Little Gun, Big Ammunition… Weatherby PA-08 TR Shot Gun

and useful firearms accessories.
By Joe D’Alessandro

Weatherby PA-08 TR Shot Gun
Weatherby PA-08 TR Shot Gun

Boonies, Maine – -( Our shop and home are located out in the middle of the boonies.

The boonies is anyplace that is more than half an hour from police or sheriff response to an emergency and without enough home density to be considered a neighborhood.

It’s a very friendly area, but it is easily accessible to the outside world. Not long ago, after residents in highly trafficked town center began to experience home invasion crimes, unlocked doors and open windows were quickly replaced with deadbolts, alarm systems and defensive weapons.

That’s why many of the crime reports in Maine happily conclude with “The perpetrator was detained at gun point until police arrived”.  I decided I wanted to assemble a good house gun that was well suited to our situation.

“So I bought a low cost Weatherby”. That can’t be right.

Yeah, I was surprised too. I went looking for a good basic shotgun to set up for home defense, plugged in the keywords “12 gauge”, “pump”, “matte black”, “light”, “stubby“, and “inexpensive” into the gun search database, and out popped the PA-08 TR with the tag line “Our lowest-priced home defense shotgun with all the features you need”.

I don’t think I’ve ever read so many words that I like, all in one single sentence.

The gun’s light weight can be attributed to its diminutive size, synthetic stock and aluminum receiver, but it is a tough little gun that should hold up and function reliably in a less than ideal environment.

I am not suggesting this is the best low cost shotgun that could be used for this application. I am saying that being a firearm enthusiast means having a choice of firearms that bests suit individual needs and this one happened to work well for me. I didn’t want a shotgun with a combat pistol grip and/or a folding stock or lots of hardwired tactical features.

I wanted a… blank slate that met my requirements, but could be further tailored to my application…

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