Moon Shine Attitude Attire Introduces Wildfire Camouflage

Moon Shine Attitude Attire Wildfire Camouflage
Moon Shine Attitude Attire Wildfire Camouflage
Moon Shine Attitude Attire

BEAVERTOWN, PA. –-( Moon Shine, LP, a premium designer of Moon Shine Attitude Attire, announces the release of its most anticipated camo pattern – Wildfire Camouflage.

This pattern is the latest in the line-up of Moon Shine’s camo patterns with include Outshine Camouflage, Harvest Moon Camouflage, Muddy Girl Camouflage and now Wildfire Camouflage.

“The bold colors and sharp contrasts of Muddy Girl Camouflage made it a great success with not only the women, but also the men” stated Moon Shine, LP. President Travis Mattern.

“Wildfire Camouflage took that visual appeal and adapted it to a concept and color spectrum that is not gender specific. You can almost hear the crackling sounds of this camo as it engulfs the woods. This pattern represents a forest condition never before depicted as a camouflage pattern. Now you can express your love for the outdoors with bold color and strong attitude – a lifestyle look that will indeed spread like wildfire.”

Wildfire Camouflage is already being distributed on vinyl by Speedwrapz, Camo4U, Camoskinz, Camoclad, Overwraps and a number of other vinyl suppliers. The pattern is also offered to manufacturers through Kolorfusion and by TWN Industries’ hydrographic film.

“About a year ago we released Moon Shine Attitude Attire’s Muddy Girl Camouflage, Harvest Moon Camouflage and Outshine Camouflage with great success,” stated Mike Richards, Director of Business Development of TWN Industries. “Manufacturers and consumers are fond of Moon Shine’s patterns and clothing which have strong brand recognition. We are looking forward to the opportunities that the new Wildfire Camouflage™ pattern has to offer.”

About Moon Shine, LP:
Moon Shine, LP is a cutting edge designer of quality brand name apparel that conveys the attitude and traditional values of every generation. From the hunters and farmers who live off our lands to the soldiers and patriots who protect it, Moon Shine Attitude Attire™ honors the essence of the American Legacy. For more information visit, or call 1.800.4.MOON.SHINE

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Andre Sahele
Andre Sahele
6 years ago

Can you do the USA pattern on a Colt LE6920.

Rene Shelly
Rene Shelly
8 years ago

Good morning ,I was just wondering if you guys did truck wraps with the wildfire camo? And if so what is the cost for a four door 2002 chevy silverado,,,,complete wrap. Please let me know thanks. Rene.