Survival Techniques for Modern Day Peril

New Book with Hundreds of Ways Not to Die.

Ultimate Survival Guide
Survival Techniques for Modern Day Peril
Outdoor Life
Outdoor Life

San Francisco, CA –-( With the proliferation of popular survival shows like (the former) Man vs Wild, Dual Survival, I Shouldn’t Be Alive, and Doomsday Preppers, many Americans are entertained by the idea of surviving the apocalypse should it arrive via tsunami, nuclear meltdown, or zombie attack.

People are increasingly reverting to simple ways of living by “going off the grid”, navigating without the aid of smartphones, starting fires from scratch, and growing their own food.

Weldon Owen Publishing announces The Ultimate Survival Manual (June 2012, $25.00), a new book from the experts of Outdoor Life Magazine to help you to survive anything that may come your way. Covering a wide range of topics including everything from hand-to-hand combat to safe family travel, the Ultimate Survival Manual has thought of all possible sticky situations and gives readers the know-how they need to get out of them unscathed. This is the only book out there that comprehensively surveys disaster preparedness, urban adventures, family travel, and wilderness survival.

Inside the Ultimate Survival Manual, readers will find clear, concise instructions on how to:

  • – Self Defense Do’s and Don’ts in Urban Areas
  • – Basic Car Safety and Travel Smart Anywhere tips
  • – Survive the Worst Case Scenario: When Civilization Falls
  • – When to Evacuate A…insert fire, hurricane, flood, or earthquake…
  • – Assemble the ultimate, must-have gear bag
  • – Cook in the woods, including DIY fire instructions
  • – Catch the attention of rescuers who haven’t found you yet

Weldon Owen continues its series of excellent practical guides with The Ultimate Survival Manual’s best-selling companion, Field & Stream’s The Total Outdoorsman, which has sold over 200,000 copies to date. It’s a handy book to keep closeby and will teach you how to hunt better, fish smarter and camp like a total outdoorsman.

Never have to ask “Now what do I do?” again. Visit or to access samples of free content from the Ultimate Survival Manual and The Total Outdoorsman each week. For more information about these select titles designed to help readers evade modern day peril at all costs, please contact Andrea Burnett for all media inquiries, 650-207-0917 or [email protected]

The Ultimate Survival Guide (June 2012)
Rich Johnson and the hardy folk at Outdoor Life magazine have collaborated on a guide to get you out of trouble quick, whether you’re in an urban jungle, caught in a natural disaster, or tromping into the wild and accidentally left your pocketknife on the kitchen counter. This is the only comprehensive guide packed with 300 insider tips and real-life survival stories on achieving the Number One Rule: STAY ALIVE.

The Total Outdoorsman Manual (June 2012)
Now in paperback, readers can learn how to hunt better, fish smarter, camp anywhere, and while they’re at it, survive some of the wildest conditions imaginable with advice from master adventurer Eddie T. Nickens, editor-at-large for Field & Stream Magazine. This is truly an everyman’s read, designed to be “browsable-as-hell” by the novice hunter to outdoor expert, with beautiful photos, handy how-to diagrams and checklists, and over 370 crucial outdoor skills explained.

About Weldon Owen:
Weldon Owen creates visually splendid, mind-expanding books that nurture a wide range of readers’ passions, be they practical, creative, adventurous, or all-out fun. We illustrate great ideas, break down complex skills so anyone can learn them, and entertain and inspire along the way. Most of all, we love to create beautiful books that make you want to pick them up and are tough to put down. Weldon Owen is part of the Bonnier Corporation, the U.S. division of Bonnier AB, a family-owned multichannel media company founded in 1804 and based in Sweden. This makes us the sister company to over 50 leading magazines devoted to connecting people to their passions, including Field & Stream, Parenting, Popular Science, Outdoor Life, Saveur, Popular Photography, and Working Mother (to name just a few).

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