Silencerco Releases The Second Episode Of The The “How Loud Is It” Show


Salt Lake City, UT – -( SilencerCo, the leader in firearm suppressors manufacturing has released it’s second episode of their show “How Loud Is It”.

This episode compares the sound of dropping dishes to the sound of the SWR Octane 9HD.

Unfortunately for Nigle the dishes weren’t exciting enough for him and he gets himself into a little bind with some of the guys in the shop. From the test in this video we now know that the sound of dropping dishes has the exact same decibel rating at the SWR Octane 9HD.

The “How Loud Is It” video series is intended to educate and recruit more people into our industry. This series is just one step closer to making silencers mainstream and teaching the benefits of shooting with silencers to the general firearms industry.

“Hunting, and recreational shooting with silencers have many benefits that people just do not think of,” Waldron informs, “Bottom line is that a silencer makes a gun a safer, safer for your ears, and safer at the range because shooters tend to be less nervous when sound and recoil is greatly reduced.”

SilencerCo’s “Silencers Are Legal” campaign was created because only a small percentage of American citizens knew that Silencers are indeed legal. Silencerco/SWR introduced the “Silencers Are Legal” campaign to expand the silencer market out of obscurity and into the mainstream general shooting sports industry. The campaign has showed great success with its Silencers are Legal Shoot in Dallas this past April by having almost 3000 people in attendance and raising 15,000 for the American Silencer Association

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