Launches TacTricks with Patrick Kelley

Patrick Kelley Launches TacTricks with Patrick Kelley
Shooting Illustrated
Shooting Illustrated

Fairfax, VA –-(  Using the holes created in paper by bullet impacts to draw a picture or spell a name was an art perfected by legendary handgunner Ed McGivern, but he never tried it with an AR.

At, champion 3-gun shooter Patrick Kelley picks up where McGivern left off. In the first video installment of “TacTricks with Patrick Kelley,” watch as Kelley spells “NRA” on steel plates using a Nordic Components upper chambered in .22 LR—offhand.

“In upcoming videos, Kelley will be honoring other well-known exhibition shooters by recreating many of their feats with modern, tactical-style firearms,” said Shooting Illustrated Editor-in-Chief Guy J. Sagi.

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