Scantly Clad Lindsay Lohan Photographed With Gun To Her Head

Lindsay Lohan on Gun Saftey
Scantly Clad Lindsay Lohan Photographed With Gun To Her Head
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AmmoLand Gun News

Hollywood, CA –-( Lindsay Lohan was recently photographed with a gun to her head in a photo shoot from pervy photographer Terry Richardson.

The scandalous photos were posted on Richardson’s Tumblr account, “Terry’s Diary,” but have since been removed. Other photos of Lohan in various states of undress in room at the Chateau Marmont still remain on the site, but the two photos of the “Liz & Dick” star with a handgun have vanished.

Richardson frequently pulls these stunts in the name of being “shocking” and “original”, but this time they actually are.

In typical big media fashion there is practically no out cry about the reckless gun play and total lack of gun safety by Lohan or Richardson. Not to mention she is a convicted felon? Correct me if I am wrong…

Lindsay Lohan on Gun Safety
Don't ask Lindsay Lohan for advice on Gun Safety…
  • 8 thoughts on “Scantly Clad Lindsay Lohan Photographed With Gun To Her Head

    1. A good illustration of the depths to which LL has degenerated to get attention. Damn, talk about "attention whore"! Sadly, with the public's disgust of all things LL, she MIGHT actually be tempted to illegally obtain an actual gun and enact the photo. BTW I believe the 'gun' in the photo is a prop gun: looks exactly like the real thing, but isn't by BATFag definition.

      I am totally against gun control, but I do believe that Hollywood liberals should not be allowed to handle firearms, for a multitude of reasons. LL is a prime example: you wouldn't let a child play with a loaded pistol, would you??

      LL is just the most extreme example of the arrested mental development among Hollywood celebrities.

    2. Pretty sad, when she has to have pictures taken of her acting like shes gonna kill herself what about the people who actually did kill themselves bc they felt they had no way out! I grew up around guns and no for a fact they aren't toys!!! she needs to seriously grow up

    3. Guns are to be taken very seriously and I find it very unprofessional of any talent-agent or photographer, or producer to have this actress, Lindsey Lohan, role-play at killing herself! I have been around weapons for 60 years, and my father, The Honorable William A. Craft was high standard 22 cal. champion in 15 states during the depression times. He would be 103 today! I started shooting target at the age of 5. I have been accused of using weapons in my lifetime but will not comment on that too much! I do admit that I was Meyer Lansky's last enforcer, and that has been in print both domestic and foreign but my father taught me to respect what a weapon will or can do and be respectful of the outcome of shooting a weapon! I would like to say that Lindsey Lohan is the oldest looking 25 year old I have seen in a while! She should lay off the facial drugs! Sincerely bigmikecraft (Rev. Dr. Mike Craft Sr. D.D.,)

    4. On all 3 of those pics if she pulled the trigger where she's pointing the gun she would totally miss any of her vital organs! But try Lindsay, and keep trying till you get it right.

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