Checking the Pulse of AmmoLand Readers – What Pisses You Off?

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Checking the Pulse of AmmoLand Readers – What Pisses You Off?
Urban Shooter Podcast
Urban Shooter Podcast

Upper Marlboro, MD –-( I am doing a little problem research.

As a pro-gun person, you've been around. You've seen some stuff; some good and some bad. I am leaning on your smarts to help me solve some stuff. I am doing a little problem research to see if I can fix, or make things better.

But to do that, I need to know what still ticks you off? What are your two biggest “pet peeves” with the gun culture? (Firearms industry, activism, online, national and local organizations, etc)

I don't think anyone can fix us but us. We know that gun prohibitionist will never be right– but what about us?

What should we be doing? What's wrong? What can we do better? How? Leave a comment of email or call me at the number below.


Kenn Blanchard
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Kenn Blanchard
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Kenn Blanchard is a contributer to AmmoLand Shooting Sports News and Producer of the Urban Shooter pod cast. In addition Kenn Blanchard is a pro-gun media producer & marketing profesional that helps small businesses by providing information, entertainment , inspiration and support to the sport shooting community through blogs, voice -over, podcasting and professional speaking. Visit:

  • 4 thoughts on “Checking the Pulse of AmmoLand Readers – What Pisses You Off?

    1. What pisses me off for one thing is all those butt heads that go on state land and shoot targets and leave a big mess behind. If you bring it in you should take it with you when you leave. Those people make us all look bad.

    2. what pisses off is when the UN had anything to do with our gun laws, next the mexican borders are not secure and the government just turn their heads, and now there are sending border patrol to the northern borders i guess everything about the government pisses me off!!!!!

    3. The folks that work behind the counters of gun shops across the country are some of the rudest in the retail business. THAT pisses me off. Perhaps the best place to start the ball rolling on an initiative for the ethical treatment of gun shop patrons in online.

      The freedom group pisses me off, too, but I doubt there's much anyone but the FG can do to fix that.

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