Rich Wyatt Answers Your Questions About American Guns

Rich Wyatt
Rich Wyatt Answers You Questions About American Guns
American Guns
American Guns

Colorado, USA –-( Rich Wyatt, the star of American Guns TV answers questions from AmmoLand's readers.

Rich: What is the most valuable gun you have ever owned and do you have a picture?
The shop has had guns at $250,000.00 no pictures it was a Winchester.

Rich: I met you in the bathroom at this years Shot Show and you shook my hand before washing yours…why?
Can't a guy get some private time……

Rich: Has Gunsmoke ever been robbed with all that valuable cash and guns on hand?
Have you seen the show we always carry guns and take self-defense very seriously.

Rich: How many guns do you have at a time on display at GunSmoke?
As many as we can.

Rich: Why is your desk so messy at work?
I am very unorganized but my desk is covered with guns. How cool is that. I could clean it all up but that would not be the real me.

Rich: Have the recent fires effected your business?
The fires have not effected business at Gunsmoke at all, we are rockin. It is so great to see family's filling Gunsmoke everyday. The show brings them in from all over the world. As I write this the rain is finally falling in Colorado and this will be a huge help with the fires. Our hearts go out to all the people effected by the fires. And our thanks to the firefighters.

AMERICAN GUNS follows Rich Wyatt and his wife Renee, who own Gunsmoke – located outside Denver, Colorado. They buy, sell and trade guns – from hand canons to hunting rifles. And if you don’t see what you want, they’ll build one for you from nothing more than a block of metal.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Rich Wyatt Answers Your Questions About American Guns

    1. I’ve watched the show and I enjoy it too a point. And I give Discovery for having the balls to have shows on dealing with firearms. I’ve heard a few bad things about the shop that actually live in Colorado. That you rip people off your custom guns aren’t worth 15K….I my self don’t care about that crap. What I do care about is our constitution and our 2ND amendment. I haven’t seen a gun show on TV yet that really promotes and explains wht any gun legislation will only hurt the law abiding gun owner. The liberal morons that try and try to pass these “Feel Good Bills” are constantly after our rights. They know or I hope there smart enough to figure out, that criminals DON’T FOLLOW GUN LAWS or any laws pretty much. It’s not like a thug going to murder someone crosses into Liberal Democratically held Colorado and has30 round mags, do you think he’s going to be like ” Oh crap! I better turn around I could get in deep carp if caught with these” And mas murder averted, he goes home and thinks about it. BAAhAAAAAAA! Not likely and it’s the same for that STUPID SAFE act that Governor Coumo passed in the dead of night what a little panzie. None of these laws will work, they just want to disarm the LAW ABIDING American gun owner. Socialist PIGS! So Rich why doesn’t your show have more about our 2nd amendment and how important it is? I do like that you all carry while on camera. I don’t think I’ve seen Kurt carry very often, but that’s fine. Your show definatly “TOPS” child rapist red jacket arms. They really didn’t talk much about the 2nd and what it means either.

    2. Hallo

      I wonder if you would be able to help me.

      I am looking for info on a rifle my dad owns.

      It is a Remmingtong .22 long/short single shot rifle. It has a Octagon barrel and is a model 4. It is in working condition and has all the original features.

      We would like any info like year it was made and value of the rifle.

      Please I am contacting you from the sunny South Africa.

      Let me know if you need any more info or photos.


      Arina Swan

      1. I used to watch your show, but something happened and I don’t see it anymore, I am in Arizona, what channel and times are you on here….it was a fun show to watch…

    3. This is a reply to John Fionella regarding his Walther PPK. This gun design is almost identical to the Hungarian FEG-PA63 (9×18 Makarov).

      In fact the gunsmithing videos for both of these pistols details takedown and reassembly as being identical. Wolf spring kits for the FEG-PA63 will work for the PPK and are generally more readily available and less expensive. There are a couple of resources for parts. Springs are available from MidwayUSA or Brownells. I purchased Makarov recoil springs and Walther PP hammer springs. Wolff makes a recoil spring set for the Makarov with 15#, 17# (factory), 19# and 21# springs. They also make a hammer spring set for the Walther with 16#, 17#, 18#, and 19# low power springs.

      Gun Parts Corp. does not have specific parts for the FEG PA63, however, they do carry parts for the Kassnar PMK-.380 which appears to be the same pistol. Reports indicate that most of the parts will work in the PA63 and Walther PPK (with minor fine tuning in some cases). I recommend purchasing a spare firing pin, firing pin spring, and ejector/slide lock for your spares kit.

      Felt Recoil – This gun has a basic blowback action exactly like the original Walther. Although the 9×18 Makarov is weaker than the 9mm, the pressure is still pretty high for a straight blowback action. To improve reliability, reduce wear and tear on the gun, and reduce felt recoil, I installed a heavier, Wolff 21# Makarov recoil spring also available from MidwayUSA.

      Installing the spring was a simple matter of removing the slide, sliding the original recoil spring off of the barrel, sliding the new spring onto the barrel, and reinstalling the slide. The gun cycled and fed reliably and felt recoil is somewhat reduced. It required a little more muscle to pull back the slide and charge the first round, but this was an acceptable trade-off to controllable, comfortable shooting.

    4. Rich,
      I have walither PPK cal 32. The question I would like to ask if there is a way to lighten the trigger pull to 3 or 4 lbs. because I have arthritis and I don’t want to laid up from the shooting range. I was watching your show Wednesday evening and you helped one person who has a weakness in his right hand.
      I have talked to some of the gunsmiths in California and they said it can’t be done. I was just wondering if you knew of a gunsmith in Los Angles, California.

      John Fiorella

    5. For full disclosure, I feel the show is absolutely horrible. It adds to the stereotypical "gun nut" view that the public has.

      However, it appears that, if the questions are truly from readers, Ammoland has some of the most superficial, brain-dead readers on the planet. Question number two is especially idiotic.

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