Trial Begins for N.M. Gun Dealer Family Charged with Illegal Sales

Every Patriot should want to land in one of those twelve seats.
Trial Begins For N.M. Gun Dealer Family Charged with Illegal Sales

USA –-( jury was selected and the prosecution and one defense attorney have given opening statements Tuesday in the trial of the Reese family, gun store owners charged in an indictment with conspiracy, aiding and abetting smuggling of firearms, money laundering and making false statements to investigators. Reconvening Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the U.S. District Court in Las Cruces, N.M., a family spokesperson told Gun Rights Examiner that the other three defense attorneys for family members required to retain separate representation would make their opening statements.

“Testimony is expected to begin” in Wednesday’s session, the Las Cruces Sun-News added.

Concerns for the validity and fairness of what the government represented early on as a slam dunk case have surfaced following revelations that the family has been forced into a fixed fight by having to face an opponent with unlimited resources, including the government’s ability to limit their access to defense funds through seizures. Adding to this are acknowledgments that the family dutifully followed rules on purchaser background checks and record-keeping, including tax reporting, did not attempt to collect a premium for any of the firearms involved, that law enforcement officers were routinely employed and supported by the store, and that wife Terri Reese actually attempted to report a suspected straw buyer before the government began investigating her family.

Gun Rights Examiner reported on a hearing held last week where several motions were filed.

“The most notable ones were a motion, by the defense to dismiss based on “outrageous government conduct: Motion(s) in limine (also defense) to redact the Spanish, and translations of Spanish in transcripts, and to turn off the volume of Spanish during audio and videotape; and by the prosecution: to prevent any references to Fast & Furious,” supporters of the Reese family wrote in the local Coffee Shop Gossip newsletter.

“The morning started out with Defense Attorney Jason Boyles informing the Judge that ATF…Agent Carlos Valles had not been made available for questioning prior to trial,” the newsletter revealed.

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We need NO GUN LAWS…. They shoud ALL be dumped….and — replaced with this… 1. USE A GUN IN A CRIME — 15 YEARS 2. KILL SOMEONE IN THE COMISSION OF A CRIME W/FIREARM – DEATH SENTENCE- AFTER 45 DAYS 3. NO REGISTERING OF AUTOMATIC WEAPONS (above laws apply) 4. DISBAND THE ATF Simple……and in ?? no more that 2 years I would say…there would be NO crimes with a firearm. WHY on earth should the public have to pay – to keep a criminal in JAIL…??? Especially a MURDERER…. HANG THEM.. The ATF BURNS – more and more money… Read more »