A Calm Look at the Aurora Massacre

Anti-Gun Haters Hate Speech Biased Media iStock-546434952
Anti-Gun Haters Hate Speech Biased Media iStock-546434952

Covington VA –-(Ammoland.com)- It’s always a tragedy when evil strikes. Our hearts go out to all those who were harmed (physically and emotionally) by the actions of the murderer.

VCDL has remained in respectful silence for those who lost their lives to a maniac at a theater in Aurora, Colorado, early Friday morning.

The anti-rights crowd did NOT follow suit.

Even before the bodies were removed from the theater, the anti-rights groups, who love to dance in the blood of innocents, had a disco party calling for more gun control.

Taking the weekend to reflect on the incident and gather information, here are some thoughts:

  • The theater in question was a gun-free zone. Almost every massacre happens in these dangerous areas. As long as we have gun-free killing zones, there will be mass murders. I’m not sure why the murderer bothered with all the bulletproof garb, no one offered any resistance to him. Actually, the city itself has a ban on concealed carry, even with a permit, but they can’t enforce it because of state preemption laws.
  • When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Even with 2 security guards in the theater and a police station being less than a mile away, the murderer finished his mission unopposed for about 2 minutes. The police found him by his car, where he surrendered without incident. The police were able to greatly speed up getting the wounded to area hospitals using their patrol cars as ambulances. Hats off to them for saving many lives by not making everyone wait for an ambulance.
  • It was in Aurora earlier this year that an off-duty officer shot and killed a man who had just murdered a woman in the church’s parking lot. Because of his quick action, no one else was hurt. In nearby Colorado Springs back in 2007, a woman CHP holder stopped an attempted massacre at a church by shooting the criminal after he had killed two people in the parking lot. The badly wounded criminal, realizing he could not continue the massacre, killed himself. In both cases, the carnage was limited by the immediate reaction of a gun owner on site.
  • “The murderer had 6,000 rounds of ammunition in his apartment!” gasps the wide-eyed press. “Four guns, six thousand rounds? He must not have spent much time at the range,” was my initial thought. Amazing how the press is fixated on that ammunition, yet seem to yawn about the tear gas canister and explosives that he had.
  • The disappointment in the anti-rights groups was palpable because the murderer didn’t get his guns at an evil gun show, over the internet, or in some dark alley. Instead, he bought them from dealers and passed FOUR background checks. So much for background checks being so very important.
  • Retired FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt says the most inane things whenever he is interviewed about events like this and he didn’t disappoint me this time. On WRVA in Richmond on Friday he said that he felt that an off-duty police officer in the theater auditorium might have been able to stop the murderer, but that if there had been 10 or 12 CHP holders, that the killing would have been worse. He needs to stick to profiling and not speak on things he clearly doesn’t understand. His elitist attitude on police being the only ones who should have guns gets old really fast.

Here is a list of article synopses that represents a fraction of the ones I was emailed. I tried to pick the best and most interesting for you to see.


  • The anti-rights lobby, smelling blood in the water, race to the microphones to call for more gun control, as if a gun-free theater and city aren’t good enough for them: From Newsmax.
  • Another article on the calls for gun control, but this article points out that the chances of that are slim: From thehill.com.
  • Hey, here’s an idea! Let’s demonize Glock! (Forget that the murderer only fired a few shots from the Glock in Aurora and it is a popular gun with the police.) From washingtonpost.com.
  • The shrinking gun-control caucus.
  • A tale of two shootings in Aurora, Colorado. One the press is salivating over, the other the press is ignoring: From thenewamerican.com.
  • The price of gun control.
  • Homeland Security warns police about attacks in movie theaters. As Dennis O’Connor noted to me, “be on the lookout for a stinky amputee painter” based on this description of such attackers: “…Homeland Security…reminded law enforcement about indicators of suspicious activity at…movie theaters. Among those are significant changes to appearances from one visit to the next, missing hands or fingers, strange odors or bright stains on clothes….” From myearthlink.net.
  • This article ponders what if there had been a CHP holder in the theater auditorium: From cnsnews.com.
  • An article on Aurora’s gun ban.
  • John McCain, of all people, stands up for gun owners: From breitbart.com.
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein rears her ugly head: From the washingtontimes.com.
  • And an excellent pro-rights editorial from the Washington Times: Batman won’t save you.

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