Beretta’s New DT11 ShotGun – Review

Written by Irwin Greenstein

Beretta DT11 ShotGun
Beretta DT11 ShotGun
Shotgun Life
Shotgun Life

Pikesville, MD –-( Locked in international tournament combat with Krieghoff and Perazzi, the Beretta DT10 has taken more medals in competitions than any other shotgun.

In fact, since 1956 Beretta shotguns have dominated the Olympics.

Now with three brand new DT11 over/unders, Beretta is intent on maintaining its monopoly on the winner’s circle for sporting clays, FITASC, skeet and trap as the DT10 enters retirement.

The DT11 marks a corporate inflection point for Beretta USA. The DT11 arrives at a time of new leadership and marketing initiatives that take the company further down the lifestyle path as most evident by the wildly popular Beretta shooting apparel and accessories.

Notably, we can expect to see more synergy between Beretta and the Sporting Heritage Group, which created and manages the Beretta Trident Program – a proprietary system that rates shooting sports venues. Tridents are awarded for excellence, like Michelin stars are for restaurants.

The growing relationship between both organizations was clearly demonstrated at the DT11 launch. Beretta invited the media in mid-July to the Beretta Shooting Grounds at Dover Furnace in Dover Plains, New York. The Berretta Shooting Grounds at Dover Furnace is the first clays venue in the Beretta Trident program. It has been awarded two Tridents out of a possible three.

Due to be formally unveiled later this year, the Beretta Shooting Grounds at Dover Furnace will host the first Beretta Discovery Shooting School. Part of the curriculum, designed by Dan Carlisle, intends to help competitive shooters hone their game under the tutelage of winner-circle regulars such as Will Fennell and Anthony Matarese, Jr. A certification program currently under way teaches recreational instructors the method for everyday clays enthusiasts.

“If you’re a real serious competitive shooter and want to take your game to the next level, this is one of those exclusive schools,” said Ryan Muety, Director of Marketing & Consumer Direct at Beretta USA. At the same time, Beretta is embarking on significant initiatives to embrace new shooters such as youth and women into the shotgun sports, he explained, and the Beretta Shooting Grounds at Dover Furnace is pivotal in those programs.

“The shooting grounds is intended to be a home base, if you will, for all things Beretta that are shotgun shooting sports related,” said Jonathan Sherrill, Principal of the Sporting Heritage Group.

Mr. Sherrill elaborated that the Beretta Shooting Grounds at Dover Furnace will eventually host game-fair like events that give both new and experienced shooters an opportunity to indulge in the Beretta lifestyle. For example, the Beretta Discovery School will subsequently conduct classes for waterfowl and upland hunting.

Expect the DT11 to figure prominently in the Beretta Discovery School. One of the umbrella courses of the Beretta Discovery School will the Victory School, named after the market segment of Beretta’s clays shotguns. It will be home to the likes of Mr. Carlisle, Mr. Fennell and their colleagues.

As it turns out, the Beretta Shooting Grounds at Dover Furnace will also serve clients of the Beretta Gallery in New York. Dover Plains is about 80 miles north of Manhattan. Within 90 minutes, sales personnel and customers can be there evaluating shotguns – as was evident with the DT11 rollout.

The presence of Mr. Fennell and Mr. Carlisle highlighted the competition pedigree of the DT11.

Mr. Carlisle has more than 15 years of coaching Olympic, world and national champions. He’s an Olympic Medalist, winner of 13 National Main Event Championships and a four-time Hall of Fame inductee. He’s now Chief Instructor at the Gold Medal Shooting Academy, which teaches the Carlisle Triangle Method.

Mr. Fennell is an international FITASC champion, Zone 4 Sporting Clays Champion, nine-time member of Team USA and Chevy Sportsman’s Team Challenge Champion. An instructor, he also teaches the Carlisle Triangle Method.

The DT10 was their go-to gun. Today, it’s the DT11….

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By the way, Beretta’s Matteo Recanatini sat down with Will Fennel during the event to talk about the DT11. You can watch that video here.

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