Louisiana Gove Jindal, Legislators, & Advocates Gather to Rally for Second Amendment

Pete Brownell and Governor Bobby
Pete Brownell and Governor Bobby Exchange thoughts on the Second Amendment

SEARSBORO, IOWA –-(Ammoland.com)- More than 1,200 people gathered over the weekend for the third annual Second Amendment Rally, hosted by the Iowa Firearms Coalition and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The event, sponsored by Brownells, brings together supporters of the rights of firearm owners. Speakers included Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Brownells CEO Pete Brownell, WHO radio commentator Jan Mickelson and Iowa state and federal Legislators and candidates.

“The Second Amendment is an individual right guaranteeing a vital balance between the powers of government and our power as citizens,” said Brownell. “This is not a right or left, conservative or liberal issue. It’s a foundational freedom that defines America.”

The event included workshops and training classes, demonstrations, a Boy Scouts of America flag ceremony, and grassroots discussions with legislators regarding preserving the Bill of Rights.

“Our greatest asset, the source of America’s place in history, the provider of our future, is our people,” said Gov. Jindal. “We must educate our young people today. So that they understand our history, and the principles upon which our country was founded.”

“Brownells is committed to the values that make America a unique and strong society,” said Brownell. “Today, we had the opportunity to show our support with people that share our same vision and passion.”

About Brownells

Brownells is an industry-leading supplier of firearm products and accessories to shooting sport enthusiasts, hunters, and gunsmiths. It supports more than 500 shooting events every year and is the primary corporate sponsor of the NRA Life of Duty program, a unique online community dedicated to supporting America’s military and law enforcement personnel.