reposition the shooter’s hand under the bow for a more natural feel. This allows the shooter to swing the front of the bow with more control and precision that results in faster target acquisition and quicker shots. Made from a very soft pliable rubber, it provides maximum comfort, is easy to install and fits all Barnett and Cross crossbows made in the last three years.

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