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USA – -( Last year, the National Shooting Sports Foundation released a study showing that, contrary to public opinion, hunting is one of the safest sports out there.

The NSSF reported that “hunting with firearms has an injury rate of 0.05%, which equates to about 1 injury per 2,000 participants, a safety level bettered only by camping (.01 percent) and billiards (.02 percent).”

The incredibly low incidence of accidents can be related to a few factors, including the important role of family in hunting traditions and the role of mandatory hunter education programs. Today, most new hunters accept that taking a hunter education course is just part and parcel of becoming a hunter.

This wasn’t always the case. In 1947 the National Rifle Association administered the first Minnesota Firearm Safety Course, and two years later the State of New York started the first mandatory hunter education course as a response to growing concerns over hunting accidents.

Since then, every state has introduced some form of mandatory hunter education certification. Hunters are usually required to present this certification the first time they buy a hunting license. The fees for hunting licenses then go to fund conservation efforts (about $185 million per year according to the IHEA). This cycle of education and conservation has helped support hunting as a viable pastime, even as overall hunter numbers have dropped.

Online Hunter Education

One of the promising new ways that we can help maintain the number of hunters in America is through online hunter education. In more than 25 states, hunters can now fulfill the classroom portion of their hunter education using, a leading interactive online course.

Online hunter education allows new hunters to complete their mandatory education on their own pace and at their own time, wherever they have an Internet connection. This study option makes it convenient for students to get certified, even when negotiating a busy summer schedule of fishing.

All courses also include a hands-on ‘field day’ or ‘follow-up class’to complete the certification. Field days include a variety of different stations to test skills and knowledge. The following map shows the stations for a field day in Minnesota. Click on the map for the interactive version.

interactive map
Online Hunter Education Map

Hunting this fall? Sign up for a field day today.

If you are planning on hunting this fall, and want to take your hunter education online, now is the time to find and sign up for your field day. Why now? Because in the fall, the hunting instructors who teach field days usually have other plans—like hunting! To avoid the disappointment of not getting your hunter education certification in time, start planning and studying for your online hunter safety course today.

At, we suggest following this process for doing your hunter education online:

  • Sign up for a Field Day so your place is reserved.
  • Complete your online course with
  • Print out your Field Day voucher and take it to the Field Day.
  • Pass the Field Day and get your hunter education certification!

You can usually find a list of field days (or follow up classes) on the site of the agency responsible for hunter education. For example, in California, the list of follow up classes is here.

Make summer your hunter education season, and be a happy and certified hunter on opening day. is the leading provider of online hunter education across North America. The fully narrated and interactive online hunter safety courses help students to meet mandatory education requirements in over 35 states and provinces. is a golden associate member of the IHEA.

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