Survivalcave Inc. Announces New Smaller Cans for Their Successful Canned Meats Line

The outstanding success of canned meats is leading to a wider variety of flavors and sizes.

Survivalcavefood Canned Meats
Survivalcavefood Canned Meats
Survival Cave Foods
Survival Cave Foods

Chesapeake, VA – -( Today Survivalcave Inc. announced that their great success in their original line of long term storage canned meats, has led to an expansion of sizes available.

Initially the company produced 28 ounce cans in four different varieties of Beef, Turkey, Chicken and Pork. These specific meats differ from other products on the market because they are the only “ready to eat” canned meats available at this time in the United States that are specifically labeled as “Long Term Food Storage”. will make available the now famous and delicious ready to eat meats in smaller 14.5 ounce cans. In addition to the release of the 14.5 ounce cans, Survivalcave Inc. will also be adding a new product consisting of ground beef to both size cans.

All of the meats that are offered are all natural, have no preservatives or additives, and are hand packed with no broth or water added. The meats are slow pressure cooked in the can and are ready to heat and eat. Many independent tasters have said this product is the best tasting long term food they have ever eaten.

Survivalcave Inc. says the release of this new sized smaller can of 14.5 ounces is for those people who don’t need the larger cans because they may want to feed fewer people or who live by themselves.

The new smaller cans of long term storage canned meats, enables those living on their own to be able to prepare for emergency without worrying about the remainder of the larger can going to waste. Projected inventories of the smaller cans will be available in approximately 30 days and are expected to sell out. It is suggested that interested parties should pre-order to avoid missing out on the initial supplies.

The original 28 ounce cans of long term storage canned meats are an affordable way for families to prepare for emergencies that may occur. After the original 28 ounce line of canned meats were released, the demand grew to an extraordinary level and continues to enjoy huge popularity.

“The 28 ounce cans are selling as fast as we can produce them. The smaller cans answer the problem of our customers wanting to feed fewer people but still enabling them to stock up on great tasting proteins.” said J.R. Fisher, President of Survivalcave Inc.

Survivalcavefood Canned Chicken And Noodles
Survivalcavefood Canned Chicken And Noodles

Rave Reviews
Survivalcave Inc. distributors and customers have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new 14.5 ounce cans of long term storage meat. Since the announcement, distributors throughout America have been placing orders for their inventories to meet the projected demand.

  • “This meat is a comparable to meat found at a gourmet restaurants,” said distributor, Caleb S.
  • “This meat is even too good to wait to eat, the beef tastes like a steak!” said one repeat customers, Sandy W. Availability
Survivalcave Inc. has partnered with select distributors nationwide to retail their products and it can now be found at a small number of approved of websites on the internet and some specially retail store outlets.

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