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United Nations Gun Control Arms Trade Treaty Fail iStock-Sakramir-534207072
United Nations Gun Control Arms Trade Treaty Fail iStock-Sakramir-534207072

Indianapolis, IN –-(Ammoland.com)- I have received some e-mails about the Arms Trade Treaty that’s being hammered out with the UN. At our gun club meeting Wednesday there were several folks who asked me about this as well.

This started about 6 years ago and has been a multinational discussion since. The Bush administration opposed such a treaty. However, this country which prides itself on diversity and change, throughout the years seems to elect individuals to positions of power and authority that are willing to gamble with our country’s sovereignty.

Back in October of 2009 President Obama overturned the Bush administration’s opposition to  the Arms Trade Treaty and now it’s on the front burner.

I wish I could snap my fingers and bring our country back to a point where we had a vast majority of the federal government that truly cared about the interest of the United States, but I can’t.

If there is an agreement arranged at the UN on this we could only hope that the Senate would vote it down. It would take 2/3’s of a majority to do that and that is 2/3’s of those present to vote. So in reality it could be in the hands of a relatively small number of senators.

To me so much of this horrible global treachery that goes on is as comprehensible as quantum mechanics and it seems so far out of reach. To be honest I don’t know what I can really do to stop the culprits from wrecking my world. We can’t ignore all the worldwide meltdowns that come at us every day, but for me, I am more focused on what is closer at hand. I may be wrong but it just seems that I can have more control over what takes place at the local and state level and since whatever the federals decide to do they’ll have to at some point cross those lines to do it. All I can suggest is to contact your federal legislators.

I’ll give you one example, you may have seen this story on un-manned drones, which appeared about a week ago in our paper.

The idea of anyone with deep pockets who want to buy their own personal drone and have some fun with it bothers me to no end. A few days after that article there was a follow-up story where the industry has approved a code of conduct for those who buy their own drones. Yeah, that makes me feel a lot better.

I am working to see if I can draft some legislation to address this proposal. I don’t want to see these things falling out of the skies in our school playgrounds or crashing into a grandstand or maybe falling out of the sky on the highway. Besides that, I just don’t like the idea of some incompetent playing private eye in the sky.

No doubt that there are an endless line of things to keep us occupied or worried, I just kind of watch for the ones closer to my backyard.

Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots

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