Conservation Force’s Jacksons to be Honored by Dallas Safari Club

Dallas Safari Club
Dallas Safari Club

DALLAS, TX –-( John and Chrissie Jackson of Conservation Force in Metairie, La., have been selected to receive the 2013 Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award from Dallas Safari Club (DSC).

The Jacksons will be honored at the DSC convention and sporting expo in Dallas, Jan. 3-6.

DSC and the Dallas Ecological Foundation present the Capstick Award in recognition of exemplary leadership in conservation, education, hunting, humanitarian causes, research, permanent endowments and charitable giving.

Conservation Force
Conservation Force

Conservation Forceis an international consortium of 150 sporting and conservation organizations. A non-profit charitable foundation, it focuses on enhancing wildlife, wild places and the sporting way of life. Conservation Force holds ecologically important lands and conservation easements, funds vital research and facilitates sustainable policies for wildlife, fisheries, hunting and fishing around the globe.

“John J. Jackson, III, is the founder and president of Conservation Force, which is arguably the most influential (although possibly the least-known) organization working on behalf of hunters today,” wrote Diana Rupp, editor of “Sports Afield.”

Barbara Crown, editor and publisher of “The Hunting Report,” wrote, “John J. Jackson, III, is among hunting conservation’s greatest champions, fighting for hunters’ rights and sustainable use of wildlife around the world. Recognized as one of the most effective and respected NGOs out there, Conservation Force tirelessly advocates for hunting as an integral part of wildlife conservation and the support of local populations living with wildlife. The Jacksons are truly a force for conservation and the sport hunting way of life.”

An attorney graduated from Loyola University in 1973, John is active in numerous legal and conservation associations. An avid volunteer, he is an officer, board member or life member of many wildlife and hunting organizations. John is a frequent and respected lecturer, writer and advocate for the role of sportsmen in conserving wildlife, fish and their habitats worldwide.

Chrissie serves as secretary/treasurer for Conservation Force. She also heads the organization’s land trust division and administers its marine projects division. Chrissie is an active member of numerous conservation organizations with leadership experience on many committees and initiatives. Additionally, she fiscally co-manages an array of projects from the Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation which has constructed 58 schools and 12 medical dispensaries in Tanzania to range country projects in Asia for ESA listed exotics permitted in Texas.

Both Jacksons are avid hunters, anglers, adventurers and conservationists who have received countless awards and accolades for their devoted volunteerism as well as professionalism.

“From fully funding crucial research on African lions, to participating in White House conferences and legislative caucuses, to conserving wetlands in their home state of Louisiana, John and Chrissie give of themselves professionally through Conservation Force—and personally from their own time, talent and wallet—at levels of service that very few people can match,” said Ben Carter, DSC executive director. “Without a doubt, our way of life as sportsmen is better today because of these two individuals.”

The Capstick Award is named for the well-known American author whose defense of hunting and conservation made him a household name. Previous recipients include Harry Tennison of Fort Worth, Texas, Baron Bertrand des Clers of France, President Theodore Roosevelt, Dr. Ian Player of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, the Boone and Crockett Club, Hubert Thummler of Mexico City, Dan Pedrotti of Corpus Christi, Texas, and Christiane Underberg of Rheinberg, Germany.

The DSC convention and sporting expo, Jan. 3-6, is open to the public. The event features an expo hall, seminars, auctions, entertainment and awards. It all serves as the primary fundraiser for the club’s mission to conserve wildlife and wilderness lands, educate youth and the general public, and promote and protect the rights and interests of hunters worldwide.

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