Top 5 Best Concealed Carry Handguns

By Max Avery

Best Concealed Carry Gun
HK HK45C 45ACP LEM DAO V7 w/ 8rd Mags

Van Buren, AR –-( It’s often asked what I prefer as a concealed carry handgun.

Many of my students ask for guidance for the best concealed carry handgun, a reliable, comfortable model is my first answer.

The truth is, it always comes down to the user and what feels right, but I have compiled a list of models I prefer with a little info about each:

  1.  HK45C / 745037-A5
    The HK45 is a testament to the innovative and superb engineering of HK. This model just feels right. In terms of accuracy, I feel that the HK45 is one of the better shooting HK handguns I’ve used over the years (all of which have been spot-on). Includes a standard rail for the attachment of a light, which is a big plus in my book. The only modification I can suggest out of the box is adding some grip tape to the sides of the unit. A factory threaded barrel is available.
  2. Sig Sauer P229 Scorpion
    This model is very comfortable. Traditional feel and an excellent fit and finish – I’ve been very impressed with some of the new SKUs from Sig and I think that this Scorpion is by far my favorite. Comes in 9mm, there is also a threaded barrel option for those of you seeking a suppress able model.
  3. Glock 23
    Just a bit smaller than the 22, the G23 is an extremely popular build. Works great in any season, is relatively lightweight, and tons of holster options are available, as well as aftermarket internals, of course.
  4. Smith & Wesson M&P 340CT .357/.38+P
    The J-Frame revolver is one of the most popular carry types of all time and will be for years to come. For those that prefer a wheel gun to an automatic, the M&P340 is an excellent build. Extremely comfortable snub nose design, with added Crimson Trace grips and XS tritium night sights.
  5. Kahr PM9
    Another great option, the PM9 is an extremely well-balanced pistol. I’ve been a longtime fan of Kahr, and their models are known for extreme reliability and accuracy in any configuration. Very standard, user-friendly design.

About Max Avery

Max Avery is the Vice President of Knesek Guns, Inc. He conducts a variety of training courses including Arkansas Concealed Carry (09-556) instruction at the THOR training facility in Van Buren, Arkansas.

Knesek Guns, Inc

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N Stahl

I recently bought a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, 40SW; I am very disappointed. It is very difficult to get the slide to the rear and to engage the slide stop. The magazines are difficult to load and I can only get about 4 rounds in a 7 round magazine because of the stiffness of the magazine spring. I thought it might be my 72 year old hands so I took it to a younger guy — a Colonel of Marines and he had the same problem. I did not have any problems loading or firing his Model 1911 or… Read more »


I made a purchase from KGI (Knesek Guns Inc), and dealt with both a sales person Chris as well as the owner and found both to be liars. Many other people have had issues with this company check out the reviews online. There are a couple on Yelp.


No one has mentioned the S&W 6906 ,I have 3 and a CS9,all operate the same, Of coarse no longer made but many police trades for sale.

har Vokse amazon

I’d like to find out more? I’d care to find out some additional information.


36 years of law enforcement,now retired. Whatever you carry be confident you can shoot accurately, be sure the gun is reliable, have confidence in your weapon of choice. I have carried a Walther PPS, Ruger LCP, and most recently a M&P SW Bobyguard. Love all three. Easily concealable, accurate, and foremost reliable. Again, know your weapon whatever you decide to carry. Always the possibility that you may have to protect you or your family.

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I use either my Sig 938,.I love this little gun, my fav. My other is a Springfield 45 XDS. Both are easy to carry and accurate. I usually practice with those at.25′ 50′, occasionally 75ft to be comfortable withh windage by sight and feel.I have an interest in Ruger.38cal revolver.

Milton Mann

Thank you. I enjoy reading the various comments on various guns.I enjoy Colt, S&W, Glock, Ruger. Due primarily to their smooth actions. Proper maintenance and practice lie at the bottom of many satisfactions of faithful use of most firearms.

Essy kazemi

Great info

Grey Wolf

Out of all of the comments the 2 that are the best are brownken36 and Bushmans. They contain the essence of CCW and possible gunfight and carry.
“Best concealed carry weapon? The one you are proficient with and willing to carry daily.”

Grey Wolf

Out of all of the comments the 2 that are the best are brownken36 and Bushmans. They contain the essence of CCW and possible gunfight and carry.


After reading all the comments, it is amazing to me, how many have offered nothing but opinions: There are over Seven Billion people in the world and each one has one, therefore if all this is about opinions, then the arguments, debates, and quarreling will never halt. However, I have spent thirty years in the field on different missions, in different theaters. NO firearm is worth anything if you cannot shoot safely and reliably in the dark, no armed criminal (of any kind) will give you a time out, when it is time to fight or die, then you need… Read more »


Best concealed carry weapon? The one you are proficient with and willing to carry daily.


If you have a life, you would definitly choose a Sphinx spd, duh?!

Sphinx SDP Compact Pistol


Concidering getting a ccw permit. I have gone to the range and tried several pistols. I see no one here even mentioned a FNH – FNS 9. Why?

FNH FNS-9 Compact Pistol


What about a sp101 357 magnum 2& 1/4 inch barrel I feel it’s a great gun and is deadly accurate

Ruger SP101 Handgun Chambered in .357 Magnum

ridge forrester

You gotta be joking right, all these guns, and they are all very nice, very nice indeed, but no one has mentioned the best and most powerful ccw gun in existence… shame. Themighty glock 29… you cant beat 10mmm and the g29 does it all. The best without question. Takes down anything on two or four legs, or swims or flies, the g29 will drop it.

Glock 29 Pistol


I carry and Springfield XD40. i love it. i did a lot of research and went with the xd40. .40 is a great round doesnt have the kick of a 45 and more stopping power then a 9mm. 9mm is okay round not for me though. best advice shoot the gun before you buy it and try shooting all types of rounds.

Springfield XD40 Handgun


Really like my “Little Big Gun”, Springfield XDs, tried others like the nano (trigger pull is way too long), miss my Kimber compact though its about 10oz heavier. Shoot great, very little muzzle rise, more push than rise, quite accurate, not picky on ammo, digests most anything. 21oz and 1″ wide, border line pocket pistol. “.45 because shooting twice is just silly”