Rack One’s Ignite Whitetail Hunting System Now Available at Gander Mountain

Rack One
Rack One’s Ignite Whitetail Hunting System Now Available at Gander Mountain
Rack one
Rack one

GRAYLING, Mich. –Rack One, the makers of the IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System, is pleased to announce that its complete line of scientifically engineered premium nutritional supplements, minerals and attractants will be available at Gander Mountain retailers, nationwide.

And as a special limited-time promotion, rebates on the entire line of Rack One products are available both at Gander Mountain stores and online through July 29.

“There is a real science to what goes into developing the best attractants and supplements to maintain a healthy and productive herd,” said Casey Keefer, vice president of sales and marketing.

“At Rack One, we have carefully devised a system that works with the deer’s system to keep them healthy year round,” Keefer continued. “They need different caloric intakes, proteins, vitamins and minerals at different times of the year, and that is exactly what Rack One’s IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System’s phased approach provides. It also proves to be invaluable at establishing predictable patterns, while concentrating your herd around delicious and nutritious attractants. There is nothing else like it on the market.”

Now, IGNITE system products can be easily found around the nation Gander Mountain retailers. For a rebate coupon and to find a Gander Mountain retailer near you visit www.gandermountain.com.

About Gander Mountain
Gander Mountain Company headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., is the nation’s largest retail network of outdoor specialty stores for hunting, fishing, camping, marine and outdoor-lifestyle products and services. Since 1960, Gander Mountain has offered the best selection of outdoor equipment, technical apparel, active casual wear, and footwear featuring national, regional and specialty brands at competitive prices. Focused on a “We Live Outdoors” culture, Gander Mountain dedicates itself to creating outdoor memories. There are currently 114 conveniently located Gander Mountain outdoor lifestyle stores in 23 states. For the nearest store location, call 800-282-5993, or visit www.GanderMountain.com. Gander Mountain is also the parent company of Overton’s (www.overtons.com), a leading catalog and Internet-based retailer of products for boating and other water-sports enthusiasts.

Rack One’s scientifically engineered IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System provides 365 days of complete whitetail nutrition and attraction for your herd. The IGNITE system addresses the evolving needs with a comprehensive line of products that contain tailored levels of nutritional supplements such as protein and fat. This system is comprised of four specific phases—Condition, Grow, Scout, and Hunt. After the rut ends, it’s time to rebuild your herd health in the Condition Phase with Overload, the post-season calorie-consumption feed that helps your bucks recover from the strenuous schedule of fighting, chasing and breeding. As your deer herd stabilizes, the Grow Phase begins with Xcellerator, which is packed with the minerals and nutrients that promote herd health and growth while maximizing antler development among the bucks. When it’s time to set out the trail cams, it’s also time to begin the Scout Phase with the protein and fat-packed Chaos. In Hunt Phase, you’re ready to reign in those deer with Rut Fuel and Acorn Crush, the extremely powerful premium attractants that bring the deer to the foot of your stand and keep them there.

About Rack One
Headquartered in Grayling, Michigan, Rack One LLC is a family-owned and operated company with a combined 60 years of devotion to the hunting industry. Check out all of Rack One’s fine products at your local retailer or online at www.huntrack1.com. For more information, contact: Rack One, 7756 Arcari Trail, Grayling, MI 49738; or e-mail [email protected].

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Chip Herber
Chip Herber
5 years ago

Looking for a couple of trophy hunters for this year’s season. Our season goes till February 20 Have a lot of mgmt deer also.Had Brush Country Monsters video four shows this season. I have several hunters that can assure that we have the deer.The ranch is 5000+ acres.We have a good place for hunters to stay. We are not a 5☆,BUT WE WILL KEEP YOU OUT OF THE WEATHER AND WE DO HAVE A GOOD CAMP.WE CAN PICK HUNTERS AT THE LOCAL AIRPORT AND GET THEM TO RANCH AND BACK. THANKS CHIP HERBER 210 373 7901