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J. Wayne Fears
J. Wayne Fears

Pottstown PA –-( Historic fiction at its best! Only the main characters of Isaac-Trek to King’s Mountain are fictitious.

The historical event, the weather, the daily time-line, the battle details, the aftermath, and all other details in this novel are historically accurate.

The battle at Kings Mountain is considered by most historians a little-known, seldom taught, one hour, five minute victory that turned the Revolutionary War around for the United States.

Young Adult Historical Novel
A number of teens joined the “overmountain army,” endured the 300 mile trek and fought in the battle. This is their story as it follows a fictitious 14-year-old, Isaac Hunt.

Isaac - Trek to King’s Mountain
Isaac –Trek to King’s Mountain is author J. Wayne Fears at his best. Available for $4.99 at

Isaac  – Trek to King’s Mountain is an adventure story of a teenage boy who is forced to become a man in just a few days. Isaac’s loyalty is not so much to a political cause, but to his family as his father has been recently murdered by the British.

The illuminating and gripping story is laced with natural history, survival tips and pioneer lifestyle know-how. Reuben McGee, a master woodsman and aging longhunter, befriends and mentors Isaac, teaching him the skills he will need to handle the hard days ahead.

The reader goes with Isaac, Reuben and his dog Rufus as they join the “overmountain army” on their trek to repel a British threat.

Every day is a struggle as the “overmountain men” deal with possible Indian attacks, not knowing where the British are, horrible weather, traitors and a never-ending shortage of food and supplies. Fear is a constant companion.

Midway on the trek Isaac meets Sara and he feels emotions he has never felt before. She becomes his main reason to survive the impending battle and forced march return.

Values taught: Self-reliance, friendship, selflessness, courage, patriotism, humility, sacrifice, family value, endurance and patience.

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