Fast & Furious – Prepping Americans for UN Arms Trade Treaty?

Destroying Guns
Was Fast & Furious Meant to Prep Americans for UN Arms Trade Treaty?

Washington DC – -( As I’ve written before, one of the central goals of Fast & Furious was to create enough chaos on our southern border to persuade Americans to embrace more gun control.

To that end, the DOJ and ATF allowed guns purchased by straw purchasers in Arizona to walk into Mexico beginning in late 2009.

Ironically, 2009 was also the year in which Obama signaled that his administration would be willing to take part in U.N. negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), a treaty aimed at instituting international gun control measures on guns crossing borders between countries: and these gun control measures will eventually have to include gun registration if the treaty is to work.

The Obama administration is taking part in those negotiations now.

Here’s a question: What if the chaos Fast & Furious was intended to cause beginning in 2009 was supposed to affect American public opinion in such a way so as to ready us to accept the ATT in 2012? After all, the ATT is not only intended to address the very gun-walking, gun smuggling tactics we saw in Fast & Furious, but it also fits Obama’s promise to work on gun control “under the radar.”

The problem is that the ATT won’t punish the Obama administration for what they did in Fast and Furious. Rather, it will place new and heretofore non-existent gun control measures on American citizens whether they smuggle guns or not.

We must urge Congress to continue to pursue justice in Fast and Furious, and urge our Senators to reject ratification of the ATT at any cost.

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Bruce Vincent Kramer

Obamson is not the Devil I like to think of hhhh little h him as the false prophet never speaking the truth. Remember what happened to John the Baptist (off with his head)

I never CAPITALIZE the PRESIDENTS name as I have respect for the OFFICE but not the wee little man.

Unless he is at the beginning of his sentence.

Bruce Vincent Kramer

Sometimes I log in as a drunken prophet. I told you there was a purpose to fast and furious. I told you there was a purpose to names. I am the drunken prophet and I told you the meaning of the name "fast and furious". Obamason led wrong way said, "If we get guns into the hands of criminal minds (FASTER) letting them walk who would balk if we kill a few Mexicans, they will be "FURIOUS" enough to accept UN Charter sovereign over there constitutional 2nd amendment"