Start Competitive Shooting with GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation

GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation
GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation

SMYRNA, Ga. –-(  Have you ever heard of the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF)?

If you haven’t, please allow me to tell you about an event that brings mothers, fathers, children and friends together for a friendly shooting competition.

Started in 1991, GSSF has grown to include almost 100,000 members and now organizes more than 40 outdoor and over 210 indoor matches each year—an unprecedented number.

GSSF is a safe, fun, family-oriented organization devoted to the responsible use of GLOCK firearms and encouraging participation in the shooting sports. Competitions, across the United States, provide opportunities for shooters of all skill levels and experience to compete together in simple, but challenging courses of fire. GSSF does not require the expensive equipment and extensive training often demanded by most other types of firearms competitions.

GSSF matches allow GLOCK pistol owners to:

  • Show off pistol shooting skills
  • Compete against other GLOCK pistol owners in your community
  • Receive exclusive member benefits like purchasing a GLOCK pistol at a special price
  • Receive the services of a factory armorer at every outdoor match, to make sure your GLOCK performs at its peak, with free labor and replacement parts when needed

GSSF matches go all year long and give GLOCK pistol owners the chance to compete in a friendly environment against competitors from all ages and levels of difficulty.

And beyond enabling one’s self to compete in all GSSF matches nationwide, your membership also includes:

  • Opportunity to purchase a GLOCK pistol at a special price
  • Opportunity to attend a GLOCK Armorer’s Course (if eligible)
  • GSSF membership card & GSSF cap
  • Two (2) issues of the GLOCK report and copy of the GLOCK Annual
  • Opportunity to participate in special offers

The GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) was founded in 1991 and stages indoor and outdoor competitions throughout the United States. Competitors of all legal ages and abilities have the opportunity to compete against their peers in different categories for each model of GLOCK pistol. Competition stages have been designed to be easy to understand and operate with no requirements for fast draws, reloading, or physical movement. All GSSF matches are family oriented, with competitors ranging from beginner to expert. GSSF has a separate class for master-ranked competitors and modified (e.g. optically sighted) GLOCK pistols. There are also designated classes for adult females; male and female junior shooters; shooters challenged by physical restriction; and senior and “super senior” (+65 years old) competitors. More than 80,000 members have attended events during the past 19 years, including world champions who started their careers at GSSF matches and continue to return to compete, and introduce their families to the sport of competitive shooting.


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Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia
2 years ago

I’d really love to shoot and learn to compete . I live in Rio rancho New Mexico , please send me info on how to join..

lawrence lievense
lawrence lievense
4 years ago

Why can’t I get to an info and registration site for gssf? Have tried Ammoland link (just circles stupidly then times out), Glock link (same stupidity then time out). Feel free to share my below email with Glock or any gssf human who can take my registration or direct me to live registration site.
Thanks. LL

4 years ago

this link does work without error: Ammoland

5 years ago

Who do I contact in Stamford / Norwalk Ct.
Rich Mercado
[email protected]

Ed McCourt
Ed McCourt
5 years ago

I would like to become a Glock Sports shooting Competitor. How would I go about join ?
Please advise
Semper Fi
Captain Ed McCourt USMC (ret)
Las Vegas, NV!

Laurence Hanusa
Laurence Hanusa
9 years ago

Sir; My member # is 88310-I never got a gssf cap or any special offers or report to date.Would also want to know the price for a 19 gen 4? Thank you Laurence. Laurence Hanusa 9133 n e 143 pl kirkland Washington 98034