Time to De-throne Lautenberg & Bloomberg


Lautenberg & Bloomberg
Time to de-Throne Lautenberg & Bloomberg

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg wasted no time in calling for expanded gun control, jumping on the bandwagon pulled by NY City Emperor Michael Bloomberg within hours of the deadly movie theater shooting in Aurora Colorado.

Bloomberg, Lautenberg, and numerous other crass political opportunists have repeatedly displayed disturbing disregard for Citizens Rights and Freedoms in myriad ways. These aren’t well-meaning individuals who have gone ” just a little too far”. They are wannabe tyrants, drunk on power, and lustful for greater control over the Citizenry.

They are both egomaniacs. They and they alone will decide what people do or don’t “need“, regardless of what the Constitution says or the oaths they swore to uphold and DEFEND that same document. Bloomberg with not only his incessant drumbeat for “more gun control”, but with pushing for a ban on large sugary drinks over a certain size. After all, it’s “for your own good” according to Bloomberg.

Lautenberg shares the same twisted mindset, insisting to anyone that will listen that no one “needs” a so-called “high capacity magazine” for a firearm. The Same Frank Lautenberg who was caught on tape this past Spring at a Planned Parenthood Rally telling screaming supporters that their opponents “don’t deserve their rights! , but we’ll give them to them” When considered in light of his previous actions, votes, and statements, this exhortation gave a glaring but little-noticed insight into how Lautenberg thinks.

Its painfully obvious he actually believes or feels that as a Senator, he gets to decide what rights people do or dont have and to what level they will be permitted to practice them.

Lautenberg’s, Bloomberg’s, and numerous other’s public statements about the need for a renewal of the now sunsetted 1994 to 2004 “Assault Weapons Ban” and the add-on of a “High Capacity Feeding Device Ban” are filled with misrepresentation and outright lies. The expired “assault weapons ban” did not ban the purchase, use, or possession of modern semi-automatic rifles or magazines, merely restricted the manufacture and sale of new ones. As a result, the ONLY effect of the law was an exponential increase in production prior to the law taking effect, flooding the legal marketplace and driving up interest in the weapons and accessories in question. I, along with millions of others lawfully purchased numerous AR and AK style semi-auto rifles and their magazines, with the required background checks across the country during the decade the law was in effect.

Additionally, every major study of the effects of the “assault weapons ban”, many of them commissioned by or performed by the Dept of Justice, concluded the law had no statistically notable effect on homicide rates, criminal misuse, or mass shooting incidents.

The fact is, anyone with a grade-school understanding of history knows that bans don’t work. We banned alcohol during Prohibition. What were the results? It didn’t stop anyone from drinking, just drove the market underground, created “speakeasies” and led people that wanted to drink to create “bathtub gin” in their own homes.

Prohibition also led directly to existence of Organized Crime and Gangs in the United States and all the chaos and shootouts that came with them as they fought over control of the black market for the banned product.

We saw, and continue to see the same results, albeit on an exponentially greater and more violent scale with the utter failure of the War on Drugs. In the government’s misguided efforts to bar people from using a product, the Citizens have suffered enormous loss of their freedoms for little, if any benefit. Citizens are now subjected to suspicionless “stop and frisk” policies in public in some of America’s largest cities, notably Bloomberg’s Kingdom, ironically enough located in the “Empire State”.

Eighty percent of the prison population is in jail on NON-violent drug offense convictions, leaving precious little room for the true predators of Society. Citizens’ rights to property and to be secure in the personal effects and freedom of movement have been stringently curtailed under drug-related Forfeiture laws and random checkpoints.

Yet drugs are more potent, easier to get, and cheaper than at any time before the War of Drugs began.

The call for “more gun control” isn’t about “safety“, it’s about power and control, nothing more. And frankly, the call for more gun control on Citizens is revolting not just for its crass calculation in exploiting a tragedy to further a political agenda but even more so when one considers our own government has been caught red-handed at the forefront of supplying actual military firearms to drug cartels and narco-terrorist groups in Mexico.

Lautenberg and Bloomberg have an obligation to not only uphold their Oath of Office and their duty to defend the Constitution, even those parts they dont personally like , they also bear the responsibility of publicly calling for getting to the bottom of the government gun running program under Fast and Furious before they call for further restrictions on American Citizens.

Or they can simply go down in the history books as the hypocrites they are.

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These two extreme hypocrits, leftists, marxists, have armed people to protect them where ever they go. If they had to live by the laws they profess you would never here a word from the about gun control.


While I can't vote against Blomberg, I will be sure to vote against Lautenburg. I'm even doing something I've never done before. I'm contributing to Republican candidates.