Mayor Bloomberg – No More Police Until Americans Give Up Their Guns

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Washington DC – -( Never one to pass on a chance to belittle the right to keep and bear arms, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a guest on Piers Morgan's television show last night, where he called on police officers around the country to go on strike until more gun control is implemented.

Morgan opened the segment by asking why more Americans don't react to things like the Aurora Theater shooting with demands for more gun control, and Bloomberg took over from there:

“I would take it one step further. I don't understand why police officers across this country don't stand up, collectively, and say, ‘We're going to go on strike. We're not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what's required to keep us safe.”

Bloomberg's comments have no real basis in reality regarding the Aurora shooting, as no police officers were even injured in that incident. But that doesn't matter to him. It's just one more angle he's using in his effort to take away our guns.

The desperation he feels in this endeavor was further evident in the fact that he also criticized “armor piercing bullets” while on Morgan's show. Nevermind that the Aurora shooter didn't use armor piercing bullets: its a good line for motivating people who don't know much about guns into demanding more gun control.

By the way, the only people who can legally buy armor-piercing bullets are law enforcement officers. It's already the law of the land. I guess Bloomberg missed that one.

AWR Hawkins
AWR Hawkins

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  • 11 thoughts on “Mayor Bloomberg – No More Police Until Americans Give Up Their Guns

    1. Bloomberg is an ahole progressive. Here in Texas people like to defend themselves and their property and the majority of law enforcement appreciate that fact. Armed citizens of the USA are the biggest anrti-crime unit in the world. For fun, do a little research and find out how firearm control began in NYC. Longshoremen, I think as it has been many years since I looked into it, were to go on strike but the powers that be were afraid the public might act against the strike so harsh anti-firearm legislation was passed.

    2. The Police do not want gun control. They know that gun control ONLY takes guns away from the honest citizen and puts them in the hands of criminals. If this shooting had been in Texas, there would have been several in the crowd shooting back at this [email protected]@Hole…He might not have killed/injured as many. Gun control is NOT the answer. Controlling politicians might help tho!!!!

    3. why don’t we take all our money out of new york, and let mr. bloomburg keep new york all to him self. the whole world wants to blow up new york!!! humm.wonder why

    4. This story reminds me of an article I once read in the American Rifleman back in the 60’s, the Armed Citizen column, if I remember correctly, where a police department of a small Arizona town went on strike. The city crime rate fell to practically zero while the cops were out on strike. It seems that all shop and business owners started packing heat in their business. When faced by armed citizens perfectly willing and able to take matters into their own hands and not having to stop and inform criminals of their right to remain silent, the crooks decided it was time to take a holiday.

    5. Hilarious – police wouldn’t dare, because people protecting themselves would show how we can get by with fewer cops.

    6. Bloomberg would fold if this bluff is called. Once the people realize the FREEDOM that comes with assuming responsibility for one’s own safety, they will INSIST on the permanence of dismantling the police state. The current police state is its own terrorist regime. You can’t do ANYTHING in NYC, even if you’re not breaking the law, without running the risk of drawing the unwanted attentions of the jackbooted thugs that masquerade as police.

      You can be tazed, punched, kicked, forcibly strip-searched by officers of the opposite sex, even shot dead… without provocation or on account of “literally looking at the jackboot thug the wrong way”. Other victims of state terror have been targeted for merely farting, sneezing, sleeping, staring, ignoring, talking, walking, sitting, standing, reclining, and other innocuous activities in the presence of an easily enraged officer.

      Actually, Bloomberg has a GREAT idea! America did fine for the first half century without ANY police forces, so let’s see them all turn in their badges. The jackbooted thugs will be the ones to balk and say no; the honest cops will be willing. They can be elected back into office if they obey their oaths to the Constitution.

      In Indiana, we elect Sheriffs, Marshals & constables to keep the peace and protect our liberty. When the State Supreme Court abolished the 4th Amendment by fiat and said no one has the right to resist illegal activity by police, our Sheriffs & Marshals stepped up and said “NO! We will NOT allow this to happen on our watch!”. They kept their Oath for the duration, till the Statehouse reversed the Court legislatively a year later. It’s time that all public officials, lawmen especially, be directly accountable to We The People!

      Personally, I don’t dial 911, so I would just assume dismantle the system and save my tax money. I’ll happily be my own guardian. If I get into a scrape, I can call a friend or 20. They all have guns too, and carry extra clips. We look out for one another; that’s what good citizens do.

    7. That is amazing… That someone could be so stupid. Why does no one realize that more gun control will do NOTHING, but make the good US citezins who follow laws and enjoy safe and fun gun practice mad. Just look at illegal drugs, how is enforcing that going for the police? they think they can stop criminals from getting guns, NO! What needs to happen in this country is not a change of laws, but a change of ways. Respect, no one has it anymore, children are disobediant and unruly, no wonder shootings happen. People need to raise their children right, teach them safe ways to handle firearms (or at least teach how dangerous they are), respect their elders and peers, and you will be supprized how things will change.

    8. This sounds like a GREAT idea! Let’s take responsibility for our own safety and security again. More guns, less cops? I think I finally found something Bloomberg and I can agree on.

    9. Really … REALLY ???

      I’ve always had my doubts about Mr. Bloomberg, but he has removed all of those !!!
      What a freakin MORON !!!
      WOW … just WOW !!!

    10. they do not go on strike because, unlike some people, they realize that guns, by themselves, don’t kill people and that overwhelming majority of firearm owners are lawful citizens.

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