The World’s Most Dangerous Moo Cow

Elk Mountain Gear Moo Cow Slipcover
Elk Mountain Gear Moo Cow Slipcover
Elk Mountain Gear
Elk Mountain Gear

Shasta Lake, CA –-( Elk Mountain Gear, a Northern California Company, has recently included a new Decoy design, the Moo Cow Slipcover.

The Moo Cow is the most recent slipcover design for the Elk Mountain SLIP System, a combination blind, decoy, and trekking pole all in one, as you can see in their Promo Video

It's just a cow, and it's been done before, but there are a few differences:

  1. The only readily available stalking blind/decoy in a natural “feeding in” position, indicating no need for alarm by your desired quarry. Just “feed” your way in to a shootable position.
  2. Superior Photo-Realism
  3. Orange ear tag allows a measure of safety in gun seasons; easily fitted with a gun rest (included)
  4. The only decoy on the market that quickly compacts into an adjustable, carbon fiber trekking pole
  5. Can be fitted with mini-ball camera adaptor (included), for simultaneous stalking and filming
  6. Lightweight and mobile. Stainless steel spike quickly pushes into the ground when set up as a stalking blind

This decoy/blind will have application for wildlife photography as well as hunting. It will be widely used for pronghorn, deer, elk, hogs, waterfowl, turkeys, African game, etc.

The SLIP System and Moo Cow, along with 20 other Slipcover designs in various camo and decoy patterns, are available in the online store at Elk Mountain Gear.

About Elk Mountain Inc:
Elk Mountain Incorporated was formed in 2007 by 2 avid bowhunters, Cory Gabrielson, and Jeff Ervin. After 15 years of hunting together in a “run and gun” fashion, the Elk Mountain Slip System was born, designed to provide a means for hunters that put a lot of miles on their legs to increase their odds in the field, without carrying a lot of extra weight.

Elk Mountain products are designed by serious outdoorsmen, with people like you in mind. We know you are willing to go that extra mile to get the shot, and we are here to help make it happen. No matter what terrain you traverse, or game you pursue, Elk Mountain has a solution to help you achieve success. Visit:

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