Sierra Club Seeks to End Elk Hunting

Bull Elk Hunting
Sierra Club Seeks to End Elk Hunting

Columbus, OH –-( The Sierra Club has asked that the Grand Teton National Park complete yet another environmental review of its annual elk hunt.

The group cites “changing conditions” since the park last completed a study in 2007 as the reason they want hundreds or thousands of taxpayer dollars again spent on the review.

The request was delivered as a letter to GTNP park officials and claims that the annual elk hunts habituate grizzly bears to eating gut piles and put park visitors at risk. A pair of photographers urged the Sierra Club to send the letter. There was no report of whether the photographers had the required federal permits to take images on public lands as professionals, and definitely, no mention that the Sierra Club hosts winter trips into Grand Teton and the vicinity with travel packages starting at $2500/person.

Grand Teton Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott reportedly responded to the Sierra Club’s request letter that their concerns about elk hunts had already been reviewed and that no additional steps would be taken.

Grand Teton’s 61-year-old annual elk hunt was created by Congressional legislation in 1950. Called an “elk reduction program,” the program enables federal, state, and park wildlife managers to authorize the hunting of elk in Grand Teton to reduce the park’s elk population to a goal of 1,600.

To update a management plan for bison and elk in Jackson Hole, the park, the National Elk Refuge, and the Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. conducted an environmental review of hunting, feeding, and population objectives in 2007.

Last fall about 750 elk hunting permits were issued and hunters killed about 250 elk in the park’s reduction program.

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So if you don't want to kill Elk you are Anti-American? The Constitution is for everyone, not just for the hunters. WE have the RIGHT to enjoy our wildlife WITHOUT having it killed.We also have the RIGHT as AMERICANS to change the constitution as we see fit! Where in the Constitution does it say you have the right to kill elk in the Grand Teton National Park?


What do you expect….are not – most of them from KALIFORNICATE… It is time to wake up AMERICA…..and get with the program.. This is a Country controlled by a CONSTITUTION … There are many — many rights , given by that CONSTITUTION , that yoyo's in California and other States — and Organizations that are basically ANTI-AMERICAN ..want to kill.. We need to stand up against these morons..and if need be…ban their ideas and rules from our Country. This is all getting out of control…and before you know it…we will have a RED flag with a hammer and cycle on… Read more »