The Superiority of the Saiga Autoloading Shotgun

Saiga 06 Skeletonized 12Gauge Shotgun
Saiga 06 Skeletonized 12Gauge Shotgun

USA –-( The Izhmash Saiga autoloading shotgun incorporates the Kalashnikov design, providing reliability and simplicity of operation.

Outstanding accuracy is achieved by the smooth bore, Lancaster-style elliptical barrel, which imparts a spin on projectiles, increasing accuracy and exterior threading to accept chokes.

The chrome-lined barrel, chamber, and gas system resist corrosion, making cleaning easier and extending the life of the shotgun.

A lightweight, impact-resistant polymer sporter stock and forend are checkered for comfortable control and include 3/4″ sling mounts. An oversized trigger guard allows use with gloved hands.

Models are available with side optic mounting rails, bead front sight, V notch rear sight or leaf rear sight. Included is a detachable five-round magazine (two round hunting magazines are also available).

In addition to importing the Saiga rifles in 7.62 x39, .223, .308, and 5.45×39 caliber and Saiga autoloading shotguns in 12, 20, and 410 gauges, an additional line of Izhmash products will be available including new shotgun models featuring factory skeletonized butt stocks, vented forends, magazine wells, and Picatinny rails.

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