Idiotic Theories Crumble in Wake of Colorado Shooting

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Idiotic Theories Crumble In Wake of Colorado Shooting

Missoula, MT –-( Yesterday’s massacre in Aurora, Colorado should drive a wooden stake through the heart of at least two irrational but common theories:

Theory #1: Police will save you.
You see how well that worked out for the victims in Aurora.

Truly, police can almost never arrive in time to interdict violent aggression, notwithstanding that many good and brave police officers would love to be present to take down an evil person and save innocent lives. They just cannot be there, at least not in time to save the victims, as in Aurora.

Rather, police are the cleanup crew. They string the yellow “crime scene” tape, take photographs of the dead, and try to catch the perpetrator. Moreover, the courts repeatedly ruled that police have no duty to protect any individual. They have no duty to come when victims call. They have no duty to arrive in a timely manner. And, they have no duty to act or save anyone even if they do arrive in time.

Police simply cannot be depended on to save you. You are on your own. Admitting that is the first step towards personal responsibility and self defense.

Theory #2: “Gun-free zones” discourage madmen and criminals.
Wrong. “Gun-free zones” simply guarantee a defenseless pool of victims for those who don’t follow any rules.

It is difficult to imagine a more irrational train of thought than this: A crazy person decides to violate the most rigid taboo of any modern society, the taking of innocent life. The crazy person also expects to die at the conclusion of his mayhem (as most do). So, the crazy person, intending to commit the most horrific crimes and die in the process gets to the door of the “gun-free” theater or school and thinks to himself, “Gosh, this place has a policy disallowing guns here, so I’d better just quit and go home.”

Right, totally irrational, and it sure didn’t work that way in Aurora.

Everyone is entitled to dreams, but dreams won’t keep anyone safe. Neither will these two dreamy theories, now totally debunked with innocent blood in Colorado.

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana

About Montana Shooting Sports Association

MSSA is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners. Visit:

Montana Shooting Sports Association

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roger paine

Speaking of myths, the irrational fear that banning large clips somehow makes us less safe is backwards. Here and in Arizona the preps had high capacity clips. Here the 100 round clip on the AK didn't kill more people because the thing jammed. Maniacs and criminals have access to such equipment because it is available. Should everyone now engage in an arms race — they carry 30 round Glocks so we need to as well??? Mr. Arm has it right. The ability to use a personal weapon is dependent on the situation. One on one, clear target etc maybe you… Read more »

Robert Krawiec

John, sorry you feel that way. But I would like to be able to try and defend myself in that situation. Since you never know when its gonna hit the fan, better to be armed than wishing you were.

John Arm

this is a great idea for everyone to have guns! cause you know what helps in a dark, smokey theatre is more bullets flying around! and then when the police finally get there, it has 10 guys shooting up the place who the police have no idea if they are on the side of the gunman! more guns does not mean that this would have been stopped.

Robert Krawiec

Now is exactly the time to argue for gun owners rights. An armed civilian could have stopped this, the police cannot be evrywhere at once. Any time some nut job goes on a spree the first thing they want to do is disarm everyone who wasn't there. All politicians care about is getting re-elected. The president formed a job creations panel to come up with ideas of stimulating job growth, but he's too busy trying to get re-elected to meet with them. They lie for a living, so don't expect more than that and you won't be disappointed.

David Olson

Dear Mr. Marbut,

Now is not the time to lobby for support of your stance on the rights of gun owners. Now is the time to mourn with your country.