Concealed Carry Is Under Attack in Wisconsin

Concealed Carry Is Under Attack in Wisconsin

Wisconsin –-( The Wisconsin Department of Justice is trying to make it even more difficult to get a Wisconsin Concealed Weapons Permit.

There are already too many hoops to jump through just to exercise our rights.

Now they want to increase the training requirements and make them permanent.

If the rules become permanent, do you think these control freaks will ever be willing to loosen their grip when we try to pass Constitutional Carry?

And not only that, but our state representatives are rolling over and appear unwilling to lift a finger to fight for gun owners.

Meanwhile, the justice department is calling the shots while state representatives stand idly by like automatons – ready to rubber-stamp anything demanded of them.

Like a rogue police state, the tail is wagging the dog.

A few months ago, Van Hollen made this chilling statement about your new concealed weapons law:

“The final rule even has more requirements… I am not prepared to lay all of them out.”

Van Hollen is following through on his threat now, and his plan contains more extensive requirements. We believe it goes way, way beyond what was intended by the legislature or what the law authorizes.

Last year, when you stopped these bureaucrats from mandating a minimum four-hour training requirement, the legislature took action.

But now, they’re trying to cram as many government mandates into the required training classes as they possibly can.

We’ve successfully stopped Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s Justice Department from expanding these rules in the past. But I’m not sure we can stop them this time – not without overwhelming response from gun owners right now, this week.

I believe our most effective move is to reign in the bureaucracy. And the only way to do that is through the state legislature, (who controls the money pump).

Van Hollen’s made-up rules will force you to sit through a lecture about how to “stay out of trouble” and how to properly lock up and store firearms, just to exercise your constitutional rights.

Again, this was NOT a part of the concealed carry law passed by the legislature, but it is a stunning example of how bureaucrats will seize every chance they can to crack down on your rights.

We need to move toward fewer restrictions on concealed carry, not more.

This is a graphic illustration of why we’re fighting for Constitutional Carry, and why we need to proactively fight this expansion of government intrusion.

The most important action you can take is to call your state representative and state senator and tell them to STOP the Wisconsin Department of Justice from greatly expanding the concealed carry rules – further infringements the legislature never intended.


1. Contact your representatives here or via the State Capital switchboard at 1-800-362-9472.

Talking Points:

  • Click Here to read the proposed permanent rules for yourself.
  • Tell your state rep. to reign in the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s attempts to increase CCW training requirements.
  • Tell them to support Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) in our push to improve Wisconsin’s concealed weapons law by relaxing restrictions on gun owners.
  • And be sure to insist on their support of Constitutional Carry.

Thanks for your continued activism.

Corey Signature
Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S. – Please pass this note to anyone concerned about concealed carry and gun rights in Wisconsin. Thanks.

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CCW Proponent

Don't the people in your legislature know the facts? Concealed carry by the citizenry actually decreases the crime rates in those states. Making it harder for responsible citizens to get the ccw permits they want just gives the criminals more power. Those bureaucrats you speak of, Corey, need to wake up! Keep fightin' the good fight, brother.

Ivan Pistov

I don't often go to Wisconsin but I have followed the victory they finally got there for concealed carry with Gov. Walker. The big problem with what the AG advocates (and just may be able to get his way) is that these things have a habit of spreading. I get so frustrated because it's always the anti gunners/dogooders that are seemingly in charge and on the offensive. How did it get this way? Are these people real Americans? I don't regard them that way. If the AG wants to do something about VIOLENCE he should start with TV commercials. Hardly… Read more »